JonTron Master Pun List

thesqrtminus1 May 10th, 2016 99 Never
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  1. JonTron on marijuana: Ganja Fari
  2. JonTron as Haile Selasse: Jon Tafari
  3. JonTron in Africa: Jon Safari
  4. JonTron as a grifter: ConTron
  5. JonTron as a convention: ConTron
  6. JonTron as a green-cheeked conure: Con(ure)Tron
  7. JonTron as a digimon: Jonmon
  8. JonTron as a Japanese man: Tron Hikari
  9. JonTron as a werewolf: Monster Fari
  10. JonTron up close: Jon Jaclosei
  11. JonTron if he snapped in two: Crow jaBari
  12. JonTron's upload schedule: Gone Jafari
  13. JonTron on marijuana: Timothy Entwood
  14. JonTron when he's lost: Jon Wherearewe
  15. JonTron if he were a time-based job scheduler in Unix-like computer operating systems: CronTron
  16. JonTron if he were the weakest piece on a chess board: PawnTron.
  17. JonTron if he didn't exist: NonTron.
  18. JonTron if he were dead: GoneTron.
  19. Jontron as a crustacean: Prawntron
  20. JonTron if he was german: VonTron
  21. JonTron if he was sicilian: DonTron
  22. JonTron If he was Swedish: JönTrön
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