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  1. To get the most of your enjoyment while browsing /dsg/, consider the following advice:
  3. 1a. Filter the tripfag. Go to Settings -> Filter & Post Hiding -> Filter and highlight specific threads/posts. Enter !!ss9GITmavRN into Pattern, set Type to Tripcode and check Hide.
  5. 1b. To avoid other shitposters, it's recommended to install 4chan X and use the filters (copy and paste as many or as few of them as you want). The filters are updated semi-regularly in case you don't want to do the filtering yourself.
  7. 2. Don't bring Discord BF shit into the threads.
  9. 3. Don't start console war faggotry.
  11. 4a. Nobody cares about e-celeb bullshit, except to make fun of them. We're here to play and talk about the game itself, not join some Literal Who's cult of personality.
  13. 4b. If you must talk about e-celeb content, keep it pertinent to the game. Discussion about game mechanics, invader tactics or weapon combos demonstrated in a video is fine, discussion about an e-celeb's personal life is not.
  15. 5a. Read the relevant Pastebin or Google Doc for the game you are having trouble with. If your question isn't answered there, then make a post with your question. We're happy to help, but we're also not here to hold your hand for you.
  17. 5b. Be specific as possible when asking questions, so that others know how to help you. Also, don't be an asshole and ignore or disparage well-meaning advice.
  19. 6. Attaching a screenshot of your Mugenmonkey/Soulsplanner build, instead of creating the build and pasting the link, is more attention-getting. It also helps others to give you advice more easily, since they can just open the image and reply instead of copy-pasting the link and switching between browser tabs.
  21. 7. If you want in-game help with any of the games, state what platform you're playing on. Beware that most users are PC or PS4 players, and you'll have trouble getting help if you play on X-Box One.
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