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  1. [2011/10/03 12:41]  RomRocks Resident: Hi I have a question about sumthin, and I hope you dont mind me asking. A person I know who played NOR in early 09/10 was accused of being a griefer by you, and even a RL terrorist by an owner of one of the NoR groups, yet there is no evidence of such, and I honestly think that this is totally wrong. I know that you will more than likely tell me to ask them to post an appeal again, but like they have already done so twice, and their first appeal is what brought the group of griefers into this anyways because it got posted on the google search in public because of a mistake of a forum moderator that allowed a crawler to access the forums. So far this seems to be the work of one griefer group trying to play everyone against eachother randomly for the lulz. Synphony supposedly stole bikes from a friend of ours, cloned some cars, and even more content from people Goth themselves knows, and pissed off Nichola Mafia for doing such. We honestly believe this is the work of one griefer group trying to ruin the lives of others, but honestly all the evidence we have shows to be pointed directly to DaSein Noyes group, friends breaking the SL TOS/CS, and Mangement griefing them, and dicking around throwing accusations all over the place with no valid evidence over hersey. --Now this person I know I am quite sure you know who I am talking about and they have stuck their head out big times for you Norians, and I am not exactly sure why, and my honest question is if down the road if management is going to stop dicking around and throwing around these rumors and such without proof, as all the evidence I have seen points to such, and hey honestly I am not going to tell anyone how to run their business, or threaten anyone, but this all does look bad on NoR, as it looks totally like they are at fault from what we all see, but hey if this person you acccuse of being a griefer really is, then honestly I think that you all should just let them mess up big times, and then report them to LL, and then you all have valid reasons and actual evidence, but from what I have seen and know they have done nothing, so I am just asking you to please let me know because our little group ist trying our best to keep things from going into a lot bigger things all around, and in my honest opnion, you RP sims or GM's should only deal with things that occur in the sim you GM at to avoid things like this, and I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about but I would appriciate it if others didnt find out. T.Y.
  2. [2011/10/03 12:43]  Bizarre Obscure: if one assosiates himself with terrorists, then we can do nothing but assume so.
  3. [2011/10/03 12:43]  RomRocks Resident: Um how do they assoicate themself as a terrorist ?
  4. [2011/10/03 12:44]  Bizarre Obscure: if they write us letters where they hint at "knowing" them and threatening to call upon them in case we do not comply
  5. [2011/10/03 12:45]  Bizarre Obscure: NoR has never, will never and definatly under my leadership bow for ANY threats
  6. [2011/10/03 12:45]  Bizarre Obscure: regardless of the issue or right or wrong
  7. [2011/10/03 12:46]  Bizarre Obscure: Im willing to discuss
  8. [2011/10/03 12:46]  Bizarre Obscure: to mediate
  9. [2011/10/03 12:46]  Bizarre Obscure: but the moment people threaten me
  10. [2011/10/03 12:46]  Bizarre Obscure: or NoR
  11. [2011/10/03 12:46]  Bizarre Obscure: all doors are closed
  12. [2011/10/03 12:46]  RomRocks Resident: Yeah did these threats come from this person or from someone pretending to be or know them?
  13. [2011/10/03 12:46]  Bizarre Obscure: irrelevent to the point
  14. [2011/10/03 12:46]  Bizarre Obscure: untill someone comes clear with names
  15. [2011/10/03 12:47]  RomRocks Resident: Because I know the only threat that this person has made is to expose every long because they are pissed off
  16. [2011/10/03 12:47]  Bizarre Obscure: and prvoides proof and vidence
  17. [2011/10/03 12:47]  Bizarre Obscure: rather then words
  18. [2011/10/03 12:47]  Bizarre Obscure: Ill aply the blunt axe
  19. [2011/10/03 12:47]  RomRocks Resident: How do you expect us do that.
  20. [2011/10/03 12:47]  Bizarre Obscure: as far as Im concerned the GothGirl issue and her copybot accusations started this
  21. [2011/10/03 12:48]  RomRocks Resident: Hm who did goth accuse of stealing from NoR?
  22. [2011/10/03 12:48]  Bizarre Obscure: not from NoR
  23. [2011/10/03 12:48]  RomRocks Resident: Ah you mean in general right?
  24. [2011/10/03 12:48]  Bizarre Obscure: some SL copybot war
  25. [2011/10/03 12:48]  Bizarre Obscure: thing
  26. [2011/10/03 12:48]  Bizarre Obscure: not my business
  27. [2011/10/03 12:49]  Bizarre Obscure: but the moment it gets fought out on NoR sims
  28. [2011/10/03 12:49]  RomRocks Resident: Ah yes well its best not to even get involved with that.
  29. [2011/10/03 12:49]  Bizarre Obscure: Ill ban people
  30. [2011/10/03 12:49]  RomRocks Resident: Yeah she has had a hard time with some griefers.
  31. [2011/10/03 12:50]  RomRocks Resident: I mean this whole issue has been hard all around I mean as far as she was concerned this end in 2010 until she found herself banned from a NoR sim without any listing on the site
  32. [2011/10/03 12:50]  RomRocks Resident: I mean right now it looks like NoR residents are responsible for copying peoples things who got connections with Nicholas Mafia group aka woodbury
  33. [2011/10/03 12:50]  RomRocks Resident: I mean I still dont believe that though.
  34. [2011/10/03 12:51]  Bizarre Obscure: as far as we have researched and examined the objects provided as "proof" we could only find that people tempered with the "proof"
  35. [2011/10/03 12:51]  Bizarre Obscure: and nothing actually sustaining the accusations
  36. [2011/10/03 12:52]  Bizarre Obscure: as such NoR remains neutral
  37. [2011/10/03 12:52]  Bizarre Obscure: and stick to its policy.. do whatever you want, but not here
  38. [2011/10/03 12:52]  Bizarre Obscure: NoR has landowner rules
  39. [2011/10/03 12:52]  Bizarre Obscure: which were not correctly followed
  40. [2011/10/03 12:52]  Bizarre Obscure: that is granted
  41. [2011/10/03 12:52]  Bizarre Obscure: however
  42. [2011/10/03 12:52]  Bizarre Obscure: the landowner ban had a "valid" reason
  43. [2011/10/03 12:53]  Bizarre Obscure: from the Evil owner perspective
  44. [2011/10/03 12:53]  Bizarre Obscure: and as NoR does not take sides in the factual issue
  45. [2011/10/03 12:53]  RomRocks Resident: ah it doesnt?
  46. [2011/10/03 12:53]  Bizarre Obscure: no
  47. [2011/10/03 12:53]  Bizarre Obscure: all SL can go to hell in a war
  48. [2011/10/03 12:53]  Bizarre Obscure: as long as its not in NoR
  49. [2011/10/03 12:53]  RomRocks Resident: wasn't the listing supposed to be listed on the NoR site to begin with? or no?
  50. [2011/10/03 12:53]  Bizarre Obscure: to put it blunt
  51. [2011/10/03 12:54]  RomRocks Resident: Yeah I understand I think it would be best if RP sims stuck to issues only on their own sims
  52. [2011/10/03 12:54]  Bizarre Obscure: We are no buraucrats.... if someone gets griefed and bans them over it, but forgets to do the paperwork
  53. [2011/10/03 12:54]  Bizarre Obscure: then the griefing weighs heavier then the proper paperwork
  54. [2011/10/03 12:55]  RomRocks Resident: Yeah well I mean I think my friend would have honestly got their appeal considered if it wasnt for this stupid griefer group who saw her post.
  55. [2011/10/03 12:56]  *** parent estate: 1, mainland
  56. [2011/10/03 12:56]  Bizarre Obscure: (Saved Mon Oct 03 14:55:57 2011) anyway you can proof that its a seperate group
  57. [2011/10/03 12:56]  RomRocks Resident: memory crash...
  58. [2011/10/03 12:57]  RomRocks Resident: Yeah we would love to prove its a seperate group if we could get such I mean this hasn't only happend in NoR either.
  59. [2011/10/03 12:57]  Bizarre Obscure: get me the vidence, NoR got the resources and connections to do something bout it
  60. [2011/10/03 12:57]  Bizarre Obscure: Though
  61. [2011/10/03 12:58]  Bizarre Obscure: And I should add...
  62. [2011/10/03 12:58]  Bizarre Obscure: We did observe Goth playing witht he same griefer tools NoR was griefed with.
  63. [2011/10/03 12:58]  Bizarre Obscure: outside of NoR
  64. [2011/10/03 12:58]  RomRocks Resident: ah really?
  65. [2011/10/03 12:59]  RomRocks Resident: Where was this anyways?
  66. [2011/10/03 12:59]  Bizarre Obscure: sandbox
  67. [2011/10/03 12:59]  Bizarre Obscure: got picture evidence
  68. [2011/10/03 12:59]  Bizarre Obscure: doesnt mean its her
  69. [2011/10/03 12:59]  Bizarre Obscure: more people got the same tools
  70. [2011/10/03 13:00]  Bizarre Obscure: but it doesnt do but her in a better light
  71. [2011/10/03 13:00]  RomRocks Resident: Yeah she has a lot of griefer things too
  72. [2011/10/03 13:00]  RomRocks Resident: Espicially the BV6
  73. [2011/10/03 13:00]  RomRocks Resident: ITs the french griefer tool made by kinggoon
  74. [2011/10/03 13:06]  RomRocks Resident: sorry about this my laptop keeps crashing when I use SL lately meh maybe goth can help me later...
  75. [2011/10/03 13:08]  RomRocks Resident: which sandbox did ya see her grief in im trying to figure that out. I mean that being said I could accuse the creator of Q-Hud for being a griefer, or like I mean this has been nothing but accusations all around no actual evidence any side but caused harm to lots of people inside & outside of NoR
  76. [2011/10/03 13:10]  RomRocks Resident: I have not asked yet if there have been any actual griefer attacks lately though?
  77. [2011/10/03 13:11]  Bizarre Obscure: within the same style? no
  78. [2011/10/03 13:11]  Bizarre Obscure: though NoR got its own share of fixed enemies
  79. [2011/10/03 13:12]  RomRocks Resident: Yeah well we are trying our best to make sure the griefers we know who are responsible for this don't do it anymore so far a threat to the SiAA Software Industry has kept them from attacking as far as we know
  80. [2011/10/03 13:12]  RomRocks Resident: their site is loaded full of pirated software
  81. [2011/10/03 13:12]  RomRocks Resident: and games
  82. [2011/10/03 13:14]  RomRocks Resident: But I mean if you go to that site and register you can see all the attacks against goth there including when they got her account banned from SL
  83. [2011/10/03 13:14]  RomRocks Resident: I mean full account closure and she lost two weeks of tier
  84. [2011/10/03 13:14]  RomRocks Resident: all her renters too
  85. [2011/10/03 13:16]  RomRocks Resident: ah wait its Siia http://www.siia.net/
  86. [2011/10/03 14:07]  RomRocks Resident: FroParWitLov
  88. Neways I gotta go, all I ask is that you please consider giving her a chance to prove she has not griefed NoR as far as I have seen she has been found guilty without any evidence or anything, I mean NoR reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, but they don't have the right to call my friend a Terrorist, or try to ruin their name.   I hope that you will please do such, and hey I mean if she honestly did something she would admit to it, she believes in the truth, and is really sensitive, and takes this all personal. At this point she honestly thinks that You mainly have neglected her, as well as the other GM's, but I am trying to do my best to help find out what is going on and try to prove she is not guilty if possible, and the last thing I want to see if this turn into a big accusation fest between her, and NoR because honestly if that were to happen for any reason I understand that it would cause problems for others, and even more grief for everyone. Anyways I just ask that you see this from all the sides like I do, and that this whole accusation thing works both ways, we have snapshots of the griefers getting Goth perma banned from SL, and not found guilty by LL, Goth owns an entire sim, and stays to herself most of the time among friends people she trusts she paid $1.5k USD for it which is on google wikipedia, and she has snapshost of the Email spam from objects in NoR, telling her to kill herself, as well as the evidence of Stolen content from Norians, while not all of it is 100% evidence it proves enough to show that she is a victim here, your post on the site we also have snapshots of saying guilty until innocent, and your past accusations we cant prove because that log was destroyed because we trusted in you, so I mean all around it to her looks like abuse of NoR GM's, and if LL even investergated this issue, they would find its random griefers, and if it were her exactly I think LL would have banned her by now. == So anyways it is almost christmas soon, and hey it would be nice if we could all simply forgive eachother for that day, until it is proven she is guilty, or does something else, I mean she gladly would take responsibility for her actions, and I am sure doesn't really have a record in NoR of much of any harm she has caused. == I know about your OOC post, on the fourms, and hey I agree some RPer's there get too personal, and hey I mean I would honestly like it if NoR only dealt with things related to NoR, and left all issues outside of NoR out of it if this had of been taken care of when it should have this would have never have came this far, all this because of two peoples OOC Dispute, if it is not in NoR, it should only be governed by LL TOS/CS. I mean honestly I like you because you have been straight and upfront to me, I am sure that if Goth knew exactly what was going on too and knew that the GM's actually cared this would be a bit easier on her. ==Neways I gotta go please consider what I have said,TY
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