September Stream Plans & Subtember Incentives

Sep 1st, 2019
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  1. Been thinking about what I want to do in terms of streaming for this month considering I'm almost done with all of my incentives that are not on hiatus, which the only incentives I have left are FFIX Any% and DK64 101% with Barrel at some point since I don't feel like going through that alone. With Subtember starting on the 3rd and ending on the 24th, I will be adding 4 more incentives on the list! Here are the following incentives if met and I'm currently at 13 Subs:
  2. - 30 Subs: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap 1st Playthrough & Rando
  3. - 50 Subs: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Rando
  4. - 75 Subs: FFVIII Remastered Any% run
  5. - 100 Subs: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask Rando Back-to-Back run
  7. I want to try my best to get up to 100 subs or at the very least get up past my highest amount of subs, which was 51 or 52 if I remember correctly. Besides that, I'll be doing another Dark Souls Enemy/Item Rando tomorrow hopefully with Barrel, if not, then another solo run. Then starting on Tuesday, I'll be starting my casual playthrough of FFVIII Remastered on PS4 since I don't wanna deal with controller shenanigans where it would randomly disconnect and reconnect like it has been doing while doing Dark Souls Enemy/Item Rando on PC. Not exactly sure how long it will take me, but I do wanna go at my own pace along with getting the Platinum Trophy since I have played it and 100%'d it a few times before. While doing the FFVIII Remastered playthrough, I want to also do more Dark Souls Rando and Ocarina of Time Multiworld with Barrel and my friends as well. Once the playthrough is over, I'll probably work on learning FFIX Any% since that's one of the only incentives I have left unless I reach 30 subs, which if that happens I'll then work on Minish Cap.
  9. For IRL stuff, I'm hoping on planning finally going through surgery on where my G-Tube got removed a bit over 3 years ago and get the hole healed up for good this month, which I'll let people know when that's gonna happen since I finally got the SSI Money this month and I do want to work on finally going through with that.
  11. In terms of doing runs, I think I want to probably look into Jak & Daxter Any% (No Lava Tube Skip) along with MAYBE coming back to KH BbSFM HD depending on how I'm feeling about it once I'm done with my incentives. I'm looking forward to Subtember this year and although I already have the maximum amount of emote slots that I can have as a Affiliate, that everyone will enjoy and like using my emotes. Thanks for reading. :)
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