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ジェイラーズ島へ / Jailor's Island

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Nov 3rd, 2014
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  1. Ryu-Ya and his comrades are bounty-hunters, that is, they are only interested in obtaining rewards.
  2. They corner the traitors eluding the country's police and trying to escape。Capturing or possibly killing them, they earn their recompense. That is the road they have chosen.
  3. — Hey what is that sound?
  4. —Eh?
  5. —It's getting closer
  6. —That's right, it was today
  7. —What was it?
  8. —In order to place Bilan on the ship bound to Jailor, today was going to be transported to the port.
  9. —I see
  10. Ryuu and the other went out and there they saw it.
  11. Certainly, inside the cage that was on the cart was the horrible figure of Bilan.
  13. —No matter how many times I see it. He's an ugly one. It makes me sick
  15. —Now, probably he's going to be sent to Jailor and then executed by Carbon Freeze
  17. Execution by Carbon Freeze。 That is a method that was designed for immortal life forms, where the normal methods of execution aren't effective.
  18. With a spray that contains a special form of liquid carbon, the heart is frozen and the specimen solidified. It can only be used in prisons where traitors around the world are locked up and in Jailor. Carbon Freeze Execution hasn't been used in decades. That is, Bilan is a life-form with a heinousness that terrifying
  19. —Ryuu, Ryuu, what's the matter?
  20. —Did you see it?
  21. —Eh?
  22. —Bilan. It was certainly looking at me.
  24. Ryuu was the only one who understood. Certainly, Bilan looked at Ryuu from the cage and sneered at him. Then Ryuu sensed at that time something in Bilan:
  25. —It's like it wants to say that this hasn't ended yet.
  27. It was late at night and the thunders and lightings didn't seem to weaken, on the contrary they were becoming more violent
  29. The ship that was going to transport Bilan to Jailor called (??), while being toyed by the waves was anchored here in (gurabako??)
  30. And just yesterday, in a container securely sealed Bilan's cage was set up.
  31. In the pier there was a shadow looking at that. It was Ryuu。 He reeked of alcohol
  32. —Hey, what are you doing there?
  33. —Come out Bilan
  34. —I see a drunkard. This area is off limits. Get out quickly.
  35. —Make me
  36. —w-what... cut it off, put away your sword, put it away.
  37. —Kill me. Try To Kill me
  38. —Cut it off. Put away your sword. Don't come here. Get away.
  39. The lightning hit the sword which Ryuu brandished。At that time Ryuu saw something like an illusion; something resembling a red rose.
  40. —Why a red rose?
  41. It was an illusion or it was reality?
  42. As if it were alive, a rose stem full of thorns was coiled around Ryuu's right hand which was gripping the sword.
  43. The thorns bore into the flesh of his right hand. And deep, reed blood was gushing out.
  44. —A dream? What was that? A dream from where?
  45. At that time, when he was going to get up, Ryuu saw it. On the back of his right hand there was still blood dripping down from the scars left. And in the floor, a rose petal.
  46. Next morning, Ryuu volunteered himself to help escort Bilan until Jailor.
  47. —Eh?
  48. —And that is how it goes
  49. —I didn't hear about that
  50. —I thought of it this morning
  51. —It seems you want to make sure of it with your own eyes. Until it's Carbon frozen
  52. —I guess. Supposing he's going to be executed without problems.
  53. —I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation but... Can I?
  54. —What is it (Banos??)
  55. —This time is going to accompany us. (Yaku ??)
  56. —I have told you already about Yaku, right?
  57. —If you have this guy you can always contact the headquarters. A life form that can search for Bilan too. It can analyze a lot of other things too.
  58. —Understood
  59. —If you hadn't rejected this guy before our comrade wouldn’t have died.
  60. —Banos, say that again. I will kill you
  61. —Whatever。The time of the execution is near. Bid farewell your comrades.
  62. —If you aren't going to do it, now is the time. Bilan is not any creature. You should know very well how terrible it is .
  63. —Conversely, Nobody knows except me.
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