Henric and Alex Part VII (v1.4)

Feb 8th, 2014
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  1. Tags: Villainous male knight/virtuous female squire, reverse-trap, rape, drugging with mind-effects
  4. Alex resurfaced and tried hard to rub the mint-moss oil off of her, but it clung to her skin even under the water, keeping her flesh slippery.
  6. She was still pulsing between her legs with the after-effects of her undesired orgasm, aching where his fingers and knuckles had been too rough. Her head was light but the squire was able to stand in the water.
  8. Sir Henric thought that in those moments after she came, when she was still reeling from what he had done to her and trying to find a place for her emotions, that she was at her most beautiful. Her lips and cheeks were flushed and with the water on them her eyelashes appeared long and dark. More water slid down her slim neck and circumnavigated her breasts to escape between them. He hated her for her nobility, but could not hate her for her looks whenever he saw her naked.
  10. Her breathing was heavy and her eyes looked at something very, very far away.
  12. “What are you thinking, squire?” Henric asked. He wandered back to where he’d left his things and poured some of the blue shampoo in his hair. No one would have considered him exceptionally vain about his appearance, but he was competitive and felt it absolutely necessary to be better groomed than the knights, his brothers, that he hated so deeply.
  14. Alex took a long moment to reply, calculating. “I was imagining if I was out here with Ellis instead.”
  16. “Trying to excite my temper?” He asked. She looked too sad to have been thinking of Ellis.
  18. Her lips twisted into a frustrated knot. “I was thinking about why you bother to bring me out here after I made you so mad because I wouldn’t murder the goblin. You didn’t want to talk to me the days we were coming back. You wouldn’t train me today. But you dragged me out here and now you're chatty.”
  20. He rolled his eyes. “It’s not murder if it’s a goblin. You don’t murder a fly when it lands on the kitchen table. You don’t murder a rat when you catch it in the grainery. You don’t murder a deer when you are hunting for food. And you don’t murder a goblin when you see they’ve infested a cave. You hunt them and eradicate the problem. We have been over this.”
  22. “You murdered those men you hired,” Alex said. “I didn’t like them, but you sent them to die. You knew you were using them, using them to die and absorb the arrows and traps so you could go in without getting hurt.”
  24. “The goblins killed them, not me,” Henric said, putting a hand on his chest and exaggerating as if she had insulted him. He briefly submerged and stood up again, throwing back his mane of black hair that reached just to his shoulders. “You, young one, need to understand that sometimes being a good strategist means planning on taking losses. If you think the king and all of his generals haven’t used soldiers this way before, you are sorely mistaken.”
  26. “The king is a good man!” Alex said again furiously. Her hands balled into fists and she splashed them in the water because there was nothing else for her to lash out at.
  28. “Spare me,” Henric said, and though they were nonsensical to her, his next words chilled Alex to the bone: “I’ll be a better king than any before me.”
  30. It was one of those things that she could not have hoped to have prepared for, and had no response for. Even after she stared at him as he rinsed his hair out again, she had nothing to say but, “You can’t be king. You’re not royalty and you’re not going to marry into royalty.”
  32. “The king has… just one daughter, doesn’t he? No sons?” Henric asked, stroking his short beard. He crouched in the water to let it support his weight while he watched Alex carefully. “Who knows who she’ll marry?”
  34. A tenseness flickered on one of Alex’ cheeks, and Henric saw it. He knew what he was looking for very suddenly.
  36. “You’ve met the king, haven’t you?” He asked thoughtfully. “Your father knows him, I assume? Have you ever met the princess?”
  38. “Yes,” Alex strained to keep her voice level.
  40. Henric’s lips pulled into a snarl. “She’s the girl you’re going to marry, isn’t she?”
  42. The squire didn’t respond. Henric himself had no way to process his level of envy, rage, and disgust for his squire.
  44. The naked girl he had just molested would be king someday. She wouldn’t hold the control that the future queen would, but she would be king.
  46. He’d just have to beat her to the punch. But unlike Alex, his plans and future would not be so easy for her to guess or figure out.
  48. “You’re disgusting,” he said, shaking his head at the noble girl. He remembered a few moments later that she’d asked him a question before, and he responded. “I dragged you out here because you were filthy, and I refuse to be followed around by a filthy kid, even if he wears rich clothes.”
  50. He went back to his things and took the last of the four items he’d brought with them, a vial of pink liquid. “And I’m going to discipline you for disobeying me now that you are clean.”
  52. The squire became noticeably more pale at the mention of that. She believed that he’d done plenty already, she'd assumed the mint moss was the intended punishment.
  54. “I got this from Ssazra,” he said, brandishing the vial. There was only an ounce, maybe less, of the fluid, but the sight of it struck terror into the girl. “He was very reluctant to give me so much because he knew I meant to use it all at once, but he always does what I tell him to do in the end. Put your clothes on.”
  56. Alex hopped out of the water and immediately pulled on her underwear and grabbed her wrap to tie her breasts down. Henric watched the girl’s practiced hands perform the task of disguising herself until her breasts were only barely noticeable, and only because Henric was looking right at them. Then her tunic slid on and hid her.
  58. “Don’t you want to know what it is?” Henric asked, brandishing the vial. He climbed out of the water and pulled on his trousers without underwear.
  60. “Rose wine?” she muttered, a dark joke. She suspected that fine wines weren’t something that Henric bothered to buy.
  62. “Liquid punishment,” Henric told her, and slid his arms through the sleeves of the shirt he had just pulled on. “I thought, what can I do to a girl who won’t follow orders? How can I make her do what I tell her to do? And I asked Ssazra. He said he didn’t make potions like that because it caused too much trouble to sell them. So I asked him, what do you have to make someone want to fuck?”
  64. The girl’s hands balled into fists, white-knuckled again.
  66. “So he gave me this! He told me this is strong stuff, very strong. I asked him how strong. He said he’d never experimented with more than three drops before. You’re going to drink the whole thing.”
  68. “I’m not! Are you crazy?” She glanced down at the barracks first, then up the hill into the trees. There was really no safe place for the girl to flee, just like always.
  70. “Trying to decide where to go? Well I picked out here for a reason,” he said, gesturing grandly to the world around them. “It needs to sink in to you, Alex, that anywhere you and I go, I am in charge. There will never be anywhere for you to run from me as long as you intend to maintain living your lie.”
  72. “Me pretending to be a male is more honest than you pretending to be a knight.” Her words were meant to wound but she did believe them to an extent. Despite everything Henric said to disillusion her from her childish fantasy that all knights were great heroes rather than simply better-educated soldiers, she still clung to her fantasies of heroism. Perhaps it was because of Henric that she needed those beliefs more than ever. If she accepted that vile men could become knights, it could have corrupted all of her dreams.
  74. Her words stung him more than he wanted them to. Alex knew by now it was her only method of fighting back, and Henric both loved and hated her for being clever enough to be capable of hurling such cutting remarks.
  76. “I am a knight, squire.”
  78. “You killed your knight,” she reminded him. "That alone should tell you enough."
  80. “He was a fool. Like you. But I intend to train you properly, and I will weed your foolishness out of you. Now come here and accept your punishment.”
  82. She didn't. They brawled.
  84. It was harsh and ugly. Alex didn’t even have her boots on, but she managed to sock Henric in the eye. He cuffed her on the ear hard enough to make her head ring, and kneed her in her chest to knock the wind from her. After that it was fast--Henric pried open her mouth, poured the liquid in, and held her jaw shut until he felt her throat rise and fall with a swallow.
  86. The moment it had touched her tongue, Alex felt her body surge with warmth as if it wanted to explode. It was red hot like a fever at first, but a few moments after she swallowed the heat settled and became a comfortable warmth. Perhaps it was just an immunity to the cold.
  88. She was dizzy. Henric dragged her along with him back to the barracks. He looked at her and saw dilated pupils and her skin was hot to the touch. “How horny are you?”
  90. Her skin crawled with desire and her stomach and loins burned. She felt her heartbeat between her legs. Instantly, the girl was wet. Wetter than she had ever been, her fluids sliding down her thighs as he made her run along after him. Her mouth fell open and she started to pant. She couldn't think straight enough to reply to him, and the best she could manage was to look at Henric.
  92. “That bad?” he asked.
  94. Alex realized they were stumbling into his room. Henric lit one of the lanterns while Alex had to sit down on the floor. All that mattered to her addled brain was satisfying this enormous urge that had been inflicted upon her. She shuddered and moaned.
  96. Alex couldn't even speak or focus her eyes. She tried to say something, anything, and only made a weak whining sound from the back of her throat. Her hand lazily crept into her lap, into her pants and underwear, and began to furiously masturbate. Her other hand reached up to pull down her wraps to free her breasts, her pink nipples already hard when she began to fondle them under her tunic. She barely had to touch her swollen clitoris before a tremendous orgasm took her over and she shuddered, but it only provided a weak moment of clarity--oh god what am I doing?--before the drug pulled her back into the hazy, blurry, darkness of its grip.
  98. Henric had a tremendous erection seeing Alex’ hand diving into her panties, and despite the black eye that was forming on his face, he was enormously pleased with what he saw. “What better way to teach someone to do something they don’t want to do than to make it the only thing they want to do?” he asked her, crouching down to her level.
  100. Her eyes didn’t even flick over to him. He was part of the room to her, until he touched her cheek. The squire’s focus turned to him completely in just a moment. She crawled at him, a messy pile of desperate limbs trying to reach him while she tripped all over herself on the floor.
  102. “Easy, easy,” he said, speaking to her like she was a frightened animal, and he sat back on the floor. Alex clambered on top of him, breathing heavily against his neck. Greedy hands pulled his pants down, pulled her own pants down. “Atta girl.”
  104. How surreal to have Alex grabbing at his shoulders and forcing herself down his cock. How surreal to hold her in his lap, to wrap an arm around the small of her back and pull her torso to press against his. Inside of her,she was so lubricated that there was little resistance at first, but after he bucked his hips and she came two, three times, her clenching slit was sufficiently tight to make him grit his teeth and let out pleasured groans.
  106. Even knowing she wouldn’t understand, he spoke to her between her stuttered moans. “Ssazra said that one drop of what I gave you was enough to keep you going through one of your orgasms… how many drops do you suppose you swallowed, young one? Not like it matters really. It’s not over until I finish.”
  108. The squire’s response was to nibble and suck at skin on his neck while he took his time lazily bucking up into her. She moved fast and with utter need, as if she would die if she didn’t have hard, rough sex with him. Henric brought them back to the furs where Alex normally slept (it would have been impossible for the squire to climb up to Henric’s bed, and carrying her at this point there was no idea what she’d do) by rolling her over, then leaving her on the ground to make her scramble back to him desperately, whimpering.
  110. Seeing her like an animal in heat wasn’t at all distressing for the knight. If anything, he thought of it as an improvement upon a flawed model. This Alex, without her talking or her politics, seemed much more tolerable. Like Ian, but fuckable. It was a shame to him that she wouldn’t last like this.
  112. She brought him to his peak too fast, and he was quick to pull out of her to delay his gratification and to feel a touch of the longing in his throbbing cock that she must have been feeling as well: a deep, pounding longing ringing through him. She whimpered and grabbed at him, but he swatted her hands away and she went back to touching herself, lying down at his side. Her hips kept bucking at the air while Henric caught his breath and stared at her ass. His member held strong while he watched her, and he resisted the urge to stroke himself or dive at the girl to finish the job, but every throb weakened his resolve slightly. When he came in her, she’d be done.
  114. “Look at you now, Alex,” he muttered to her. “You wish I was inside of you. It’s the only thing you want right now. You would tell anyone and everyone that you’re a girl now if only you could have some man’s cock. My cock. The only one you'll ever need.”
  116. Her breathing was stronger. Though she didn’t understand what Henric was saying to her, she knew his voice and she knew him. All that was in the back of the squire’s mind. ‘Come, come, come,’ rang the only conscious part of her. ‘Come more. Ease the pressure. Come more.’
  118. Each orgasm brought a touch of dizzied clarity. She knew she was being rolled onto her stomach (she came), and knew when Henric lifted her hips up (she came) for another round. He penetrated her wetness (she came).
  120. “Thank you,” she whispered automatically, and didn’t understand when she heard her knight laugh uproariously.
  122. “You are so welcome, my dear little slut,” he laughed, leaning over to press his chest to her back and kiss one of her red cheeks. Alex turned her head and caught his lips with her own. She kissed deeply and passionately as her tongue pressed into his mouth. Her motions were awkward because she had no experience aside from being forced, but they were ravenous. Henric obliged her. She came. He came.
  124. That feeling of seed shooting into her, sliding up and around and mixing in with her own fluids was the first sensation Alex had. She couldn’t speak, but she could cry. Henric’s hand rested on her back, petting her like a dog, but at least he was kind enough to avoid the cut.
  126. To her it could have been five minutes or five hours that she was catatonic.
  128. It was five fast minutes for Henric until she tried to sit up. It was clear she wouldn’t be able to do it on her own, so he pulled her up to sit against the wall, and he sat crosslegged facing her.
  130. “Do you hear me?” he asked.
  132. “Don’t talk so loudly,” she said.
  134. He raised his volume slightly, “I’ll speak as loudly as I please, squire. Are you awake?”
  136. It took ten seconds for her to respond. “It’s jumbled.”
  138. “What is?”
  140. “Everything.”
  142. “How so?”
  144. Alex raised a hand to gesture in the air. It was meaningless to the knight, but amusing.
  146. “Is that so?” he asked with a chuckle to mock her. Sweat still dripped down his chest and both of them were glistening with exertion.
  148. She nodded, and finally he stood up and stretched his back and limbs, then crouched to lift the rag doll girl and carry her over his shoulder up to his bed. He took the opportunity to grab and grope at the backs of her thighs. At the top of the ladder he dumped her onto his bed and climbed in at her side.
  150. She asked through mostly silent tears, “Did I actually thank you at one point?”
  152. Henric could not keep himself from grinning. “You most certainly did.”
  154. Alex sniffed, sobbed. “That’s so fucked up.”
  156. He pulled the blanket over them both and wrapped Alex in a paralyzing hug to press her face into the crook of his neck. “The best thank you I have ever received. You kissed me, too, you know.”
  158. She responded with incoherence and a weak attempt to free herself from his grip.
  160. “Will you kill a goblin the next time I tell you to?”
  162. “I’ll kill you,” she slurred.
  164. He wasn't too disappointed. There was no way that the knight had really expected the girl to have given in to him. Attempts at terrorizing her were simply not going to work, and that was a problem. Resiliency to striking, cruel words, rape, and drugging wasn’t something that he had expected from a sixteen-year-old girl pretending to be a squire. He supposed that, to the ignorant masses, someone like Alex might actually be considered worthy of ruling. As things stood, she was only worthy of putting his armor on in the morning.
  166. He still had most of four years to find a way to break her, even if it meant extreme measures. If she was too sturdy to be snapped in half, then maybe he would have to bend and twist her until she no longer resembled the girl he knew now.
  168. “Very well,” he sighed, and fantasized about being king himself. Someday.
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