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YebedlievTimofyovich May 25th, 2019 79 Never
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  1. Anon's realization
  2. >be me
  3. >Believe the holocaust was historical
  4. >read extensively on WW2 and the holocaust from middle school on
  5. >Go to Krakow and visit Auschwitz/Birkenau
  6. >Hey wait a minute
  7. >None of the the physical evidence matches what I've read
  8. >Auschwitz a tiny little prison that could have held maybe 10,000 prisoners max.
  9. >sign out front says 600,000 people died here, not 2 million.
  10. >Death toll at Auschwitz/Birkenau based upon alleged dormitory occupancy (1000 per dorm)
  11. >Not possible for 100 people to fit in one of these dormitories even if you ground them up in a blender and poured them in
  12. >All dormitories are comfy- Have wood burning stoves and tiled bathroom areas with toilets and showers. Murals painted on walls and ceilings
  13. >Pile of shoes seen in holocaust propaganda maybe 1/10th the size in reality as it is in photos
  14. >Pile of jew glasses 1/20th the size of photographs
  15. >No possible way this ammo bunker could have ever been a gas chamber. Alleged hole in roof to pour zyklon B never existed.
  16. >Leave Auschwitz/Birkenau fully aware that the holocaust is a lie, that the extensive reading I'd done was all propaganda.
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