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20 Questions about.....Meta[Kirbster].

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  1. They say that children are the future. If that's true, they the future fanbase of Prototype might very well be something like 10-year-old MetaKirbster [MetaKirbster was his name at the time of this interview]. He currently in 15th place with over 18.2 billion BP at the time of this Pastebin, and mind you, that's AFTER a complete reset less than 2 months old!
  3. He may be the youngest known Prototyper [and has a tendency to talk to fast and too much at times, as a result], but, he's pretty competitive, and he always means well, too, always willing to help you out if he can. He was, of course, the first to jump at the chance to be interviewed, too. :P
  5. First, the 10 community Q's:
  7. Q1. Do you consider yourself a Retro gamer (preferring to play the games a few generations behind the current gen), or a Modern gamer (always seeking to play the newest games), and for what reason? [TailsMK4]
  8. Meta: "More of a Modern, But play retro too."
  10. Q2. Favorite Mecha? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  11. Meta: "I'm supposing Mets."
  13. Q3. What's your favorite genre [shooting, platforming, adventure, RPG, etc.] of gaming? [TheDoc]
  14. Meta: "I Like A lot of them. Fighters and Platformers are probably my favorite. ('Specially Cave Story)"
  16. Q4. Who's your favorite: Mega Man, Bass, or Proto Man? [TobyJoey]
  17. Meta: "BASS!"
  19. Q5. If you had a choice of three difficulty levels for a game, which would you most likely pick (and why): Easy, Normal, or Hard? [TailsMK4]
  20. Meta: "Eh... Probably Easy the First time, To get me Intrested, And the 2nd time, Normal. :)"
  22. Q6. What is your favorite book? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  23. Meta: "Harry Potter Or Diary of A Wimpy Kid. Hard Choice."
  25. Q7. Why are you using your current profile picture? [TobyJoey]
  26. Meta: "I love Bass, And Blue."
  28. Q8. What is your favorite activity besides gaming/internet? [TailsMK4]
  29. Meta: "Well, I don't do much outside of games and Internet, Probably Reading or Having a good Chat with somebody."
  31. Q9. What is your most hated stage in the classic megaman games? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  32. Meta: "I Suppose Quick man's stage."
  34. Q10. What's your favorite song (not excluded to Mega Man)? [TobyJoey]
  35. Meta: I Don't have a favorite. I like Cold Shadow Music, Aladdin Music, (Snes/Genesis), And Other music, (CAVE Story too!)
  37. =====
  39. ...and my 10 Questions.....
  41. Q11. What's your favorite OFFICIAL Mega Man game ever, and why?
  42. Meta: "Maybe MM3 (least favorite would be 5. The RM's are Wimps Basically, The weapons aren't good... And yeah)"
  44. Q12. If it were up to you, which one character would you wanna see in Prototype more than any other, and why?
  45. Meta: "Well, i'd love seeing A PLAYABLE Wily Machine, But that's just me."
  47. Q13. Think you'll ever get your Star Of Immortality [1st place Star]?
  48. Meta: "Heh. In My Dreams. MAYBE... If i can get up there with out taking a break."
  50. Q14. Be honest: Why did you reset during the Purge of March 2015?
  51. Meta: "Honestly, I wanted to Get the feeling again, And I Had a Spark in my mind that i wanted to do it."
  53. Q15. Can you remember the first video game you ever played?
  54. Meta: "If you mean Actual video game and not some Little Kid thing, it Was a GC Game, Shadow The Hedgehog...(If you included little Kid Handheld things, IE V-Tech or Something, it may've been some V-Tech game)"
  56. Q16. Which do you favor more and why? Console games or handheld games?
  57. Meta: "Eh... I've been playing handheld's more recently, 3DS... If PC Would be in there, PC."
  59. Q17. Why are you so into MMORPG's?
  60. Meta: "It's Just something i liked. If you want to know, I used to Love playing "Helmet Heroes", But that's more of a platformer MMORPG."
  62. Q18. Why do you switch user names SO MUCH?
  63. Meta: "Because i get bored with having 1 name for a long time..."
  65. Q19. What state do you live in, and what's it like, there?
  66. Meta: "West Virginia. There's Lots of 'Hillbillys' That pronounce stuff wrong, But i deal with it."
  68. Q20. Do you think you can dance? :P
  69. Meta: "Ehh... I could if i practiced a while. I can Whistle and Sing good, I Whistle A LOT.... And i can sing like one of those guys on a Radio thing... like not Act like an Opera Singer, But eh."
  72. My special thanks to Meta[Kirbster] for being my first subjet, to TailsMK4, ThatOneEnderMan, and TobyJoey for submitting suggestions, and to TheDoc for both submitting suggestions AND giving me the idea to Pastebin these [you a geeneeus, mang. a GEENEEUS].
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