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Feb 11th, 2021
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  1. Dunk Dinkle X:XX --- We have no plan for how to pull down stuff or even what to do with the moon rentals.
  2. We can't just go set up shop in Querious and hope everything works out.
  4. Avend Avalhar X:XX --- I do worry about the loss of alliance income if we use a test staging
  6. nOrman X:XX --- i've already stated I'm sitting out any move to querious, but just to give you an idea of the scale of what you're wanting to do, just looking solely at fuel blocks, we have 200+ JF round trips, which take —2 hours if you max out fatiggue and then wait the 5 hours for it to cool down, that's approximately 2 months of 24/7 jump freighting
  7. if you spread it out so you don't max out fatigue, it's about 2-3 weeks of 24/7 jump freighting
  8. and that's just fuel blocks
  10. Norman X:XX --- how does everything get to paragon soul?
  11. i mean, that works for TEST, who already has stuff in paragon soul
  12. just as an FYI, the current level of SRP/recon/etc bleed isn't sustainable
  13. particularly if we think we're going to move
  14. weve gone through 35b in the last week
  15. 45b in the last week and a half
  16. i can't even tell you how much in the last month
  17. because too many transactions to keep history
  19. Shattered Armer X:XX --- 12b to Antar Logan
  21. Avend Avalhar X:XX --- Dues?
  23. Shattered Armer X:XX --- For access to their spy network and ping relays
  24. Trust me, it's worth every penny The isk plexes the spy accounts and provides
  25. The isk the need to maintain their cover
  27. Avend Avalhar X:XX --- TIL
  29. Yukiko Kami X:XX --- TIL.
  30. was that ever discussed, requested or anything?
  31. what timeframe is it for
  33. Shattered Armer X:XX --- Every three months
  34. For the past year or so
  35. Cags approved it originally, but NOrman does the payment usually
  37. Algorthan Gaterau X:XX --- Lmao
  38. No
  39. Tell them we will unsub to that shit right there. Lol
  40. 12 bill a month for a network of spys and ping relays that I don't see benefits for lol
  41. We are either an alliance or we are not
  43. Algorthan Gaterau X:XX --- Like.. what benefit has it actually been to.brave..and not to test? Their ping relays? Are they seriously charging us for thr ability to ping our members their fleets?
  45. Algorthan Gaterau X:XX --- And their spy network???? LOL. Again.. no benefit. We have our own spys. Hell for the amount of plex I could buy for 12 bill a month.. I am sure I could roll enough characters and pay for the accounts to put spys all over the place.
  46. I dunno.. unless nOrman sees benefit.. or @dunkdinkle. But as thr guy in here whose team does 90% of the ESI checking, and double checking.. I see no benefit or reason.
  48. nOrman X:XX --- we have two forts and fits sittinz in the p-z posboys hangar that have been there for months
  49. i think we're missing a few fighters for them, but they're 99%
  50. just so we're clear, just today, I've got requests for 22b in expenses
  51. that's just today
  52. we've already spent 100+b in SRP the last month
  53. we're taking in tens of billions of income
  54. as I said months ago, we don't have money for what we've gotten ourselves into, but we keep asking for money
  55. so we're getting pretty close to the point of choosing where we'll spend money
  56. at some point it would be wise to back off on things before we run out of money
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