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Operation : Payback and Hadopi

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Oct 20th, 2010
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  1. has been chosen by Anonymous as its next target, but there's a catch.
  3. People cancelled the first planned attack, as there were Internet rumours that their servers were protected against DDOS attacks. This was then proved wrong, when Hadopi revealed that their servers were not protected against such attacks (Source:
  5. Doesn't this seem remotely suspicious. It's like leaving your front door open, and leaving signs around the city, saying that your front door is open and where you live... Of course, this will pull the bad guys in, which means it's a trap.
  7. Hadopi wants this DDOS attack to happen, they would welcome it with open arms in fact, leaving their servers unprotected was done on purpose. Their plan of action was as follows :
  9. Step 1 - All people that were traceable through these attacks (via Apache Connection logs) would be instantly tracked, and sued, possibly locked up (if in France) by the French Police, or by their own countries Police.
  11. Step 2 - Using this DDOS attack as a reason, the French government will try to get approved a law, allowing any society they choose, to use DPI (Deep Packet Inspection), and watch every unencrypted packet in the French Internet Networks. This means all packets would be filtered, and mainly all P2P traffic logged, and 99 % of illegal downloads would be blocked. The system would work in teh same way that Hadopi does, by contacting users, and then disconnecting them on the third illegal download attempt. (Source : All of this, would be done in the background noise of the "tracking of Anonymous members"
  13. If you don't want to be at the source of the start of DPI and internet filtering, which would eventually turn into full internet Censorship, then should not become a target. The DDOS is what they want, to get all this process started.
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