Anon - Talking about things at the Bro-House

Jun 25th, 2014
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  1. >It is time...
  2. >Time for bro-house!
  3. >You waltz in into the brotacular hangout spot
  4. >”Hello hello my good men”
  5. >A small group of your bros turns to look at you, for some reason they are all gathered near Pepper Dust, who seems to be looking anxious
  6. “Anon, you’re just in time, you’ll never guess what!”
  7. >You join the small group consisting of Virgo, Pepper Dust, Acteus and Operator
  8. >”What’s up? Why are you all huddled up here? And what’s with Pepper?”
  9. >Pepper blushes a bit more as Acteus speaks up
  10. “He’s got a date with my sister”
  11. >Your eyes go wide at Pepper Dust
  12. >”No way! Really?”
  13. >Virgo snakes his hoof around Pepper Dusts shoulder and pulls him closer to him
  14. “Can you believe it, our shy little Pepper Dust has a date!”
  15. >Pepper Dust pushes Virgo away while embarrassedly telling him to quit it
  16. >You glance at Acteus
  17. >”You’re ok with it and all?”
  18. >Acteus gives you a shrug
  19. “Pepper’s ok, if it was Virgo I’d be a bit shocked”
  20. >Virgo glares at Acteus now
  21. “What’s that supposed to mean, I’ll have you know I’m top boyfriend material”
  22. >At that Operator lets out a small laugh at Virgos statement
  23. >”So, when’s the big day coming?”
  24. >Pepper Dust suddenly looks even more anxious than he seemed before
  25. “A-actually... in about 10 minutes...”
  26. >”Well, that’s... great right?”
  27. >Pepper Dust seems like he’s about ready to have a panic attack
  28. “We were just sending him off and giving him out last words of advice”
  29. >Operator glances at Virgo
  30. “You mean we were giving advices and you were telling him surefire ways to ruin the date right away”
  31. >Virgo shakes his head
  32. “Operator Operator, some mares might like a bit more hooves on- approach”
  33. >Acteus shakes his head
  34. “Sis would kill you if you’d pull off the stuff you were telling Pepper Dust to do”
  35. >Virgo smirks at Acteus
  36. “Or she could enjoy it, who knows how wild she really is~”
  37. >Acteus quickly plugs his ears with his hooves
  39. “No, you are not going to start talking about that again, I don’t want to hear about that, just no!”
  40. >Operator clears his throat
  41. “Not to break up your little married couple dispute, but shouldn’t Pepper Dust get going already?”
  42. >Operator points at the clock and Pepper Dusts eyes go wide
  43. “Oh no, I’ll be late! Bye you guys”
  44. >And with that Pepper Dust takes off looking like a nervous wreck, leaving you with the three mothponies
  45. >”Awww, he’s so nervous”
  46. “I hope Sis will not bust his balls or anything, poor dude needs to loosen up a bit”
  47. >Virgo now pokes Acteus with his hoof
  48. “Or maybe she will~ If you know what I m-“
  49. >Acteus let’s put a loud yell of “Auuugh” and pushes Virgos hoof away
  50. >”So, where is everyone today?”
  51. >Operator gives you a shrug now
  52. “No idea, I just got here a bit before you”
  53. >Acteus flops down to lie lazily on the couch
  54. “Moon Dust and Gemini are doing something together today, and I have no idea where Waspy is”
  55. >Virgo pipes up now
  56. “I think I know where he is, that lucky guy~”
  57. >Acteus glances at Virgo from the couch and you sit down on one of the bean bag chairs to hear what he has to say
  58. “I saw him together with Hexferry today”
  59. >Acteus looks very surprised now
  60. “What, no way!”
  61. >Virgo grins and nods
  62. “Yes way and they looked like they were getting very much along”
  63. >Well, that’s not something you would have thought
  64. “They could have always been doing something completely different to what you must be imagining”
  65. >Operator returns from the kitchen corner with a beverage and sits down himself
  66. Virgo turns his grinning face towards Operator now
  67. “You’ve got a crush on Hexferry or something since you’re that adamant on them not doing anything together”
  68. >Operator shakes his head
  69. “No she’s not the one I have a c-“
  70. >Before Operator can finish the sentence he suddenly quiets down, looking a bit shocked
  71. >but it’s too late, all three of you are now grinning at him
  73. >”Operator, you’ve got a crush!”
  74. >Operator blushes ever so slightly, it’s almost unnoticeable
  75. “Maybe I have, none of your business...”
  76. >You let out a little “awww” while Virgo tries to poke more info from him, making him a bit annoyed
  77. “What about you Anon, didn't you have a crush on Hexferry or something?”
  78. >You turn to look at Acteus, you had hoped all of your bros would have forgotten about that
  79. >”Well... after thinking about it for a while I kind of realized that instead of a crush I just really wanted to... you know...”
  80. “Sleep with her?”
  81. >”Yes Virgo, something like that, I mean she’s a nice mare and I would not turn her down if she asked me to go out with her, but it’s not like I’d be soul crushed if she’d start dating someone”
  82. >Operator finishes his beverage before speaking up
  83. “She’s a very attractive mare though”
  84. >All three of you nod your heads and agree with him, and then sit there in silence, but only for a few seconds before Virgo speaks up
  85. >”I think Meisa is the most attractive one when it comes to plain looks”
  86. >Operator raises an eyebrow at this
  87. “I could have sworn you’d choose Golden Corral or Caramel for obvious reasons”
  88. >You agree with Operator on this one
  89. >”Yeah, Meisa seems almost too... normal for you to choose”
  90. “Don’t get me wrong, all the mares are great looking, and Caramel or Goldie could even be more fun to be with, but I still can’t deny that regal aura of beauty Meisa has”
  91. >Acteus nods and joins in
  92. “Yeah, that high class air about her, kind of looking at a moth who’s a royal or something”
  93. >Operator lets out a little laugh
  94. “Thankfully she’s not as stuck up as many could assume based on that”
  95. >Oh yeah, Operator had a date with her
  96. >”You went out with her once right?”
  97. >Operator now rubs the back of his head while smiling
  98. “To be perfectly honest we went out as friends only”
  99. “Not to mention you’ve got the hots for Butterscotch”
  101. >Operator almost falls off of his bean bag chair comically from what Virgo said and Virgo stares at him in surprise
  102. “What, I got it right? I just threw out a random guess”
  103. >Now Operator seems even more annoyed
  104. “Let’s just move on...”
  105. >Virgo looks at Acteus now
  106. “How about you, any crushes?”
  107. >Acteus shakes his head
  108. “Nope”
  109. >and with that the conversation dies down, and you all sit there in silence
  110. >”What about Tonic?”
  111. >Virgo replies to you lazily
  112. “I asked him when he’s going to come for a visit but he said he’s too busy currently”
  113. >”Allright”
  114. >And it’s quiet once again
  115. >You start to feel a bit sleepy now...
  116. >it’s another slow day at the bro house
  117. >”Maybe we should do something”
  118. >All ponies turn to look at you
  119. “Like what Anon”
  120. >Acteus sits up properly from the couch
  121. >”I don’t know, but it seems such a waste to just sit around”
  122. >Virgo gets up from his bean bag chair now and stretches a bit
  123. “Yeah, any more sitting around and I’ll fall asleep”
  124. >Operator gets up as well
  125. “Agreed”
  126. >But just then the door opens and in walks Waspy
  127. “Hi guys”
  128. >Waspy walks up to all of you and then looks at you all with a questioning look on his face
  129. “Why is everypony staring at me?”
  130. “You know exactly why you charmer, tell us all about it”
  131. >Waspy looks puzzled at Virgos remark
  132. “No, I really don’t”
  133. >you decide to join in now
  134. >”We saw you with Hexferry”
  135. >Waspy blushes a bit now
  136. “What that? T-that was nothing really... I was just helping her with stuff!”
  137. >Operator smirks
  138. “That blush suggests otherwise”
  139. >Waspys ears go flat now
  140. “Stop imagining things...”
  141. >Acteus and Virgo look at each other
  142. “Highly suspicious”
  143. “Yes it is”
  144. >You can’t help but to feel a bit for the poor guy
  145. “Besides, if you want to poke at somepony for getting along with a mare recently you should look at Virgo”
  146. >Virgo now looks at Waspy with confusion written on his face
  148. “I think I would know if I got along with a mare Waspy...”
  149. “What about Squeak”
  150. >Now that Waspy mentions it, you do recall seeing Virgo spend much more time with her lately
  151. “Waspy’s got a point Virgo, you two have been getting rather close lately”
  152. >Operator nods at Acteus and Virgo sighs
  153. “We're not anything like that, we just like doing silly stuff together that’s all”
  154. >Virgo finishes this with a shrug
  155. “So you’ve not felt attracted at her at all?”
  156. >Virgo turns to look at Operator to answer him
  157. “Haven't really thought about it, we've just had so much fun together”
  158. >Before any of you can ask any more the door opens again and Moon Dust walks in with Gemini and greets all of you
  159. “Hi everyone, what’s going on?”
  160. >Gemini gives his own hellos as well as the two join the group
  161. “Nothing much, just that Virgo and Squeak are pretty much lovers”
  162. >Moon Dust and Gemini both look surprised at Acteusses words
  163. “Really? Congratulations!”
  164. >Gemini gives a happy smile to Virgo as well
  165. “That’s nice, good luck to both of you”
  166. >Virgo shakes his head and sighs
  167. “Acteus is just kidding, we’re not like that”
  168. >Moon Dust rubs the back of his head now while Gemini looks rather embarrassed
  169. >You notice the slight hint of lipstick in the corner of Moon Dusts mouth and sign it to him with your hand
  170. >Moon Dust blushes and quickly wipes it off without anyone noticing, before giving you a silent thank you
  171. >”We were really talking about Waspy and Hexferry getting along”
  172. >Waspy now blushes a bit before fuming
  173. “I-it’s not like that!”
  174. >Moon Dust and Gemini look a bit unsure as you, Operator, Acteus and Virgo share a laugh
  175. “So... noponys going out with anypony?”
  176. >Gemini tilts his head in confusion
  177. “Pepper Dust is on a date with Actias actually”
  178. >Moon Dust and Gemini both now have a very surprised look on their faces at Operators words
  179. “N-no way!”
  180. >Virgo smirks at the two
  182. “Yes way”
  183. >Moon Dust sits down
  184. “Pepper Dust and Actias, I would have never guessed...”
  185. >Gemini sits down as well
  186. “Me neither, and to actually go on a date so fast...”
  187. >You shrug
  188. >”He was a nervous wreck though once he set off”
  189. >Virgo starts to look like he’s thinking about something
  190. “I wonder how things are going with those two...”
  191. >”We'll need to smoke every last detail out of him tomorrow”
  192. >Everyone in the bro-house agrees with you on that
  193. >”So, any of you up for a game of cards or something?”
  194. >Everyone agrees and soon enough you are all back to playing fun games in the bro-house while talking more about mares in general
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