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  1. 22:26 <~tubes|GM> Your eyes snap open. Claxons are sounding, and the emergency lights are on, giving everything a dim red cast. You're in the research lab, suited up for level 4. Passing out under those circumstances would be unlikely... You attempt to gather yourself, sitting up, when you feel something caress your ankle through your suit. ||
  2. 22:28 <Eagally|Quarantine> Adam breathed heavily, trying to remember everything that had happened.  He thought he was already dead. Judging from the emergency lights, it might not be long now.   He attempted to jerk his foot back feeling something caress it, and look down to find the culprit. ||
  3. 22:40 <~tubes|GM> You look down to see a tentacle gently caress your ankle and retract, and barely manage to keep your lunch in upon seeing the mockery of a landscape in front of you. Gone are the sterile corridors of your research facility, replaced with a facade of...meat. Ceiling, walls, lights, it's all gone, replaced with flesh. Biolumiescent pustules, tentalces, clawed extremeities, contracting orificies.
  4. 22:40 <~tubes|GM> The memories of what happened to you right before you passed out return to you in a flash. The broken cart, the vials, the sudden spread of this terrible nightmare realm of flesh. At least you didn't throw up in your suit. ||
  5. 22:42 <Eagally|Quarantine> Adam was horrified. This infection looked to be all from that cart.  He tried to think of what protocol would dictate. He was infected now, he couldn't leave without a chemical shower.  He attempted to get to his feet, unsure of how long he had been out. He didn't want to touch the meat floor, but he did in an effort to push up. ||
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  7. 22:45 <~tubes|GM> The spread of flesh is everywhere you can see, but despite the moist, pliable look to it, you have little trouble standing on it. The tentacle from before wavers in front of you. ||
  8. 22:48 <Eagally|Quarantine> Adam looked around, trying to get an idea of what could have done this. To his knowledge, they had nothing that would cause a mass infestation like this... but, he wasn't knowledgeable in the Simurgh, hell he didn't think anyone knew her that well. He wouldn't be surprised if this all came from just the vials relating to her.  He did his best to wa
  9. 22:48 <Eagally|Quarantine> lk around the tentacle, to head to the showers. ||
  10. 22:49 <~tubes|GM> The tentacle reaches out to you again as you walk by. ||
  11. 22:51 -- Nonagon|Shower is now known as Nonagon
  12. 22:51 <Eagally|Quarantine> He stopped, looking at it.  It seemed almost sentient.  Reaching out to him like that. He pondered it for only a second before continuing on his way. Nothing would be gained from waiting around. ||
  13. 22:55 <~tubes|GM> You head towards decon, but nothing seems to interrupt the hall of sinew and thew expanding in front of you. You reach what you know should be an emergency bulkhead slammed shut and magnetically sealed, but all you come across is an...orifice. It dialates on your approach. ||
  14. 23:00 <Eagally|Quarantine> Adam nervously stared at the orifice. Protocol be damned at this point, he had to see just how far this had spread.  He was terrified, but still approached the orifice. Wondering if he could potentially step through. ||
  15. 23:02 <~tubes|GM> You step through with no problems, flesh and meat shifting to allow you easy passage. ||
  16. 23:03 <Eagally|Quarantine> He did his best to resist the urge to vomit from the noise the meat made as it shifted. He continued, wanting to see... to make sure that the infection hadn't spread outside. Make sure it hadn't gotten far.
  17. 23:03 <Eagally|Quarantine> ||
  18. 23:06 <~tubes|GM> You continue on, based on your mental map, to where decon should be, but there's nothing there that's recognizable as showers. You see some protrusions from the morass of flesh and meat where the showerheads used to be, but they drip some pale green liquid, vaguely florescent. Clearly, whatever happened, the airlock isn't stopping it. ||
  19. 23:08 <Eagally|Quarantine> He wanted nothing to do with that liquid. He just wanted to run, to get away from all of this. He wouldn't risk it though, running on this meat.. he could trip and get a lot more of it then he wanted.  He decided to head to the parking lot, his phone was in his car. He needed to report this. ||
  20. 23:22 <~tubes|GM> Well, so much for decontaminating. All the security measures appear to have done nothing to stop this infection, whatever it was. Windows are gone, either missing, or replaced with translucent windows of...something. Vaguely pulsating. Eugh. More orifices and flesh masses unraveling at your approach. They 'admit' you through the remnenants of decon to your locker, but there's nothing left
  21. 23:22 <~tubes|GM> other than a vague cavity next to others, filled with pustules and morasses of flesh. A teeth-covered tentacle unravels towards you from where your cell phone used to be. ||
  22. 23:28 <Eagally|Quarantine> He hesitantly reached out, trying to touch what he imagined used to be his cellphone. He didn't touch any of the teeth, but instead the meat.  This infection was going against everything he thought possible. he needed to get out of here.  Keep going. Get out of the facility. Find somewhere else. Somewhere not contaminated. Call someone. Surely ther
  23. 23:28 <Eagally|Quarantine> e was some parahuman who could deal with this.  He didn't think about it too much, just heading for the exit. ||
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  25. 23:39 <~tubes|GM> You poke the spot where you remember leaving your cell phone and it...purrs? You needed to get the fuck out, whatever the hell was going on. There had to be a response on the surface somewhere. You head over to the elevator, encountering yet another meat creation. The previously standard elevator has instead been replaced by some amalgamation of muslces, lubricant, and orifices. Two sheaths
  26. 23:39 <~tubes|GM> retract to reveal a platform surrounded by tentacles, portrusions, and extrememties. ||
  27. 23:41 <Eagally|Quarantine> He tried to piece together things in his mind. The doors, despite being made of meat... still functioned.  That elevator was his only way out, either he risked it, or he was dead anyway.  He held his breath, and stepped onto the platform. ||
  28. 23:46 -- Nonagon is now known as Nonagon|Sleep
  29. 23:49 <~tubes|GM> You step on to the platform, and everything works disturbingly well. Despite being propelled by muscle contractions and alien extremities, the ride was smooth, almost gentle. Had you been a video game nerd, you might have characterized the floor as 'creep', and despite it's apparent mushiness, it supported you well, almost better than just walking on a paved road. ||
  30. 23:53 <Eagally|Quarantine> Everything was working too well.  When he saw the tentacles, the seemingly living mass of flesh... he expected resistance. He almost expected to be trapped forever, or until he starved. But, he was getting out without a fight. He didn't know if it boded well for him, or not. He continued on his way, keeping a look out for other people.. surely ther
  31. 23:53 <Eagally|Quarantine> e had to be others still here? Or maybe he was out longer than he realized. ||
  32. 23:58 <~tubes|GM> You come up the 'elevator', emerging in what was formerly the office area, now replaced by cruel mockeries of meat, flesh, and muscle, though thanks to your mental map you can vaguely place where everything was. No signs of life. Either they'd been subsumed by the...whatever the hell it was, or they'd gotten the hell out. ||
  33. 00:01 <Eagally|Quarantine> The thought of all this meat devouring them... it was disgusting. His mind briefly entertained the thought, the fear, that all this meat was his co-workers.  He quickly pushed it out of his mind, and went to leave the lab. Hoping to see his co-workers, any of his friends outside waiting for him. ||
  34. 00:06 <~tubes|GM> You make your way towards the lobby, with no change in the meat-world. You reach the lobby, with still no one, and then then front door, or at least what used to be the front door. It had been replaced by yet another orifice/tentacle thing. Walking out into the parking lot, you finally see the open air, and the end of the meat world, a hundred yard or so off in the distance, in the fields and
  35. 00:06 <~tubes|GM> buffer zones surrounding the lab. AT least it seems to end somewhere. ||
  36. 00:09 <Eagally|Quarantine> He had to keep moving. Get to a highway, borrow someones phone. Get in touch with the PRT, tell them about the problem. But first, getting off the meat. He started heading for the closest highway. He knew the area, driving back and forth to work for sometime. He just needed to flag a driver. He couldn't let this spread too far. ||
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  41. 00:25 <~tubes|GM> You start heading towards your car, but upon reaching it you realize it's just a mass of, for lack of a better word, meat. Not drivable. Made of friendly extremeities and tenticales, as is above ground. Guess you'll have to hitchhike, you think, and you head towards the road. ||
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  43. 00:27 <Eagally|Quarantine> He wasn't surprised. This infection was something else entirely.   He continued walking, he'd walk the whole way if he had to. He had to let someone know.  The PRT would have a plan, he had faith in that. He continued on towards the road. ||
  44. 00:36 <~tubes|GM> You head toward the road, intent on at least flagging someone down with a phone or a radio or something, but you notice something off. The infection is...following? You're heading to the access road, and realize that the meat world is following you. Areas that, from the door to the facility, were clean, are now covered in the creep. As you walk towards the highway, you notice, off in the
  45. 00:36 <~tubes|GM> distance, the boundary line is moving. ||
  46. 00:43 <Eagally|Quarantine> Noticing that it was moving. He stopped for a moment. He took a deep breath, many ideas running through his head.  He watched the boundary line, seeing if it was still moving. After seeing that it wasn't when he was stopped, he started moving again. Testing his hypothesis....and praying it was wrong. ||
  47. 00:44 <~tubes|GM> The line moves forward, healthy grass, shrubs, and trees subsumed by flesh and replaced with disgusting analgoues. ||
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  49. 00:48 <Eagally|Quarantine> He stopped, the realization hitting him like a truck.  As he stepped forward, the flesh consumed more. He was spreading it. He fell to his knees, sick to his stomach. He couldn't go to the highway, he'd take it with him. He didn't know what to do. He looked around, seeing if there was anything in sight. A containment team. A parahuman. Anything. ||
  50. 00:51 <~tubes|GM> No flashing lights, no help, no nothing. Just you, shrubs, a shittily paved road, and your own personal slice of the eldritch dimension, oozing and twitching. ||||
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