(FR) Talent Agency

Mar 14th, 2013
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  1. >Day “Talent Agency” in Equestria
  2. >Be Anon, Talent Agent Extraordinaire
  3. >You are able to take the smallest sliver of talent in somep0ny and make it shine
  4. >Right now a teal green unicorn is in your office finishing up her performance on a lyre
  5. >There’s an orchestral band in town that she will be good with
  6. “Alright, that was good. Real good. Give me a week to get some contacts and let you know”
  7. >She smiles and gives you a quick hug before walking out of your office
  8. “Send in the next pony”
  9. >Before you could get up SHE walked into your office
  10. >Fluttershy
  11. >…Along with a dozen of her animals
  12. “Sigh… Look, Flutters. I’ve been over this before. Don’t come here to try and guess my fetish. This is a TALENT AGENCY. Come here when you have something to perform.”
  13. >She giggles
  14. >”Oh Anon, but I do!”
  15. >Animals? A fucking animal act? In a world where everything beyond a fly is sentient?
  16. “…Alright, fine. I don’t usually do these; they’re a little too corny. Just hurry up”
  17. >She gives out a timid ‘yay’ before getting the animals into position
  19. >”Okay now everyone. A one… two… three…”
  20. >And she starts singing the Equestrian National Anthem
  21. >With her birds on backup
  22. “Oh god, are you seri-“
  23. >Your words are cut short when a bear comes up behind her and starts fucking her
  24. >Then several rabbits formed center stage and conducted an impromptu orgy
  25. >Ducks are shooting their corkscrew penises at each other like party favors
  26. >Then midway through the rabbit orgy one gives birth to a half dozen baby rabbits
  27. >She takes one and grabs the bear’s dick, which was thrusting in and out of Flutters
  28. >The baby rabbit is now a cocksleeve for the bear, who goes to town on Flutters chocolate chute
  29. >All the other rabbits are fucking the newborns expect for the mother
  30. >Who is gathering up the corkscrew duck penises and using them as a jump rope
  31. >Soon the bear begins grunting as the birds start flying into his ass
  32. >Large chunks of shit fall out and land on the rabbits, who are still fucking
  33. >A humming bird sticks its beak down a rabbit’s dick
  34. >And begins to hum its best rendition of Freebird into the Lagomorph’s urethra
  35. >But all you could notice was the bear’s growing grunts that came from his now bird-shit covered head
  36. >Then out of nowhere a dog appears and starts fucking Flutter’s mouth
  37. >The moaning and attempting singing reach a crescendo as everyone started to climax, shit, and piss at the same time
  38. >It took a while for the fluids and matter to empty, covering your walls and floor
  39. >When it was over, Fluttershy stepped forward and took a bow
  40. >”And that is my act!”
  41. >She smiles
  43. >You sit back
  44. >Shocked speechless
  45. >”So… what do you think?”
  46. >Fluttershy says panting while she’s covered in bodily fluids
  47. “I… Uhh…”
  48. “What do you call it?”
  49. >She smiles with glee
  50. >”The Aristocrats!”
  51. >…
  52. >You immediately sign her up and start a world tour
  53. >Today was a weird sort of day
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