Oct 12th, 2021
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  1. - Lots of in-out movement
  2. - Stands 5'9 but fights 5'6, posture will be key
  3. - Likes to pump jab at distance
  4. - Moves to opponent's power side
  5. - Lunging right hook to head inside single
  6. - Looks for shots in the 50/50 chest to chest left underhook. Likes to really drive on that side too.
  7. - Short rhythm occasionally with side-to-side head movement but mainly long rhythm with in-out stepping to stay safe.
  8. - Likes to back up but will get caught by the occasional kick
  9. - Rhythm steps
  10. - Step up right low kick
  11. - Sliding left low kick
  12. - Likes to put some looks out there before moving in
  13. - Will drop the right hand and drop away from the left hook
  14. - Will charge in well enough to accidentally headbutt you sometimes. Stuffs himself a bit. Could be open to the takedown himself
  15. - Knows to back up after an engagement. Could be used to back him up against the cage
  16. - Gets a little scared when you knock away his lead hand
  17. - Has bad habit of leaning to the inside to avoid shots to either back up or clinch you into his favorite 50/50 over-under left underhook position when you back him up near the fence
  18. - Has particularly weak double underhooks. Is very low but fails to get good head positioning
  19. - Showed a step-up low kick to shot
  20. - Starts with head-inside but tries to finish head outside sometimes
  21. - Step up lead low kick to right jab. Might try to build on this
  22. - Creates dramatic exits after winning space inside for no reason sometimes.
  23. - Moves with every shot, is susceptible to the low kick when resetting and stepping in
  24. - Crosses his legs when he's tired. Cut the cage on him, close the distance and force him to focus with superior footwork.
  25. - Gets a little high up on the side mount sometimes. Does not block the hip properly. Gives up underhook, looks to instead move to north-south and to opposite side-control.
  26. - Does show to like the body jab and knows to l-step to change direction upon recognizing his opponent may cut him off. But still crosses his feet when he's relaxed. Big time to capitalize.
  27. - Jab to shot, really tries to just muscle that single leg.
  28. - Leaping right hook while stepping in. Seems like a bad choice for striking; but, really allows him to penetrate inside the stance to then use it to clinch. Likes to land it once and then throw it again to get them to counter and catch them with the clinch.
  29. Showed an ability to use the left underhook against someone in the middle of throwing a right punch counter to shuck it over and take the back; but, his suplex technique left something to be desired back then. Assume to be clean now. Did not understand how to ground his opponent after the failed suplex via headlock or back-take. Instead wanted to clinch and knee. Anticipate the option to strike.
  30. - Tries to use his head to create space for double-underhooks sometimes, but also gets caught in guillotines that way. Assume to be cleaner.
  31. - Likes to duck under the right hand and shoot sometimes while circling to his left to draw the right hand
  32. - If he can't muscle the single leg, he might try a back trip.
  33. - Will camp in side-control forever.
  34. - Will try to duck shots when hurt and look for a grip.
  35. - not that great at smashing half guard
  36. - If all else fails, he really likes to pass that leg up high and back trip it. Cannot be allowed to happen
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