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  1. I am glad for every opinion, am not saying I'm sure he's cheating, but this demo is so blatant to me, idk... That's why I want to hear some opinions from other admins, too :)
  2. I mean, yeah, Skycracker is sometimes very weird and I wouldn't be surprised if he was cheating, but on the other hand, when I spectate him, he's just not rushing with his kills and he's pretty aware of the map situation, so I am more inclined towards him being clean, to be honest.
  3. Ad Juze... Well, haven't played with him for a while, but I remember there were some demos of him and when I watched them, I was pretty sure he was walling. But then I saw the entire demo and not just something taken out of context, and I realized that he just saw this guy he wallbanged a while ago and if I were him, I would probably wallbang that spot as well. And this happens so often that someone uploads some demo based on which someone gets banned, but the demo is in most cases way too short to make some decisions or take some actions.
  4. You guys are right that BERG is sometimes aware of the situation way too much and he has pretty unstable skill. But that's the same with me, for example. Sometimes I have just a good day and I can hit everything and some day I can't even hit a still-standing player. BERG has played CoD competitively and he's pretty experienced, although he might not look like he is.
  5. I've watched every single demo of him and when I see just the demos taken out of the context, I am always like "wtf", but then I see the entire demo which reveals so much more.
  6. Also, I don't believe that he'd be able to hide his cheats, if he had any, for such a long time, and on top of that, he's recording his every single game and posting the demo in case someone asks for it or someone accuses him from cheating.
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