Anon - Anon Gets Cucked

Aug 23rd, 2015
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  1. [YouTube] Persona 4 - Like A Dream Come True
  2. >ah, what a lovely day at the park
  3. >sitting on a bench
  4. >the sun is shining
  5. >the birds are chirping
  6. >you're drinking some nice lemonade
  7. >life just seems great
  8. >now if only your girlfriend, Fluttershy, would actually be on time for once
  9. >ever since you both got into high school, you've both been dating
  10. >who knew all it took to win her affection was to be nice to animals
  11. >now you two meet in the park, mostly due to how many small critters there are
  12. >sadly, she's late
  13. >...again
  14. >this is way too common of an occurrence
  15. >you decide to get up and search for her
  16. >might as well learn why she's always late
  17. >after walking for some time, you notice some bushes in the distance shaking violently
  18. >upon realizing this is a bad idea, you still choose to see what the hell is going on
  19. >wait...
  20. >yup, that's moaning
  21. >a girl... wait, two girls
  22. >yup, two girls are having too much fun
  23. >you shouldn't intrude on their special moments...
  24. >then again, it may be extremely hot
  25. >fuck it, let's do this
  26. >you creep closer, making sure you don't make a sound
  27. >alright, at the bushes
  28. >just take a peek inside...
  29. >...
  30. >Fluttershy?!
  31. >da fuck?
  32. >where'd she get that dildo from?
  33. >why is she using it?
  34. >who is that?
  35. >why is that dildo in both her and Fluttershy?!
  36. >what the fuck is going on?!
  37. >oh great, she came
  38. >this angers you
  39. >she needs someone else in her life
  40. >who else could she possibly- OH GREAT, WHO ELSE BUT RAINBOW DASH
  41. >fluttershy finally got off of her and RD's face was revealed to you
  42. >fucking bitch
  43. >"Thank you, Rainbow... I needed that."
  44. >"Don't worry. you're my girl, Fluttershy. Right?"
  45. >don't say it
  46. >don't you fucking-
  47. >"Yes, Rainbow. I'm yours. I belong to you ad no one else."
  48. >THAT'S IT
  49. >you force your way through the bush and stand over them
  50. "Really now?!"
  51. >"A-anon?!"
  52. >you take your lemonade and spill it all over the two of them
  53. >"What the hell?!"
  54. >"Anon... why?"
  55. "Because I just got cucked by a girl."
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