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  1. Step 1: Building soul
  2. -Starting Presenter is the best grade 1 ride, because he ends with 3 additional cards in soul over just the two rides. This is important because your whole gimmick is calling from the soul
  3. -Midnight Bunny is good for the same reason - building soul; by both soul charging and throwing itself into the soul
  4. -Comicality Chimera throws a rearguard into the soul (though the net soul size doesn't change) and counter charges - a necessity since your skills eat counterblast like a kid eats candy
  5. -A bunch of cards put other cards from your hand or rearguard circle into the soul
  7. Step 2: Purple Trapezist
  8. This card is one of your best combo extenders; triggered by Miss Direction, Comicality Chimera, and Jumping Jill, she calls another unit from the soul when she is put into it (by soul blasting a copy of herself, so it's finite). You usually want to use this to call a Midnight Bunny to the back row to boost, or a Jumping Jill, Alice, Chimera, or Dancing Princess of the Night Sky for maximising their skills
  10. Step 3: Using the accel circle
  11. When you reach grade 3, you get an extra circle with the unit on it having 10000 extra power! How do we take maximum advantage of this? By calling multiple things to it during the battle phase of course! Nightmare Doll, Alice is one of the best accel calls in the whole clan; because after she attacks she returns herself to the soul and calls any unit that isn't grade 3 from the soul. So have her on an accel circle, and call the unit she's calling to the accel circle she just conveniently vacated!
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