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Wubs From Vinyl (Anon x Vinyl)

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Mar 13th, 2016
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  1. >"Wubs?"
  2. >'Y-yes..just from me.'
  3. >"..Vinyl, this prescription slip is just a receipt from Hayburger."
  5. >B-but I'm supposed to be released today...
  7. >"Yes nurse!" *hops back on the bed*
  8. >Vinyl clips the heart rate monitor back onto your finger.
  9. >Beep... beep... beep... beep... 70 bpm
  10. >"Okay, now we can begin"
  11. >Your nurse climbs onto the hospital bed, straddling herself over you
  12. >The added weight makes the bed creak.
  13. >The heart rate monitor begins beeping at a slightly faster rate now
  14. >At the same time, an erection is happening within your Calvin Klein's
  15. >Why did you choose today to wear your most flattering undergarments?
  16. >"We won't be needing these"
  17. >"WHAT?"
  18. >She uses her teeth to grip your briefs, and walks backwards towards the front of the bed, removing them
  19. >You boner springs up upon their removal
  20. >She flings them to the side, turns around, and begins sitting on your groin
  21. >"WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH! What is this?"
  22. >*Sighs* "It's a heart exercise Anon, we don't have the medication available for your condition at the moment, we need to build strength with a daily routine.
  23. >"Oh, um, okay then"
  24. >"Very good"
  25. >She lowers her equine privates onto yours, her insides feel warm and slimy
  26. >Once she has your entire length inside of her, she goes full weight on you...
  27. >*CREEAAK*
  28. >ENGGH, *Sharp inhale through teeth* OOOoohhh
  29. >beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep
  30. >She lifts her big self back off your dick, now coated in her body fluids, and slams it back down
  31. >You decide to assist her by grabbing her ass cheeks and lifting her up and down rhythmically with all your body strength.
  32. >You realize why this is an exercise
  33. >The bed creaks with her motions
  34. >UMPH *Pants*
  35. >God you're out of shape, It feels like you're going to pass out
  36. >Her pussy feels too good
  37. >You thought your nurse was cute when you were admitted, who knew you'd get this treatment?
  38. >beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep
  39. >It sounds like you're about to die, you hope none of the other nurses burst in here...
  40. >ACK! Nurse! I can't go much longer! I'm gonna-
  41. >"It's okay anon! just keep it up as long as you can, that's what this exercise is for!"
  42. >You hold back as best you can , you can't disappoint your nurse, she wants to help you get better
  43. >Another minute passes
  44. >You're about to blow up inside of this pony nurse.
  45. >"Oh god, Nurse! I'm... I'm cumming!
  46. >"Right"
  47. >She swiftly dismounts you, stands, and turns toward your throbbing member, and puts her mouth on it
  48. >You put you hand on her head and push down, not caring at this point.
  49. >AAAAaaaaaahhh
  50. >Your load fills her mouth up, but she doesn't let up.
  51. >*GULP*
  52. >No way
  53. >*gulp* gulp* gulp* gulp*
  54. >She fucking swallowed that shit
  55. >Nurse Vinyl brings her head back, exhaling as if she just took a huge drink
  56. >Thank you, Nurse, I-I don't know what to say...
  57. >It's not a problem at all anon, you did well in that exercise, held 180 bpm for several minutes without trouble.
  58. >"Oh, well that's good"
  59. >Your weak heart really doesn't matter to you at this point.
  60. >"Alright anon, you can go, I'll leave you to dress...
  61. >Thank you, Nurse"
  62. >She trots away towards the door.
  63. >"And Anon?"
  64. >"Yes Nurse?"
  65. >"I'll be needing to see you tomorrow morning for another heart exercise."
  66. >You smile
  67. >"Yes ma'am, I'll be there
  68. >"Thank you for being such a good patient"
  69. >She trots out of the room.
  71. END
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