Farm Hand

Dec 12th, 2012
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  1. >Day Farm Hand in Equestria
  2. >You have been in Equestria for about a year. The citizens of P0nyville have become used to you, and no longer gawk.
  3. >You work at Sweet Apple Acres, but the work is irregular. AJ can’t afford to keep you around full time. The town got together and built you a small house on the outskirts of town. More of a hovel really. The Mayor sold you a piece of land and has allowed you to pay for it slowly. Maybe one day it will truly be yours.
  4. >You eat well enough. AJ lets you take home apples every day.
  5. >You also started growing a garden. You have a lot of free time now that you can’t waste time watching TV or playing video games.
  6. >You used to help your Dad build things back home. Mostly small projects, but you learned how to be handy.
  7. >You have built a small shed in your backyard. You use it to dry the tobacco leaves you’ve grown. The resulting product is harsh, not like what you were used to back home.
  8. >P0nies don’t smoke very often. It’s generally frowned on. The plant is much smaller than what you remember. Very few farms produce the crop. You imagine it hasn’t been crossbred and improved over generations.
  9. >Planks of wood are cheap, and you have eventually been able to furnish your home.
  10. >Fluttershy helped you often when you first arrived. She bought you presents, and invited you out.
  11. >You thought she was cute, and a good friend.
  12. >One day she tried to confess her feelings to you.
  13. >You knew she was a shy and gentle creature, so you declined as lightly as possible.
  14. >Maybe too lightly. She continues to try to guess your fetish.
  16. ---
  17. >Winter has slowed things down at the farm. You have only asked to help feed and care for the animals occasionally.
  18. >It is now spring, and you look forward to your first full day of work.
  19. >You look at your sundial watch. Time for work.
  20. >They really should fix that abandoned clock tower.
  21. >You put on your homemade clothes. Rarity is good at making dress clothes, but she doesn’t waste her time with practical things. Sowing isn’t very hard.
  22. >You walk to Sweet Apple Acres.
  23. >Big Mac sees you walking up. He gives you the slightest nod. He doesn’t talk very much. He’s looking through bags of seed.
  24. >You return the nod.
  25. >You continue walking to the barn. Applejack is looking at her plow.
  26. Good Morning AJ
  27. >She looks up. “Good Morning Anon.”
  28. What are you doing?
  29. >”Just getting the plow ready. Doesn’t sit quite right.”
  30. Can I help?
  31. >She shrugs. “Sure”
  32. >You take a look at it.
  33. >This one has wheels on the back to keep the blade straight.
  34. >You inspect it closely.
  35. This is your problem. It’s missing a spacer. Looks like the pin holding the wheel in place isn’t quite on either.
  36. >You give the wheel a little shake to confirm.
  37. Somep0ny probably popped the wheel off by accident, but didn’t put everything back in place.
  38. >”Well I’ll be… I swear that Applebloom is always getting into trouble.”
  39. >It could have been anyone, but AJ knows her family best.
  40. “That’s alright. I can make a new one.”
  41. --
  42. >You roughly measure the other spacer before walking to the workbench.
  43. “What are we planting today?” You say as you start sawing a piece of wood.
  44. >”Carrots. Ain’t quite warm enough for corn.”
  45. >You nod, pretending you know about these things.
  46. >You look over your shoulder at AJ. She glances away.
  47. >That’s weird. She usually leaves you alone while you work.
  48. >She sits down next to you. She looks tired.
  49. Did you sleep well?
  50. >”The rooster woke up early today. Made a ruckus.”
  51. >That’s the one thing you wouldn’t like about living with animals. They always demand attention.
  52. >”So, uh, Anon…”
  53. >Uh oh
  54. >”How come a good stallion like you doesn’t have a mare friend?” she says without looking at you.
  55. Well, I don’t find p0nies attractive.
  56. >”But we’re just like you,” she raises an eyebrow.
  57. That’s true. P0nies are like people. We can both think and reason. We know we exist -
  58. >”Anon, the Philosopher.” She interrupts.
  59. >You chuckle.
  60. I just can’t see myself with a p0ny.
  61. >You start waving a hand.
  62. What is the reason for relationships anyway? Love? The continuance of life?
  63. >She shakes her head and gets up.
  64. >”Fluttershy seems to think you are quite the catch.”
  65. Yes. Yes she does.
  66. >”You should give her a shot Anon.” She says as she moves closer to you. “She’s crazy about you.”
  67. >You start sanding the spacer.
  68. The feeling isn’t mutual.
  69. >”And she’s just gonna keep tryin. Bless her heart.”
  70. >You smile at AJ. She is one of the few p0nies that understand you.
  71. I think this is ready.
  72. >You both move toward the plow. She lifts up a bit and you remove the wheel. You replace the spacer, and put the pin back in place.
  73. >AJ looks over your handywork.
  74. >”Looks good Anon.”
  75. Thanks.
  76. >AJ scratches the floor.
  77. >”So Anon… Are you doing anything tonight? Some of my friends and I are gonna go to the bar.”
  78. >You usually spend Saturday nights drinking alone.
  79. Sure, I don’t have any plans
  80. >”Great. It’s a da-” She stops herself “Err, Gonna be a good time.”
  81. >You both return to work.
  82. ---
  84. >You are now at home.
  85. >AJ is a taskmaster on the farm. She rides you hard. You are tired.
  86. >You cook and enjoy a humble meal.
  87. >You sit on your couch and light your pipe. You grab the newspaper and look at the funnies. It amuses you when you make up what the characters are saying. You still don’t understand written Equestrian.
  88. >You really should take some night classes or something.
  89. >You put the paper down, and lean back.
  90. >What if you are going to stay here forever?
  91. >You had always hoped of returning to your life back home. That life seems so far away now.
  92. >Maybe you are stuck here forever.
  93. >You sip on some cider.
  94. >You should have landed in the Griffin kingdom. At least they have meat there.
  95. >Gustave makes it sound like paradise.
  96. > Then why is he living in P0nyville?
  97. >Your mind continues to wander for some time.
  98. >It’s dark.
  99. >You forgot to ask when AJ was heading to the bar.
  100. >You take a quick shower, and put on clean clothes. You head to the The Granary. It’s the only real bar in P0nyville. The restaurants serve cider and such, but the Granary is the only place open only at night.
  101. >Berry Punch is sitting at the bar. You look around.
  102. >P0nies everywhere, but AJ and her friends are nowhere to be found.
  103. >You sit next to Berry.
  104. >When you do go out, she is usually your drinking partner.
  105. >She tips her glass toward you and returns to drinking.
  106. >She’s definitely an alcoholic, but she’s friendly enough. She never called you a monkey.
  107. >Unfortunately, she’s in a bad mood, and doesn’t want to talk.
  108. >You two have talked plenty over the last few months. Silence doesn’t bother you with her. Now you just grunt at each other. You both understand what the other means.
  109. >An hour or so passes, you aren’t sure.
  110. >“Howdy Anon”
  111. >You turn around. Its AJ and the rest of the mane six.
  112. How’s it going Applejack?
  113. > Better now that I'm here. I'm pretty thirsty.
  114. >She orders two pitchers of cider.
  115. >We're gonna sit over there. You can join us if you like.
  116. >You follow them and sit at the table.
  117. >”What is that smell?” Rarity says.
  118. >”I like it,” Fluttershy says.
  119. >They must be talking about you. Smoke sticks to your clothes.
  120. >“So um anon, I wish I could've visited you earlier but I was busy with the animals,” Fluttershy stammers.
  121. That's okay. I was busy anyway.
  122. >Why won't she take a hint.
  123. >She moves closer to you.
  124. >”I like your outfit.”
  125. Thanks rarity made for me.
  126. >She chokes down her drink.
  127. >”Hold on their Missy. We don't want you going too fast. We have a long night ahead of us.” AJ says.
  128. >Fluttershy pours herself another drink and swallows it quickly
  129. >This won't end well.
  130. >You all continue drinking and talking.
  131. >A few hours pass.
  132. >Fluttershy is leaning against you for balance. You like her warmth against you.
  133. >”Another round!”
  134. >Your eyes are getting heavy.
  135. One more won’t hurt anyone.
  136. ---
  142. >You wake up in your bed.
  143. >Your head hurts. You should have drunk some water last night.
  144. >You smell breakfast coming from downstairs.
  145. >Who the fuck is in my house?
  146. >You get up and walk downstairs.
  147. >You hear a pony humming a tune.
  148. >Its AJ.
  149. >Her hair is down.
  150. >She looks back at you.
  151. >She says something, but you are lost in thought.
  152. >For just the briefest moment in time, she reminded you of someone. Someone special to you. Well, used to be special anyway.
  153. >She gives you a confused look.
  154. >”You must’ve had way too much cider last night.”
  155. >She laughs at you and your hangover.
  156. What happened?
  157. >”You were really drunk and fell asleep at the bar. They don’t take kindly to drunks and kicked you out. I carried you home.”
  158. >You look at the pony. How can something so small be so strong?
  159. “Did we…?” You move your fingers to show what you mean.
  160. >She gives you a shocked look.
  161. >”Just what kinda mare do you think I am? I am nothing but nice to you and you just assume I would try to take advantage of you?”
  162. >She turns back to the eggs. They are burning.
  163. >You move toward her. You place a hand on her withers.
  164. >You say nothing. Your touch says more than enough.
  165. >The little mare blushes, but doesn’t make eye contact.
  166. >You like it when she acts shy.
  168. ---
  169. >You are now Fluttershy.
  170. >You were so close last night.
  171. >You shouldn’t have had that last shooter.
  172. >You lay in bed cuddling with Angel. He is kicking his leg in his sleep. He must be having a bad dream.
  173. >You get up and perform the morning routine.
  174. >Shit, shower and brush your mane.
  175. >You look at a map of Equestria.
  176. >You look at Smokey Mountain.
  177. >You have been getting the urge to go there.
  178. >You can’t though. The animals depend on you.
  179. >This has been going on for weeks now.
  180. >You get up and look at the map.
  181. >You need to go there.
  182. >You decide that today, you will go.
  183. >You open up sacks of food and put them next to their respective recipients.
  184. >You grab some food for yourself, and begin your journey.
  185. ----
  186. >You are Anon.
  187. >It’s been a few days and you have planted all the carrots. You’re sitting under a tree, enjoying your lunch.
  188. >AJ trots up and sits beside you.
  189. >”You did good today.”
  190. When don’t I?
  191. >”Pride ain’t attractive Anon.”
  192. >You shrug at her.
  193. >There is a moment of awkward silence.
  194. A few days ago, you asked me why I don’t have a special somep0ny. Why don’t you?
  195. >”I don’t know Anon. I’ve tried, but things on the farm always get in the way.”
  196. >”I guess I’m not meant to have a stallion friend.”
  197. Don’t say that. I’m sure one day, you will find somep0ny who understands you.
  198. >You lay on the ground and stretch out.
  199. I mean, you are funny and kind. Any p0ny would be happy to have you.
  200. >”You really mean that?” She blushes.
  201. >”What about you?”
  202. “Me?” You start laughing.
  203. >She looks offended.
  204. No, no. Don’t take this the wrong way, AJ. I think you are awesome, but I don’t see you like that.
  205. >”That’s what they all say,” she says dejected.
  206. >More awkward silence.
  207. Can you teach me to read?
  208. >”You can’t read?”
  209. Well, I can’t read Equestrian. I used to be semi-successful back home, educated, but here I’m like a little baby.
  210. >”I suppose I can rustle up some of Applebloom’s old books.”
  211. “And you can read to me every night.” You say imitating a little foal.
  212. >”Oh Celestia.” AJ rolls her eyes. “Am I gonna regret this?”
  213. I like being read to.
  214. >You move your arms around and cross your eyes.
  215. >”Now you’re a drunk foal?”
  216. No, I am young, and lost and alone and I don’t know what I’m doing.
  217. “That’s a lot of ands.”
  218. >You start laughing loudly. AJ smiles at you.
  219. >You put your arm around her.
  220. >”Thanks AJ.”
  221. >She shakes at your touch.
  222. You’re such a good friend.
  223. ---
  224. >You are now Fluttershy.
  225. >You are at Smokey Mountain. You are at some old p0ny ruins.
  226. >You’ve been drawn to what looks like a palace or temple.
  227. >You aren’t scared. This feels so right.
  228. >You enter the ruins.
  229. >The stones are worn down from rain, and nature is reclaiming the ruins.
  230. >You walk into the basement. Dark torches awake at your presence and light the way.
  231. >You have reached a dead-end. There is a mural of a p0nys cowering. A unicorn stallion is looking at them with contempt.
  232. >You move to touch it.
  233. >The wall moves away from you, revealing a small room.
  234. >There is an object on a pedestal.
  235. >You want it.
  236. >You need it.
  237. >You grab the necklace. You can feel yourself getting stronger.
  238. >You put it on.
  239. >You feel like you can do anything.
  240. >Even make Anon love you.
  242. End of Chapter 1
  247. >You are Applejack.
  248. >You have been visiting Anon on his days off.
  249. >You have been trying to teach Anon how to read Equestrian. You read some of Appleblooms old books to him.
  250. >He liked it at first, but being read foal stories got old pretty fast. He kept interrupting.
  251. >”Why did the goat swim over the river?”
  252. It’s just a story.
  253. >Celestia, you’re a farmer, not a teacher.
  254. >You don’t even remember how you learned how to read.
  255. >Today you brought flashcards.
  256. >Anon wrote his version of the letters next to them. It’s become a crutch for him.
  257. >You both practiced for about an hour.
  258. >”I think that’s enough for now AJ.”
  259. I reckon so.
  260. >He puts the cards away.
  261. >”What’s for work tomorrow?”
  262. All the planting is done for now. In another week or so we can plant a few more rows of carrots.
  263. >”Great. Then I get the day off.”
  264. >He gets up and grabs some cider.
  265. >”Care for a drink?”
  266. I don’t know. I have to fix some of the tools tomorrow.
  267. >”You aren’t going to make me drink all alone are you?” He raises an eyebrow.
  268. Maybe just one cup.
  269. >He smiles widly, and pours you a glass.
  270. >He starts telling you of his life back home. He tells you about where he used to work, and various adventures he’s been on. Some of the stories were probably stretched for dramatic effect, but you didn’t mind.
  271. >You tell him about the adventures you’ve had with your friends. Fighting Discord and such.
  272. >”Well, that’s the last bottle.” Anon says as he tries to get the last drop into his glass.
  273. >He puts it next two to empties.
  274. >All good things come to an end.
  275. >You didn’t want that to be it.
  276. Anon?
  277. >He looks at you.
  278. I… I like you.
  279. >”I like you too AJ.” He smiles back.
  280. >You tap your hooves together. Maybe you shouldn’t do this.
  281. No, not like that. I mean… I like, like you.
  282. >Now you sound like a filly asking a stallion out for the first time. You can do better than this!
  283. >”I know.” He frowns.
  284. >Shit. Why did you tell him? He already told you that he isn’t into p0nies.
  285. And…?
  286. >”I don’t know.”
  287. >A few minutes ago he was talking up a storm. Now he can’t say more than a few words? He’s just trying to let you down easy.
  288. I’m sorry Anon. That’s just the cider talkin.
  289. >He nods slowly.
  290. I should go.
  291. >You get up to leave.
  292. >”AJ?”
  293. >You turn to look at him.
  294. >”I like you too… I just don’t know if I’m ready for that yet.”
  295. >He pulls you toward him.
  296. >He hugs you tightly.
  298. ---
  300. >You are now Anon.
  301. >You are enjoying your day off.
  302. >Its been almost a week since Fluttershy’s last visit. Come to think about it, you haven’t seen her since the last time you went drinking with the mane six.
  303. >You are sunbathing on your back deck. You enjoy the warmth of the sun. You have a cool drink beside you.
  304. >A cloud blocks out the sun.
  305. >You open your eyes.
  306. >Its Fluttershy, hovering over you.
  307. What do you want Fluttershy?
  308. >”You know what I want,” she says as she lands beside you.
  309. What?
  310. >You look at her. She looks tired and her color is darker. She is wearing a new necklace.
  311. >”I want you,” she smirks. “And I get what I want.”
  312. >You don’t like this Fluttershy. She must have just gotten back from a pep talk with Iron Will.
  313. That’s not going to happen.
  314. >She licks her lips.
  315. >”How about a wager then? I win, and you have to love me.”
  316. And if I win?
  317. >”I’ll leave you alone.” She starts stroking your body.
  318. >You move away from her.
  319. What are we betting on?
  320. >”A race. Just you and I. Four laps around the track.”
  321. >A mile? She’s slow. You can beat her. This is your chance to get rid of her, once and for all.
  322. >You smile.
  323. I’m in.
  324. ---
  327. >It’s the morning of the next day.
  328. >You are at the track.
  329. >You are performing static stretches. Your gym coach would be proud. Dynamic stretching is for faggots.
  330. >You haven’t eaten anything. You must be light.
  331. >You haven’t smoked. You must be fast.
  332. >You had four ounces of water. You must be hydrated.
  333. >Your entire life has culminated in this moment. You will win.
  334. >This will be the moment when you get your life back.
  335. >A life…
  336. >without Fluttershy.
  337. >You jump up high fiving yourself mentally. You are ready.
  338. >You look over at Fluttershy.
  339. >She is breathing heavily. You are sure she is giving herself a similar pep talk. She looks up at you, and smirks.
  340. > Angel Bunny hops up. He is holding a stopwatch.
  341. >”Ready?”
  342. >You nod.
  343. >Angel Bunny throws a stone into the air. When it hits the ground, you both begin.
  344. >You start out slow. You haven’t ran for a long time. You get a flashback to your old gym coach.
  345. >”Slow and steady doesn’t win races you faggot!”
  346. >Oh, those moments you shared.
  347. >You decide to listen to your coach’s sage wisdom.
  348. >He nods approvingly in your mind as you speed up.
  349. >Fluttershy is flying behind you. She is smiling from ear to ear.
  350. >Shit, is she trying to smell you?
  351. >At least you are winning.
  352. >Fluttershy flys next to you.
  353. >”I wonder, will you be a good pet when I win?”
  354. >Her necklace starts glowing, and she flies off. You can only look in horror as she laps you twice.
  355. >She stops at the finish line, and waits for your approach.
  356. >She fucking played you man.
  357. >Last time you saw her she could hardly fly. Now she’s a speed demon.
  358. >As you approach, she lazily takes a step back.
  359. >She won.
  360. >Fair and square.
  361. >Fucking Fluttershy
  362. ---
  363. >You stop in front of her and breathe heavily.
  364. >”You should really work out more Anon.”
  365. Fuck you Fluttershy.
  366. >”That’s a weird way to say I love you, mister.”
  367. >You sigh. You made a bet. You are a man of your word.
  368. >”I’ll be at my house. Don’t bother cleaning yourself up.”
  369. >She flies off.
  370. >Angel Bunny sticks his tongue out at you before following her.
  371. >Fuck me.
  372. >Your gym coach shrugs. He has no words of wisdom for this moment.
  373. >He looks at his watch. Looks like he’s late for something. He runs off.
  374. “Hey thanks a lot!” You yell as you shake your hand at the apparition.
  375. >You trudge toward Fluttershy’s home. You have a bargain to keep.
  378. >You knock on the door. Angel lets you in.
  379. >She’s laying on a lounge chair. She’s lightly touching herself with a feather.
  380. >”We’ve been expecting you Anon. We don’t like being kept waiting.”
  381. >Since when does she refer to herself in the majestic plural? Maybe she is talking about her and Angel? And you didn’t take that long.
  382. Yea, yea. Look I’ll play along for a little bit, but I have things to do later.
  383. >”We own you now Anon.”
  384. Sure you do. You won fair and square.
  385. >Fluttershy points at her hooves with the feather.
  386. >”Worship them.”
  387. >You frown. Her hooves are dirty. Like she stomped around in the mud.
  388. >You said you would play along, so do it.
  389. >You kneel below her and grab her hoof.
  390. >You start rubbing it slowly, with some pressure. You are massaging it.
  391. >Fluttershy lets out a low moan. She likes this.
  392. >You move to the other and repeat.
  393. >You continue on for a few minutes.
  394. >She touches you with the feather, and says, ”lick them.”
  395. I’m not doing that
  396. >”You promised you would love me.”
  397. That doesn’t mean that I am going to do anything you want.
  398. >She looks annoyed.
  399. >”You WILL love me, and you WILL like it.
  400. >Her necklace glows and you feel strange.
  403. >Your mind is getting fuzzy. You can’t think straight.
  404. >Pain shoots though your body.
  405. What the fuck?
  406. >”Oh, you didn’t notice? I’m magic now.”
  407. You cheate-
  408. >Your body moves without your input. You try to stop yourself, but to no avail.
  409. >You close your eyes. She can make you do this, but she can’t make you like it.
  410. >You cry softly as she takes everything from you.
  412. ---
  414. >It’s a week later.
  415. >You live in Fluttershy’s cottage now, locked away in her room.
  416. >She takes fairly good care of you, besides the whole raping part.
  417. >She even let you go outside today. That was pretty nice of her.
  418. >What?
  419. >You used to be able to go outside whenever you wanted.
  420. >She’s only doing this because she loves you.
  421. >Of course. Maybe you are meant to be with her.
  423. --
  425. >You are now Applejack.
  426. >Anon has missed several days of work. Anon is a lot of things, but he isn’t lazy.
  427. > You visited his hovel, but he wasn’t there.
  428. >You visited a few of your friends, but still nothing.
  429. >You trot to Fluttershy’s house.
  430. >You knock on the door. A few moment’s later Angel opens the door.
  431. Morning Angel. Is Fluttershy around?
  432. >He shakes his head no.
  433. Do ya know when she is coming back?
  434. >He shrugs.
  435. Shoot. Well, I was hoping she would know where Anon is. Just let her know I dropped by.
  436. >Angel jumps up.
  437. >He puts his paw up to his head like he is thinking.
  439. >You are now Angel.
  440. >The ugly p0ny is asking about that monkey thing.
  441. >He needs to get out of here. Mama is wasting all of her time with it.
  442. >You wave the ugly p0ny in.
  443. >Anon is on the couch where Mama left him. He is next to the lifesize toy she made for him.
  444. >He’s disgusting.
  445. >He touches her.
  446. >You shudder at the thought.
  447. >”Anon?” The ugly p0ny asks.
  448. >The monkey looks up.
  449. >”AJ. You found me.”
  450. >”You’ve been here all along?”
  451. >”I didn’t choose to come here. Fluttershy is keeping me against my will.”
  452. >”I don’t see anything tieing you down. Is this just a big joke? Having a laugh over little old Applejack?”
  453. >The ugly p0ny starts leaving.
  454. >”You shouldn’t have come here.”
  455. >You turn around.
  456. MAMA
  458. End of Chapter 2
  461. >You are Anon.
  462. >Your prayers have been answered. Applejack found you.
  463. >You have been allowed out of the room today. You know better than to try running away. There is no telling what Fluttershy would do.
  464. >AJ sees that you chained down, and assumes that you and Fluttershy are an item.
  465. >She is leaving now. She doesn’t want to wait for you to explain.
  466. >”You shouldn’t have come here.”
  467. >You turn to the voice. Oh shit, it’s Fluttershy.
  468. >”I was just leaving.” AJ says.
  469. >”We think you should stay.” Fluttershy says as she blocks AJ’s way.
  470. >”Why?”
  471. >”Because we can always use another pet.”
  472. >AJ ignores her and tries to continue.
  473. >Fluttershy is angered by this and bucks AJ.
  474. >Applejack falls to the ground.
  475. >She’s reeling on the ground.
  476. Stop that Fluttershy. She isn’t part of this.
  477. >”Shut up Anon.”
  478. 1/7
  480. >She puts a hoof next to AJ.
  481. >”Kiss it.”
  482. >Now AJ is angry.
  483. >She jumps up, but is smacked down again.
  484. >Fluttershy is laughing.
  485. >”Hit me,” She offers.
  486. >AJ gets up slowly.
  487. >She turns to buck Fluttershy.
  488. >Fluttershy is grinning widely.
  489. >AJ bucks.
  490. >Fluttershy laughs.
  491. >She tries again, but Fluttershy catches one of her hind legs.
  492. >She drags AJ toward you.
  493. >”You’ve been a good colt, Anon. You can have a toy.”
  494. >She drops Applejack in front of you.
  495. >AJ is sobbing softly.
  496. No.
  497. >”You don’t have a choice.”
  498. >You stand up to face Fluttershy.
  499. I said no.
  500. >Fluttershy frowns.
  501. >”We have been too kind to you Anon. You will entertain us, and you will like it.”
  502. 2/7
  504. >Her necklace glows.
  505. >You try to fight back, but you can’t.
  506. >Again you are forced to listen to her.
  508. ---
  509. >You are now Angel.
  510. >Mama is doing it again. She’s bringing another thing into your house.
  511. >And an ugly p0ny at that.
  512. >The monkey is touching the ugly p0ny.
  513. >Things were better when it was just you and Mama.
  514. >You move to cuddle with her.
  515. >She pushes you away.
  516. >”Not now Angel.”
  517. >You cuddle with her again.
  518. >She ignores you and sits down. She is busy looking at the things.
  519. >You climb onto her back.
  520. >That shiny thing is making her do this.
  521. >She doesn’t pay attention to you anymore.
  522. >”I’m sorry AJ” The monkey says.
  523. >The ugly p0ny is laying down and making weird noises.
  524. >You look at the clasp.
  525. >It looks like the lock on Mama’s cabinet. The one she thinks you don’t know about.
  526. >But you know.
  527. 3/7
  529. >You grab it with both paws.
  530. >She is touching herself to the things in front of her.
  531. >Is it push then pull? Or pull then push?
  532. >You try both.
  533. >”What are you doing Angel?” Mama asks.
  534. >She turns around quickly and you fall to the ground.
  535. >The necklace falls next to you.
  536. >You grab it and run.
  537. ---
  539. You are now Anon.
  540. >Angel somehow got the necklace off of Fluttershy.
  541. >”Nooooo!” Fluttershy screaches.
  542. >She flies after Angel Bunny. You follow.
  543. >Angel is cornered.
  544. >”GIVE IT TO ME!”
  545. >He shakes his head no.
  546. >You jump and pull Fluttershy to the ground.
  547. >”Anon!”
  548. >You squeeze her tightly.
  549. >She tries to force her way out, but she can’t. Her former strength is gone.
  551. 4/7
  553. >”I did this for you. So you could love me.”
  554. That wasn’t love Fluttershy.
  555. >Angel runs off.
  556. >Applejack gets up. She’s shaking.
  557. AJ, get the police.
  558. >”I didn’t do anything wrong Anon. I only helped you see your love for me.”
  559. >You don’t answer her.
  560. >She’s shaking in your arms.
  561. >”I did this for us.”
  562. >You sit in silence for what seems like an eternity.
  563. --
  564. >The police p0nies arrive, and put cuffs on Fluttershy.
  565. >They ask you and Applejack some questions before leaving.
  566. >Other p0nies are gathering around.
  567. >AJ is sitting at the doorway.
  568. >She doesn’t look at you.
  569. >You kneel beside her.
  570. >You try to comfort her, but she pulls away.
  571. ”I’m sorry AJ.”
  572. >She doesn’t respond.
  573. 5/7
  575. “That wasn’t me back there.”
  576. >She’s shaking.
  577. ”If you never want to see me again, I’ll understand.”
  578. >She shakes her head no.
  579. “Can I take you home?”
  580. >She nods.
  581. >You walk to Sweet Apple Acres in silence.
  582. >You follow her to her room.
  583. >She climbs into her bed.
  584. >You sit beside her.
  585. >”You saved me.”
  586. >She’s trying to hold back her tears.
  587. >”If you hadn’t come along. Who knows how long I would have been there.”
  588. >She climbs on to your lap.
  589. >You hug her tightly. She sobs loudly.
  590. >Her tears are making your shirt damp.
  591. >”I just wish we could go back to how things were, before all this.”
  592. >You brush her mane.
  593. I know.
  594. 6/7
  597. >You are now Angel.
  598. >You have been running for a long time now. Mama must have stopped following you.
  599. >You look at the shiny thing.
  600. >Its glowing.
  601. >It looks so nice.
  602. >You put it on.
  603. >You feel stronger.
  604. >Like you can do anything.
  605. [spoiler]>We have never felt like this before.[/spoiler]
  606. Fin
  608. 7/7
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