Afternoon Delight, witchgirl and deafmoe

Jun 9th, 2014
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  1. [00:14] Sabrina Granger wakes up in the large four post bed of her haunt's master bedroom. Old curtains are half drawn hanging from the canopy, and light pours in from the windows. It's a big bed, and often it can get lonely, but this morning--or midday, as the case may be--she's sharing it with a woman a foot taller than she is. A lovely woman, long blond hair out of the bun it was in the day before, plastered to her face with sweat. Sabrina looks down at her, smiling, and reaches over to take a pack of cigarettes from off the dresser. She lights one up, and curls up against the headboard, one arm around the older girl.
  2. [00:21] Clara Curtis stirs slightly then as her eyes flutter underneath the motion of that arm. It doesn't quite wake the woman then, but her own arm does instinctively shift to press against the first thing near it, nudging back against the smaller woman's chest. A few twitches of her fingers follow. Humans and their sleep talking, as incoherent as any midnight babble. Midday. Then, her touch shifts into a squeeze through the tangle of bedsheets against one breast, breath deepening as her head slides in, her form curling against . . . as if to wrap herself to Sabrina. To make herself smaller? Or ensconce the other woman.
  3. [00:27] Sabrina Granger lets out a slight giggle, and she pulls the girl in tight, kissing her on the top of the head. Her long fingers stroke at her hair, moving it out of her face so that she can better see the placid sleeping look, and she leans down again to kiss her forehead. One hand strokes against her shoulder and back, almost possessively. The witch leans her head back against the headboard, pulling her legs up, leaning them into the other girl, curling up around her as well, and lets out a long plume of smoke. The witch smiles, and giggles, feeling stupid and childish, but enjoying it anyway. It wasn't every night that she brought someone home, much less another girl, albeit one with something extra.
  4. [00:35] Clara Curtis' expression is peaceful, if slack, lacking the vivacity of the waking. More to the point, there's a bit of drool trickling from one corner of her lip. Cheek rubs against skin, and then the trace of fingers down her back causes her eyes to flash open abruptly, suddenly seeing the world. Then they shut, as if in disbelief, fluttering for a moment before her mind drags the rest of the way to wakefulness. This time her eyes slip open slowly again, blue flecked with green flickering slightly to track the smoke curling through the air and trace over the woman in front of her. "Nn." The disheveled business-lady's fingers flex slowly where they are, and somehow, in spite of last night, a blush manages to creep into her cheeks, before she swallows slowly, shifting up and against. It is, evidently, not very often that Clara wakes up in another woman's bed, either, judging by her response.
  5. [00:40] Sabrina Granger smiles at the woman, watching her move, the shadows and sunlight playing over her skin. The witch leans over and leans the flavoured cigarette on an ash tray. When she moves, she keeps one hand on Clara's waist, fingertips gently dragging across the back of her skin, then slipping back to the opposite hip when she turns back to her. The teen lifts a thumb up to her lips, and brushes the sleeping drool away before leaning in to kiss her. Making sure to speak directly to her, she quietly says "Last night was fun", making sure the girl can see her lips.
  6. [00:46] Clara Curtis shifts slightly under the dappling light, her body curving slightly under the brush of those fingers over her skin, before she kicks her blankets partly away. They slide just far enough down that they only cover one leg and a half, exposing the heavy curve of her chest and the breadth of her shoulders, and her soft belly, before. . . just barely concealing her groin underneath. That kiss is met by her own lips, this time less tentative than before, pressing her mouth firmly to hers, if only a moment. Sea-blue eyes flutter, and then a soft curve of her lips answers Sabrina's words. She nods slowly, deliberately, as her hand slides up, grasping back to Sabrina's shoulder, drawing her in for another kiss. Longer, this time. A touch hungrier.
  7. [00:52] Sabrina Granger tastes of coffee and cigarettes, and some hint of strawberry. Her black lipstick is already smeared over Clara's nethers, her breasts, her stomach, and she giggles and smiles, hand reaching up to run through the back of her hair, stroking through the tangles. She pulls away only to move down to the girl's neck, gently guiding her head back by the hair, tracing over dark lip marks from the previous night and well into the morning. They touch beneath her ear, and her chin, and her Adam's apple. The curve of her collar, and under her chin. Sabrina pulls her in close, a slight hum running through her body as she hugs the girl. She pulls back, and lifts Clara's face to hers. "It looks like you also enjoyed yourself," she says, one of her hands roaming along while the other one stays at the small of the woman's back. It gently brushes under the covers, where her morning wood is.
  8. [01:01] Clara Curtis tastes of. . . Sabrina, mostly, in the kiss, with a tint of citrus-flavoured tea marking the difference, plus a bit of the bitterness of exhaustion and the tang of desire. The woman's head tilts slowly back under the stroke for a moment, following the gesture easily when it turns into a firmer grasp. Nails polished to a translucent sheen press in against the witch's back as new touches brush over her, the woman swallowing visibly as all those marks are exposed. Then, Clara slips in to follow the hug, her own fingers tracing lightly down to run along the witch's side, to brush down the back of sticky thighs. Her tongue curls against her lips, before she smiles brightly, nodding again. . . a slight gesture with her free hand, touching from her brow to Sabrina's. Great minds think alike? Or something else.
  9. [01:09] Sabrina Granger: "I'm going to have to get you to teach me some of that," she says with a curious crinkle of her brow. "I don't mind if you talk," the witch says with a smile, tucking her long black hair behind her ear. "You certainly didn't mind being quiet last night." All while she says this, she grasps the woman, moving her hand back and forth slowly, giving it a little twist.
  10. [01:14] Clara Curtis settles in as she watches Sabrina's lips move, eyes focused there, giving the taller woman the slightest of downcast looks. Or maybe she always looks like she's averting her eyes. A squeeze follows to that thigh in turn, breathing deep as her shaft is teased - oh, she didn't have that much in the way of morning wood until Sabrina entered into the equation. Which, granted, has been true since about the moment she woke. Perhaps a rephrase is in order? Sabrina wood. Witch wood. It's not quite a broomstick, but she can still put it between her legs and ride. The woman's lips move silently for a moment, before she clasps at one edge of her own lips and then pulls it across. Zipping it up. Silence.
  11. [01:23] Sabrina Granger smiles, and makes sure that her laugh is visible. She takes her hand from Clara's shaft for a moment, and pushes the blankets away. Then her fingers are touching it again, angling it down before she throws her thigh over Clara's hips and sits across her waist, that not-quite-a-broomstick nestled between her cheeks. She rocks her hips back, pulling forsekin up and down, massaging the shaft with her rear. She takes Clara's face in her hands and kisses her again, then pulls away, making sure the girl's eyes are on her lips. She starts to say something, but instead she closes her mouth and smiles, a long wicked smile as she grinds against the woman.
  12. [01:30] Clara Curtis shrugs with one shoulder and a hand gesture, sweeping away, with a wan half-smile. Then those blankets betray her, exposing her cock fully as she shifts for a moment underneath Sabrina's scrutiny, the attention inciting a blush, burning into her ears. She doesn't let it distract her from what's going on, though, hands lifting up to let the witch move before sliding down again, clasping at her hips as if for support. Those fingers press in, digging against Sabrina's rear, as Clara's head tilts up to receive the kiss. A slow blink, a faint gasp, and the woman is rolling her hips upward, shaft grinding along Sabrina's cheeks as her foreskin gradually, bit by bit, edges back under the pressure of sheer arousal and the movement of that enchanting ass.
  13. [01:37] Sabrina Granger keeps grinding away and leans down to kiss Clara on the cheek, and along the curve of her jaw, and nibble on her ear. Her magical lips move down along her neck, and when she leans to the shoulder, her back curved slightly, she bites down, pulling up a soft hunk of skin, giving it a bite enough to leave a purple mark. A more permanent reminder of their tryst. Her wet, warm tongue moves back and forth along the skin, caressing it. Down below, the witch's hips slide down, and she curves her back in, until her crotch is pressing down on Clara's cock, dark red hair, not matching her dyed locks, gently grinds against the top of the shaft, and her labia opens up with the grinding, letting Clara feel her wetness.
  14. [01:43] Clara Curtis meets the kisses with their counterpoints. A kiss to Sabrina's cheek is followed by another brushing against one ear, though the final one is answered only by a tremor through Clara's form. The woman's head tilts aside, assenting to the witch's exploratory lips, and then. . . a spasm jerks through her. Clara's hips pump up firmly for a moment, grinding that suddenly-even-firmer cock up against the curious girl's folds. A heated groan trails from her lips, barely muffled after the first sound, almost bitten-down as she continues trembling until Sabrina's vulva presses up and over. The second buck is more deliberate, rolling her hips up firmly again as she presses that tip against Sabrina's opening heat, rasping for breath as her nails drag along that magical ass like claws, tugging slightly at her form.
  15. [01:51] Sabrina Granger grins, letting out a little hum into Clara's shoulder. She increases pressure ever so slightly, and then lets it all go, an impression of her rough kiss already forming. It's wet, and purpled, with a little red well of blood where she bit perhaps a bit too hard with one of her incisors. She licks at it, and then kisses it gently. She takes a hand between their bodies again, and pushes down, pressing Clara's length away from her at the base, angling it down far too much while she methodically moves her hips up and down, making sure to grip the foreskin of the shaft with only the pressure. And to tease the girl by keeping the head away from her. Those lovely lips move out of Clara's sight, and Sabrina whispers something into her ear. She can't hear it, but she can feel the soft breath, feel the way her lips move against the skin. And then there's a tug on the ear lobe as she gets it between her teeth, playfully grinding, though much more gentle than her shoulder.
  16. [01:57] Clara Curtis lets her eyes flutter back into her head, rolling into blankness for a moment as those teeth intensify for a moment longer, before gasping again when air meets the exposed skin, following with the rush of blood. Another twitch follows every slight lick and tease now, each one flexing her nails or rolling her hips up in response to Sabrina's affections. A dreamy expression crosses Clara's face, truly dazed for a moment as the witch's body moves over her cock. Breath on Clara's ear brings another spasm, gripping tight as she feels the ticklish tease of air that she is so unused to. The loss of hearing certainly took away not a jot of her earlobe's sensitivity. Slowly, she calms down again, though for right now, "calm" is only going down as far as "torturously aroused."
  17. [02:04] Sabrina Granger keeps rocking her hips, letting soft inner skin and coarse pubic hair, both wet with arousal, grind across the top of Clara's dick, careful not to let her enter. She presses their breasts together, asymmetrically docking, Clara's large and pillowy while Sabrina's are smaller and pert, tipped with little barbells through her own hardened nipples. She moves one hand up, to pinch and tease at the woman's nipples, pressing her palm in, and giving it a rough squeeze before pulling back and caressing around the outside of it. She rubs her own nipples together with Clara's as best she can, the little jiggle upsetting the motion of her hips, making them rock side to side instead of front to back.
  18. [02:10] Clara Curtis' breath catches slightly as she feels the press of those breasts against her and the clear delineation of metal against her skin. Being half-embedded in flesh, it's not so cold that she shivers, but the woman becomes visibly tense then. Then she settles down again, biting at her lip as those fingers tease to her nipples, plucking over the puffy, erect things. The slight shift in Sabrina's rhythm inspires her to grasp at the witch's rear and tug her up slightly further. . . whether it leads to Sabrina grinding her clit against Clara, pelvis to pelvis, or instead results in penetration, the lady doesn't particularly seem to care.
  19. [02:20] Sabrina Granger laughs, lifting up her hips and pressing against Clara's stomach, then ridding down along her body back to her cock. She reaches back behind her, and starts stroking it against her own body, pressing it in, nuzzling it into the cleft of her ass. Then she continues, going back to work against her. The witch's whole body gets into it this time, and she's pressing into Clara, rubbing up against her, little breasts pressing in against larger ones and lifting them up. She gets the root of the girl's cock wet and sticky with her own arousal, and pulls her thighs in tight around Clara's waist. Her hands move under the woman's arms, and short fingernails dig into her back. that long black hair is tossed back with a flick of her head, and she moves down to kiss and nuzzle at the woman's neck. As the rocking gets more intense, her heavy breathing obvious as her chest rises and falls against Clara's, even without the telltale sounds of panting, she bits down again, this time less intentional as her body tightens up. Her hips tremble, and beneath tight fingers, her ass muscles clench and release over and over, a shiver running through her body. The growing wetness in her pubic hair and on her cock make it obvious what just happened, as if the spasms and biting and the hum against her shoulder, or the way those fingernails dug into her back, weren't clue enough.
  20. [02:26] Clara Curtis chews at her own lip for a moment as she feels Sabrina sliding up over her, gazing on in a moment of irritation to Sabrina. Its mild, but there's a twist of her features as frustration wells up for a moment. Just a moment. The woman's cock pulses steadily in Sabrina's grasp as she rocks up with another buck of her hips. Her nostrils flare, breathing deep for a moment as her head tilts back, arms winding around to squeeze the smaller girl against her frame, holding even closer. Her own breath sharpens gradually, and then there are teeth on her once more. This time Sabrina elicits a shriek, discordant and warbling as she grabs hard, nails scoring along Sabrina's back, leaving their pricks of red as her cock is teased and kneaded, the woman trembling under the pain the witch leaves in her joy.
  21. [02:35] Sabrina Granger stops for a moment, doing nothing but leaning against Clara, held in her arms and panting against her neck. She rocks her hips again, slower, each little touch sending her own body shivering in little aftershocks. Reaching up, she strokes Clara's hair, and touches at her neck, gently grinding her wet cunt against the woman. She moves down further, letting her wet lips touch the head of her cock, massaging them against her but not letting her enter. She lazily nibbles on Clara's neck as she does, pulling her head back by the hair to expose it for her.
  22. [02:38] Clara Curtis' fingers slide down, working slowly in the aftermath, trying to pattern out words that she knows wouldn't make sense. It's not very coherent anyways. Mumbling. Her lashes flutter then as she inclines herself just a bit to gaze down with those sea-blue eyes, looking over Sabrina. Oh. That plan lasts only a moment when she is jerked back, breathing deep under her exposed throat. So many pretty marks now, purple and red, throbbing in time with her heartbeat. Just like her cock.
  23. [02:44] Sabrina Granger laughs, her breath playing across the wet skin of Clara's throat, her lips moving softly against her neck, her shoulders and chest rising in little shudders. She slows down, and guides Clara's face downwards. She's smiling, and it alters the form of her mouth shape. "My hips are getting tired," she teases, sliding down the woman's body, crawling down the bed as well, until she's curled up between Clara's legs, kissing her stomach and stroking her cock. She looks up again, smile growing mischievous before she dips her head and licks at the head, moving her tongue around in the half peeled foreskin.
  24. [02:49] Clara Curtis' eyes flutter then as she squeezes against Sabrina, before shifting gradually. Her fingers run along, her eyes tracing against the witch's form as her hands find those breasts that were pressed against her so tightly, squeezing to them. The woman bends forward over the other girl, eyes fluttering for a moment as she takes her in. Fingertips run down and along, brushing against the witch's face, against her ear, and a firm grasp follows to her enchanted neck in the aftermath of that lick, breath suddenly drawing ragged. Evidently she's quite sensitized under all the pain-play, or perhaps it was the grinding from earlier.
  25. [03:13] Sabrina Granger moves into the light, and now that Clara can see all of it, laying curled between her thighs, Sabrina's body is filled with body art. On each of her shoulders is a scarification, one red and rough, like a tattered hood draped over a skull, stylized with bleeding knives and paisley pattern. The other is a white tattoo of a caduceus of three arrows coiled around by two snakes. Down lower, marked with Clara's scratches, is a well detailed calacas kitty, a sugarskull cat head tramp stamp. She tucks the dyed black hair behind her ear and sucks on Clara's cock, gently bobbing up and down, making sure to keep her eyes locked on her lover. She doesn't neglect those small little testicles, though, one hand gripping at her coinpurse and tugging it, stretching out the skin and massaging the contents within.
  26. [03:20] Clara Curtis looks over all those marks in mute awe. Not that it takes much to make the girl silent, but she momentarily forgets her own pain, and even the dizzy haze of pleasure that follows. Her fingers brush along those scars and marks, stroking slowly along them with a leisurely caress, her lips pursing for a moment. She bites her lip slightly, her hand reflexively signing an apology for having pricked at such a work of art. . . but halfway through she drops it. So when she registers that mouth on her cock she jumps slightly in surprise, making a sharp sound as her focus snaps down to Sabrina, eyes wide as her figure arches gently into those strokes over her delicate balls. "Uhn-" It doesn't get further than that, tongue flashing over her lips as she feels that delicious bob over her dick.
  27. [03:26] Sabrina Granger smiles around the thing in her mouth, and lets a low moan out around it, sending little vibrations through the shaft. She plays with Clara's jewels with one hand, squeezing them and fondling them, and strokes with the other, giving torque as well as stroking. All the while her mouth and tongue work at the head, both bobbing along and licking the underside of the head, between foreskin and glans. And then she moves her hand away, up to the woman's stomach, fingers dancing softly along her belly and navel as her head sinks lower. She moves Clara's legs aside, and then before long her nose is buried in the older woman's pubic hair, cock deep in her mouth, feeling the back of her tongue pulsing along the head as she makes swallowing motions.
  28. [03:39] Clara Curtis breathes deep as her fingers press gently into the witch's hair, her body shuddering slowly as she rolls her hips forward into the vibrating playing through her cock. She makes a soft little sound, fingers coiling close against Sabrina's neck then. A firm squeeze follows, her other digits tracing her nails gently over those scars. Her head lolls to the side, a dreamy smile crossed over her expression as she eases back, letting her thighs spread wide for Sabrina. Hands caress, squeeze at the girl's neck, tugging at her for a moment with a slight quake of response as that mouth descends over all of her, leaving her erection pulsing, drooling with a thin trail of her arousal from the tip, the thick scent of her arousal now tasted.
  29. [03:44] Sabrina Granger pulls away, keeping her lips pursed, and stifling a smile. She crawls back up to sit in Clara's lap, her ass on that wet cock. She takes the woman's head in her hands and guides her face upwards. She keeps her mouth closed tight, and brushes her hair back over her shoulder, then parts Clara's lips with her fingers, which taste of cocksweat. When she has Clara's mouth opened up, she opens her own, letting the woman's own cum drip down and pour passed her lips. She sticks her tongue out, letting it trail down, and then leans in to give Clara a kiss.
  30. [03:50] Clara Curtis sways slightly as she eases slowly back then, slumping a touch underneath with following aftershocks. Her fingers drag against, before lips open to that touch, parting, sucking briefly at those fingertips. Her eyes flutter as she refocuses on Sabrina for a moment, a brief, stifled sound of surprise following as she tastes her own cum. But then it she rapidly eases into it, sucking at the witch's tongue slowly, her teeth nipping against those lips before they lock, mouth to mouth. A hand finds the witch's ass, squeezing firmly, pulling tight.
  31. [03:52] Sabrina Granger moans into the kiss, and then pulls away, still smiling. She speaks softly, so that Clara can read, "let's go take a shower."
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