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Lilith (MGE RP)

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  1. {Identity}
  2. [Name:] Lilith
  3. [Nickname:] none
  4. [Date of Birth:] Febuary 14th
  5. [Age: ] Unknown
  6. [Favorite Color:] Semen White, Blushing Colors.
  7. [Affliation:] Unaffliated, The Demon Lord
  9. {Orientation}
  10. [Gender:] Female
  11. [Species:] Lilim
  12. [Family:] Demon Lord as mother, Unknown Hero as father, at least 10 sisters, including Deruella and the Queen of Hearts
  13. {Appearance:}
  14. [Weight:] 70.2 kg/154.8 lbs
  15. [Height:]  180 cm/5' 10"
  16. [Description:] The absolute pinnacle of sex-appeal, Lilith features a perfect hourglass body, with a little bit of fat on her rear end to give it that enticing shape. Her eyes are almost always saturated in lustful emotions, choosing to put her own desires over her mother's will. Her skin is a pale white in color, only disturbed by the shoulder length white hair from atop her head, which is then parted by pointed, elf-like ears. The pair of horns atop her head are short, and pointed forward, a bit above the tops of her ears.
  18. Her midsection is relatively plain, aside from the soft, caressable skin covering her from head to toe. Her breasts tend to jiggle with every wingbeat, or step she makes, shaking along with the woman's hips in a hypnotic, alluring fashion. She appears to be quite flexible here, likely a fan of belly-dancing and hip-based movements, as well as the proper body type fitting of a succubus: That for reverse cow-girl sex.
  20. Her legs start out with a little bit of squish to her thighs, but quickly thinning out by the knees to that definite, feminine design.
  22. {Personality}
  23. [Description:] A slave to her own desires, Lilith tends not to care what mother or her siblings may be up to in preference for chasing her own dreams, that to find a hero capable of besting her to wed. Because of this, she tends to see the world in a fairy-tale like way, often subconciously assigning roles to various people just to hopefully meet the one. She is, however, quite intelligent on several subjects, including Magic Gemstones, Kendo, and Magics relating to darkness and lust, notably charm spells.
  24. [Flaws:] Tends to  be stuck in a fantasy, haughty, is a hero-target. Is intent on finding a stronger male than she is.
  25. [Virtues:] Lewdness, Love, Her potential mate.
  26. [Diet:] Vastly prefers Spirit Energy, otherwise omnivore.
  27. [Favorite Things:] Prisoner Fruit, Men's Mana, Butterflies.
  28. [History:] After leaving Royal Makai, she took to her own story, trying to find a man suitable of one such of her nature.
  30. {Combat Style}
  31. [Weapons:] A lengthy katana, made of Demon Realm Silver to avoid physically harming targets. It features a pink-ribbon wrapped hilt, while the pommel features a heart. The guard is a solid metal piece, and the blade extends to 6' 5" in length, curving slightly. The sheath is a solid black, likely carved from a demon-realm tree, judging by the heart-pattern in the wood.
  32. [Magic:] Tends to focus around Demonic Energy Manifestation and Manipulation, as well as potent charm spells and binding magic.
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