The Wizard of Ponyville Chapter 3

May 10th, 2014
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  1. Chapter 1:
  2. Chapter 2:
  4. >Day The Wizard of Ponyville: Chapter 3 in Equestria.
  5. >It's a short walk to the restaurant.
  6. >You wonder what Twilight Sparkle has planned for you.
  7. >Hopefully she won’t try anything crazy.
  8. >Trixie was very adamant about joining you.
  9. >She’s afraid that twilight will do something to you.
  10. >That's a real possibility.
  11. >Still you told her to say home.
  12. >Who knows what would happen if the princess saw her.
  13. >Twilight has been getting more aggressive.
  14. >She pretty much threatened that she would hurt you teacher if you didn’t show.
  15. >A hand brushes your cloak.
  16. >Hopefully it will protect you if things go sour.
  17. >This looks like the place.
  18. >The Hay Burger.
  19. >You take a breath and enter.
  20. >The restaurant is relatively full.
  21. >You see a few couples.
  22. >Loners sit at the bar and drink their troubles away.
  23. >Berry sits with them.
  24. >It’s been a while since you’ve hung out with her.
  25. >Your singular focus on magic has taken up all your time.
  26. >That’s your problem.
  27. >You’re too busy thinking about yourself.
  28. >Maybe that’s why you never got anywhere with girls.
  29. >You'll have to make some time to drink with her.
  30. >You push those thoughts aside.
  31. >Where is Twilight?
  32. >Looks like she isn-
  33. >A smiling purple pony waves you over.
  34. >Well, at least one can dream.
  35. >Might as well get this over with.
  36. >You walk toward her.
  37. >”Hi, Anon.”
  38. “Hello, Twilight.”
  39. >”Is that a new jacket?”
  40. >You look down and spread your arms to show her.
  41. “It’s a cloak, and yeah I bought it earlier today.”
  42. >You take the seat across from her.
  43. >”I like it.”
  44. “Thanks.”
  45. >As if sensing that a new guest arrived, a waitress comes over.
  46. >”Can I get you something to drink?”
  47. “A wheat beer is fine.”
  48. >”Coming right up,” she smiles.
  49. >You watch as she trots away.
  50. 1/11
  51. >”Is that your cutie mark?” Twilight continues.
  52. >She points at the lightning emblem.
  53. >You’re actually not sure if it is a logo or a maker’s mark.
  54. >You should have asked.
  55. “No, it’s just a design. Humans don’t get cutie marks.”
  56. >You open up the menu to look at it.
  57. >”I’m surprised it doesn’t have Trixie’s cutie mark. You two have been spending so much time together.”
  58. >You were hoping this would stay conversation would stay light.
  59. >You close the menu and put it aside.
  60. >As you look up you notice a chestnut mare with a dark brown mane.
  61. “Well, she did help me pick it out,” you say.
  62. >Your eyes dart between your date and the chestnut mare.
  63. >One of Twilight’s eyes twitch.
  64. >That had better not be Trixie.
  65. >You told her to stay back home.
  66. >The waitress is back.
  67. >”Here you go.”
  68. >It looks perfect.
  69. >Just the right amount of head.
  70. “That was fast. Thanks.”
  71. >”Have you decided on what you want, or do you need more time?”
  72. “I haven’t even looked at the menu yet,” you confess.
  73. >”You should have the spaghetti. It’s what I’m having.” Twilight offers.
  74. >Why not?
  75. ”Alright, two spaghettis.”
  76. >”Sounds good.”
  77. >She is a really chipper server.
  78. >That probably hel-
  79. >”So, what do you see in her?”
  80. >Not this again.
  81. ”In who?”
  82. >”You know who,” Twilight challenges.
  83. >You look again at the chestnut mare.
  84. >A table keeps you from seeing her cutie mark.
  85. >Trixie had an art pallet design when she impersonated this pony.
  86. ”Do you really want to talk about Trixie all night, Twilight?”
  87. >You lift the glass and take a long drink.
  88. >It will give you a chance to think.
  89. >”No, just for a little bit.”
  90. >You can’t tell her that Trixie is teaching you magic.
  91. >It’s forbidden.
  92. >At least this gives you a chance to get more information.
  93. >You return the glass to the table and ignore her question.
  94. ”What happened between you two?”
  95. 2/11
  96. >Twilight scoffs.
  97. >”We’d need all night to talk about that.”
  98. >The chestnut mare arches slightly like she is trying to listen in.
  99. >You make eye contact and she quickly looks away.
  100. >It has to be Trixie.
  101. >She's going to cause trouble.
  102. ”Just give me the short version.”
  103. >Twilight gives you a confused look.
  104. >As if you should already know this.
  105. >The problem is that Trixie never told you.
  106. >She would always brush off your questions.
  107. >”Well… Trixie is clearly a mediocre magician, but she claims that she is the best.”
  108. >You take another sip.
  109. “What’s wrong with that?”
  110. >”She nearly trashed Ponyville. If I didn’t save everypony then there wouldn’t be anything left.”
  111. >’If I didn’t.’
  112. >Twilight always has to be the hero of every story.
  113. ”Trixie just came into town and started lighting things on fire?”
  114. >”No, it was more complicated than that… but she’s always been like that. Even in magic kindergarten.”
  115. >So they’ve known each other for a while.
  116. >”She doesn’t care about anypony or anything. All she cares about is being a,” Twilight taps her a hoof on the table to add emphasis, “special little snowflake.”
  117. >She scoots closer like she is telling you a secret.
  118. >”And as soon as she has had enough of you she will leave you high and dry.”
  119. >You look at the chestnut mare, and she looks agitated.
  120. >Like she wants to say something.
  121. >But she is deliberately trying to avoid eye contact.
  122. >You’re going to have to hassle her about this later.
  123. >You only need her to teach you magic.
  124. >If she wants to go her separate way afterward, more power to her.
  125. >It’s not like she is nice to you.
  126. >She always puts you down.
  127. >Well, she’s gotten a little bit better.
  128. >You imagine she probably needs time to warm up to people.
  129. 3/11
  130. ”Trixie has never done me wrong. Yes, she can be a bit abrasive, but as long as you don’t take it personally it’s not a big deal.”
  131. >”Give it a little longer and you’ll see.”
  132. >”Here’s your order.”
  133. >It’s the waitress again.
  134. >She places the plates in front of both of you.
  135. >”Can I get you anything else? Another drink?”
  136. >You give Twilight a quizzical look.
  137. >She shakes her head slightly.
  138. ”We’re fine. Thank you.”
  139. >”Alright,” the waitress says and quickly leaves.
  140. >You grab a fork and begin enjoying your meal.
  141. >The taste is indescribable.
  142. >Twilight made a good choice.
  143. >You’re tired of hearing about your teacher.
  144. >Some things are meant to stay in the past.
  145. ”Let’s talk about something else.”
  146. >”Alright..."
  147. >Twilight 'accidentally' drops some sauce on herself.
  148. >"Oops. Can you help clean this up?" She asks with bedroom eyes.
  149. >Not this again.
  150. "Twilight, it's too early for that."
  151. >"Really?" She magics open a loose leaf of paper.
  152. >"Oh right. That's at the end."
  153. >You pass over a napkin, and she puts the paper away.
  154. >It's probably best to ignore that.
  155. “Why are only unicorns allowed to learn magic?”
  156. >Twilight thinks for a moment.
  157. >”It goes back to ancient times. When the three pony tribes banded together.”
  158. ”Yeah?”
  159. >”Part of the deal was that each pony would perform their rightful duties. Unicorns would use magic to move the seasons, Pegasi would control the weather, and Earth ponies would tend the earth. If an Earth pony wanted to use magic they would naturally have to neglect their agricultural responsibilities.”
  160. “What makes you think that? An earth pony can still practice magic in her off time and harvest grain.”
  161. >”That’s just the way it is, Anon.”
  162. ”So it’s not actually written down? It’s just tradition?”
  163. >She gives you a look like she has never considered that angle.
  164. >”I- I’ll have to check the records later.”
  165. 4/11
  166. ”While you’re looking it up you should see if it mentions if humans are banned as well."
  167. >”Why are you still thinking about magic? You told me when you arrived that humans couldn’t do any.”
  168. ”I was being too general. We do have a few mentalists, illusionists, and such.”
  169. >”Really? I knew I should have brought a notepad.”
  170. >She pulls out the paper but it is covered in scribbles.
  171. >Twilight looks around, and waves the waitress over.
  172. >”Can I get you something?”
  173. >”Yes, can you bring me some paper and a quill?”
  174. >”Of course.”
  175. >
  176. >
  177. >Well that went better than expected.
  178. >Twilight was completely engrossed when you started talking about Earth.
  179. >You’re going to have to remember that for later.
  180. >Maybe you will be able to distract her when the stakes are higher.
  181. “Look at the time, I really should be going.”
  182. >”Time just flies by when I’m with you,” she smiles.
  183. >You stand outside in silence for a while.
  184. >Twilight waits expectantly.
  185. >This is the part of the date where you are supposed to kiss the girl.
  186. >But you don’t want to lead her on.
  187. ”Twilight, I had fun, but –“
  188. >”No. Let’s not ruin the moment with that.”
  189. >She knows you wanted to tell her that you can’t be with a pony.
  190. >You can’t be with anyone.
  191. >A wizard’s powers are based on his virginity.
  192. >”Ugh, that mare has been looking at us all night.”
  193. >You turn to see where Twilight is looking.
  194. >It’s Trixie still disguised as a chestnut mare.
  195. >God damn it.
  196. >Try to play it off.
  197. ”She’s just curious…”
  198. >The mare looks away.
  199. >”There’s something strange about her…”
  200. >Oh shit.
  201. >Twilight leans toward her slightly and squints.
  202. >Fucking Trixie always has to fuck things up for you.
  203. >If Twilight realizes she is Trixie in disguise there’s going to be a shit storm.
  204. >You kneel down and put an arm around Twilight.
  205. 5/11
  206. >”Anon, I think that…”
  207. >You pull her slightly so she is against you.
  208. >Twilight turns quickly to face you.
  209. >You’re only inches from her.
  210. ”Twilight, I had a really good time.”
  211. >She blushes slightly.
  212. >”I did too.”
  213. >Her eyes dart between your lips and your eyes.
  214. >She’s about to kiss you.
  215. >Though you don’t want it, you know you have to go through with this.
  216. >Your teacher has put you in a tough position.
  217. >You’re going to be pissed at her tonight.
  218. >Twilight’s lips gently touch yours.
  219. >She holds it for a second or two before turning slightly so her cheek is against yours.
  220. >Twilight lets out a content sigh.
  221. >”I didn’t think you’d kiss me tonight.”
  222. >You did not kiss her.
  223. >She kissed you.
  224. >And fucking Trixie was the cause of it.
  225. ”Yeah, I didn’t expect that either.”
  226. >A hand idly brushes her mane before you stand back up.
  227. ”I really should get going.”
  228. >”Yeah… when can I see you again?”
  229. ”Oh, I don’t know. We can figure that out another time.”
  230. >”Alright. I’ll see you later.”
  231. >Fuck.
  232. ”Have a good one,” you smile.
  233. >You turn quickly and start walking back home.
  234. >
  235. >
  236. >Where is she?
  237. “Trixie?”
  238. >No response.
  239. >You walk around the house looking for your teacher.
  240. “Trixie?”
  241. >A few minutes of searching turns up nothing.
  242. >She is nowhere to be found.
  243. >You look around for a shimmer, and start canceling magic in random directions.
  244. >Still nothing.
  245. >You take a breath to calm yourself.
  246. >She must be in her cart.
  247. >You start walking downstairs when the door clicks open.
  248. >A box of bottles floats through, closely followed by Trixie.
  249. 6/11
  250. >”Hi, Anon. How was your date?”
  251. >Though you are angry, a cool calmness takes you.
  252. >Let her think you didn’t notice.
  253. “It was fine.”
  254. >”That’s good.”
  255. >She walks past you toward the kitchen.
  256. >”Trixie overhead a pony say that this was a good year for wine. And they were on sale too.”
  257. >She places the box on a kitchen counter.
  258. >Trixie magics over a bottle to show you.
  259. >You give it an obligatory look before placing it back on the counter.
  260. ”We talked about magic...”
  261. >”Oh? I thought you wanted to keep that a secret.”
  262. ”We talked about magic back home, on Earth.”
  263. >”Sounds like it went well.”
  264. ”Well, it went well until the end.”
  265. >Trixie continues empting the case.
  266. ”And at the end of the date I was going to politely decline going out again with Twilight, but then something happened.”
  267. >”Really? What happened?”
  268. ”A little brown mare happened.”
  269. >Trixie’s magic stops, and she offers you a confused look.
  270. >”A little brown mare,” she repeats.
  271. “Yeah. This pony had been watching us all night. And at the end of the night Twilight began to notice that this little brown mare might not be as she appeared.”
  272. >She looks away and returns to putting the bottles away.
  273. >”Alright…”
  274. ”I had to step in, Trixie. Twilight was this close.”
  275. >You kneel down to her height and put two fingers together to show her.
  276. ”She was this close to causing a shit storm.”
  277. >Trixie visibly swallows.
  278. >”Twi-“
  279. >You poke to interrupt her.
  280. ”So I have to ask, where were you the last few hours?”
  281. >She looks away.
  282. >”Trixie was here, and then she went to the store to pick up some drinks.”
  283. 7/11
  284. ”So you just felt like doing something nice?”
  285. >”Well you have been studying hard lately…”
  286. “Trixie, Trixie, Trixie,” you shake your head. “I know it was you.”
  287. >You let that linger for a moment before continuing.
  288. “Why were you following me when I specifically told you to stay behind?”
  289. >She makes a shocked look, but it quickly disappears when she drops the charade.
  290. >”Trixie was only trying to help.”
  291. ”I told you to stay here!”
  292. >”What would you have done if Twilight tried anything?! Huh? Opened a door!?”
  293. >Trixie pushes you, and you have put a hand down to keep your balance.
  294. >You get up and tower over her.
  295. ”Everything would have been fine if you just stayed away!”
  296. >”I was there to protect you!”
  297. >I?
  298. ”I didn’t need your help!
  299. >”You can’t even defend yourself from simple magic! She could have done anything to you!”
  300. ”I would have been fine! Now I have to go on another date with her! All because of you!”
  301. >You point at her and she bats your hand away.
  302. >”Don’t ever point a dirty finger at me,” she says through her teeth.
  303. >You just glare at her.
  304. >”Fine! If you don’t need Trixie’s help, then she won’t bother you any longer!”
  305. >Trixie starts trotting off before stopping to magic a bottle from the counter.
  306. ”Great! I’m glad!”
  307. >”Good!”
  308. >Trixie slams the door behind her.
  309. >Fucking bitch.
  310. >You need a drink.
  311. >You grab a bottle at random and examine it.
  312. >Blueberry wine.
  313. >Beer if more your thing, but desperate times calls for desperate measures.
  314. >You easily open it before pouring yourself a glass.
  315. >Two quick swirls and you take a sip.
  316. >It’s sweet.
  317. >Probably desert wine.
  318. >Everything would have been fine without Trixie.
  319. >You would have politely said that you weren’t compatible, and Twilight would have left you alone.
  320. >Instead Trixe had to fuck everything up by spying on you two.
  321. 8/11
  322. “Who knows what would have happened then?” You say to yourself.
  323. >Though it could have easily gone the other way.
  324. >Without Trixie around Twilight could have taken you.
  325. >But she’s not a monster.
  326. >Not yet, anyway…
  327. >But something could have happened.
  328. >Trixie would have been your only hope.
  329. >You can barely defend yourself from magic.
  330. >Your cloak could probably take some damage, but it wouldn’t be enough.
  331. >And without Trixie who will teach you magic?
  332. >That zebra?
  333. >A Chineighs merchant?
  334. >You shouldn’t have yelled at her.
  335. >She didn’t listen to you, but she did want to help.
  336. >Is it the thought that counts?
  337. >This is why you’re a wizard, Anon.
  338. >You always push people away.
  339. >They are always wrong, and you are always right.
  340. >But this is also why you have powers in the first place.
  341. >All those nights alone built up for this moment.
  342. >Where a man is limited only by his thirst for knowledge.
  343. >Why does this have to be so hard?
  344. >Things would be so much easier if you were still back home.
  345. >You swallow the wine quickly before pouring yourself another glass.
  346. >Trixie meant well.
  347. >She should have hid herself better.
  348. >Would twilight have caused a scene?
  349. >Things were supposed to be better here and you’re still fucking everything up.
  350. >Fuck.
  351. >You have to apologize.
  352. >There has to be a way to keep some dignity.
  353. >Probably not.
  354. >You’re in the wrong here.
  355. >She just… she just wanted to help.
  356. >You overreacted.
  357. >You put the glass down and take the bottle outside.
  358. >Trixie’s cart is still there.
  359. >You walk up to the small door, and knock.
  360. “Trixie?”
  361. >You hear a muffled, ”Go away.”
  362. 9/11
  363. ”I brought some wine…”
  364. >”Trixie has more than enough.”
  365. ”I shouldn’t have yelled at you…”
  366. >“Trixie said go away!”
  367. ”I overreacted. I just…”
  368. >Now what?
  369. “I fucked up, okay? I didn’t mean what I said back there.”
  370. >You wait for a response, but nothing comes.
  371. ”I’m coming in, alright?”
  372. >You wave your hand and the door clicks open.
  373. >Though the cart is larger than it looks from the outside, you still have to crawl in.
  374. >Trixe is sitting at the opposite end.
  375. >She doesn’t look at you.
  376. >You close the door behind you and scoot toward her.
  377. ”I’m sorry about what I said. I… I shouldn’t have done that.”
  378. >She stands up.
  379. >Her eyes accuse you.
  380. >”You just wanted to use Trixie.”
  381. ”That’s not true,” you plead. “We’re a team. It’s you and I against the world.
  382. >”No, you’re just like everypony else. You don’t give a shit about Trixie. All you care about is yourself.”
  383. >She charges up her magic.
  384. >You put up your left hand to defend yourself, but nothing comes.
  385. >After a moment she releases her charge and goes back to pouting.
  386. “I’m sorry Trixie. I know you were just trying to help.”
  387. >”Everypony thinks that I want to meddle in their affairs. They never give me a chance.”
  388. >You scoot a little closer to her.
  389. >A hand reaches out to touch her hoof, but she pulls it away.
  390. >You sit in silence for a while.
  391. “I brought some wine,” you say finally.
  392. >You reach over and take a simple wooden cup.
  393. ”I had some earlier. It’s actually really good.”
  394. >You offer her the cup, but she doesn’t take it.
  395. >After a moment you take a sip.
  396. >Trixie watches you drink before she magics over her glass.
  397. >You pour her some blueberry wine.
  398. >”I was trying to help you.”
  399. “I know,” you nod.
  400. >”You didn’t have to kiss her.”
  401. >You had to do something to stop Twilight.
  402. “It was the only thing I could think of.”
  403. >You try to move forward, but you trip on your cloak and fall forward.
  404. 10/11
  405. >You hold the bottle up so it doesn’t break, but your face takes the fall.
  406. >Trixie laughs at you.
  407. >”You still haven’t figured out how to move with that?”
  408. ”It’s my first day,” you blush.
  409. >”It looks really good. You must have had a nice pony pick it out for you.”
  410. ”Yeah. She’s the greatest and most powerful.”
  411. >You place the bottle on the small table and sit beside Trixie.
  412. >She doesn’t resist when you put an arm over her.
  413. ”I’m not very good with people. That’s… that’s probably why I’ve been alone for so long.”
  414. >”Ponies aren’t throwing you out of towns…”
  415. ”Not yet, but what do you think will happen when they realize that I’ve learned magic?”
  416. >”They will turn on you. It’s forbidden.”
  417. ”Yeah.”
  418. >”They’d do the same to me, if they knew I was teaching you.”
  419. >You want to say that they already shun her, but you don’t.
  420. ”Twilight said you’ve been a pariah since magic kindergarten. What happened?”
  421. >Trixie shakes her head.
  422. >”I don’t want to talk about that,” she says in a sad tone.
  423. >You take another sip of your wine.
  424. “That’s fine…”
  425. >She leans against you.
  426. >Your arm moves and squeezes her slightly.
  427. >”Why does Twilight like you?”
  428. >You take a deep breath.
  429. ”I don’t know. Maybe… maybe I remind her of her old self. A loner…”
  430. >She looks at you.
  431. >”You don’t have to be alone.”
  432. ”Yeah…”
  433. >After a moment she asks, ”How far can you go before you lose your powers?”
  434. >You nearly choke on your wine.
  435. >Is she...?
  436. >No...
  437. >Not with you.
  438. >A person must stay a virgin until he is thirty to become a wizard.
  439. >Any sexual act would probably strip you of your magic.
  440. >But you can’t know for sure.
  441. >It’s not worth giving up everything for a night of pleasure.
  442. >Then those years would have meant nothing.
  443. >You’d just be another person.
  444. >Nothing special.
  445. >Are you destined to be alone forever?
  446. >You pull her close and say,
  447. “I don’t know…”
  448. End chapter 3
  449. 11/11
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