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Interview for Conquistador

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Feb 13th, 2012
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  1. nilouco.qc: (sorry if my English is not perfect :P) ok, about the idea..., i would like to create a hat for demoman as a pirate, then i saw the Caribean Pirates film, and i saw a similiar hat like Conquistador in the film
  2. nilouco.qc: i used Maya software to create the 3D from myself
  3. nilouco.qc: i just started from a cube (like usually we do 3D models)
  4. nilouco.qc: i tested this hat in demoman, but its not so fine for him, because he is a default hat and the shape of Conquistador will show the default hat..., unfortunatelly
  5. nilouco.qc: then, i go to wikepedia to find the description and more information about this helmet
  6. [WH] The Director : i see
  7. [WH] The Director : was there a reason you chose the soldier in particular?
  8. nilouco.qc: yes
  9. nilouco.qc: because the Morion helmet, was used to explorer people in batles...
  10. nilouco.qc: and i think soldier is a good explorer in batles
  11. nilouco.qc: then i tested in the soldier and its good :)
  12. nilouco.qc: i changed a litle to be more robust to soldier
  13. [WH] The Director : "good explorer"?
  14. nilouco.qc: soldier is a good "front batle guy"
  15. nilouco.qc: he will arrive before others in a war (because it is a soldier), lol
  16. nilouco.qc: i changed a litle the 3D model hat in order to be more "ofensive"
  17. nilouco.qc: and initially the hat did not cover the soldier yes
  18. nilouco.qc: and i receved a commentary in the steam workshop from Mentlegen 3 Jan 2012 @ 16 h 10
  19. nilouco.qc: about cover the soldier eyes...
  20. nilouco.qc: and i changed it, and i think its better covering the soldier eyes
  21. nilouco.qc: about the name ( i chose Morium ) to do a reference to older Morion helmet
  22. nilouco.qc: and Valve changed the name and descrition too, for me... its fine :)
  23. [WH] The Director : did they tell you what the description was a reference of?
  24. nilouco.qc: no
  25. nilouco.qc: but i am sure its better than mine :P
  26. [WH] The Director : ok
  27. nilouco.qc: :D
  28. [WH] The Director : what was the original description?
  29. nilouco.qc: just a simple phrase:
  30. nilouco.qc: Don't worry about the battle, it keeps your moral in a high level.
  31. [WH] The Director : i see
  32. nilouco.qc: i wanted link the Morion name with moral (but i think it was not a good idea) lol
  33. [WH] The Director : i see
  34. [WH] The Director : alrighty that's cool, thanks for your time
  35. nilouco.qc: not at all :)
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