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  1. Steven,
  3. Ever met somebody you shouldn’t have fucked with? Might have been me!
  5. Don’t talk about his family’s education. We have more advanced degrees than you have fingers and toes.  Did you just ace the GED or something, is that why your are bragging? And, we are capable of hiring multiple high priced attorneys.  
  7. Your reputation is ruined. Parents will now not allow their children to follow your stream. No gaming company will now allow you to be associated with them. No sponsor now will want you connected with their good name. Your family’s info may be on the web now like mine. Look for it punk!!
  9. You will be lucky to find a carpet cleaning job even if you legally change your name.
  11. You are stalking and harassing a teenage boy. Are you a pedophile? Your followers now anxiously want an answer to this question. It’ out there now!!
  13. You need help before you self destruct!!!!
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