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Aug 19th, 2014
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  1. SillySladar 1339 points 2 days ago*x2
  3. She fucking doxxed me, ruined a production for women, refused to contact us and is currently taking money for a game jam with no start date, no location and no judges.
  5. Okay here is my story.
  7. We ran a group that literally said, "Any woman come up with an idea for a video game, we'll give you concept art so you can pitch your game, and we'll put all the pitches online. The internet will votes on the best one and we'll make that game and give the profits to charity. If you get a lot of interest online and want to make the game on your own, you can leave the contest at any time." Literally everyone that was in the top 5 didn't have programming experience so they couldn't make their game on their own.
  8. She was like "Why do you expect woman to work for free to make games." We said... well they get 8% of the money as royalties and they just have to give an idea, other people will make the game and the profits go to charity. Doesn't matter, it's oppressive. She started a fucking twitter storm, crashed our website, got my personal information doxxed, got us banned from Twitter. We email reporter what up and their like "Duhhhh if Zoey says it oppressive it must be true. Maybe you should give her money for Rebel Jam which has no start date, location or any other information but totally isn't a scam." This happen at 3 major online publications. We literally said we'd pay her to consult on future projects and we'd close down the contest if she would explain to us what is exactly offensive. No response, no response at all, unless a reporter contacted her and then she's the victim.
  10. All this information is fucking online, the pitches are online, we did everything we said but no online journalist will publish the story.
  14. Please vote, even if we don't raise enough money if show there is enough of a interest we can get the winner a grant to make their game. I am literally making no money on this contest, I just wanted to focus on something other then woman being oppressed.
  15. I wanted to show that they made good games and everyone said "That not what women in games want to talk about."
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