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  1. This is a compendium of all the magical effects and metamagic you have learned. Elements are too broad to really neatly list your capabilities. I'll keep this up to date as you continue to learn spells.
  3. Effects:
  4. Paralysis: Locks the joints of the target for a period of 1 hour, during which they are unable to perform any action. The duration can be lengthened by channeling more vys into the spell.
  6. Poison: Slowly corrupts and destroys the vys of the target, typically to the tune of 1 vys per round. The spell can be made more potent by expending more vys. (e.g. if you spend 2 vys instead of 1, it will destroy 2 vys per round.)
  8. Leech: Creates a connection between your reserves and the target's reserves, allowing you to drain the target's vys. Effects like poison and certain statuses that affect reserves can be transferred through a leech spell. The spell's effects are halved if cast with metamagic.
  10. Manipulate: Creates an invisible hand fashioned from vys. Allows you to, as the name suggest, manipulate objects from a distance. It is not necessary to cast the Ranged metamagic to use this spell at range. When combined with the elements, it typically improves one's control of the physical element rather than any of the more esoteric uses, like ESP or healing. Also allows one to counter effects like poison, paralysis, and leech.
  12. Animate: You weave a complex array of vys from your reserves and wrap it around the object which you wish to animate. The object in question will be capable of simple task for up to one hour per point of vys invested. Incapable of independent action, requires commands to be given.
  14. Create: You layer thin sheets of vys one on top of the other, then carve the corresponding block into the shape of the object you wish to create before infusing it with vys. You can create anything you can properly conceive of, though the more familiar you are with an object the easier it will be to do so. Cost varies by the amount of and and your familiarity with the object you wish to create.
  16. Metamagic:
  17. Weapon Channeling: Allows a vatis to deliver a spell via a weapon.
  19. Ranged: Allows a vatis to deliver a spell at range.
  21. Blast: Unleashes the effects of the spell in a devastating burst, dramatically increasing their potency at the cost of reduced range and accuracy.
  23. Area of Effect: Area of Effect spells are created by channeling vys over a wide area rather than towards one focused point. When an Area of Effect spell is cast, it effects an area of a size determined by the amount of vys cast. One vys will effect roughly ten square meters of space, with additional vys stacking additively.
  25. Selective: The selective metamagic allows one to exclude a target from an area of effect spell by attuning the spell such that it registers the excepted individuals as the 'casters' of the spell. Thus, in the same way that an area of effect paralysis spell will not paralyze the caster, it will not paralyze anyone selected with this metamagic. In addition to adding 1 vys to the cost of casting a spell, it increases the DC by 2 for every individual selected.
  27. Leaping: By channeling additional vys into a spell after it strikes a target, one can have a spell leap to another target. Cost an additional 1 vys per target. Requires an additional roll for each target one wishes to affect. If at any point a roll is failed, all further rolls will be failures automatically.
  29. Hidden: By disconnecting your vys from your reserves, maneuvering it into position, and then reconnecting it to your reserves you're able to cast a spell at range without any outward sign that you've cast at all.
  31. Vys: This metamagic allows you to manipulate vys itself by casting a spell without a proper target. You can use it to cast a spell using ambient vys, or the reserves of another. You can also use it to manipulate living creatures like puppets. However, Vys is an extremely costly metamagic to use. Where as most Metamagics only add 1 to the cost of a spell, Vys adds 4.
  33. Meditation:
  34.     -Meditation on Forms: Allows you to gather vys and meditate, while at the same time improving your martial skill. At your level of martial expertise, provides a +4 bonus on meditation rolls and no longer increases the time it takes to meditate. This will improve as your martial talents improve.
  36.     -Meditation on Reality: Allows you to pass through the barriers separating you from the Heart of Surya, the origin of magic. Doing so provides a +6 bonus to whatever it is you were attempting to meditate upon, along with the possibility of other bonuses. However, it cost additional vys and can be quite dangerous.
  38. Techniques:
  39.     -Point Defense: By shrouding yourself in water and flash freezing it in the path of oncoming attacks, you can defend yourself from every angle. Relies heavily on Water and Nature magic, and without both attempts to use this maneuver will suffer a negative penalty. Provides a +6 to soak damage.
  41.     -Surya's Vice: By gathering ambient vys in your hand and whipping it into a state of hyperactivity you're able to produce a massive electrical charge, which can then be formed into either a bolt of lightning or a cutting blade. Does massive damage in lightning bolt form and ignores armor and Metal magic is only half as effective, but has a chance of hitting near-by allies as well. Provides a +4 bonus to attack in blade form.
  43.     -Element Combination: You can combine even two, or even any three elements into any logical result. The spell will cost +1 vys per number of additional elements, scaling with the level of intensity (So a 3 vys fire spell would become a 6 vys liquid fire spell). Examples of potential combinations include:
  44.         Fire + Water = Liquid Fire
  45.         Earth + Nature = Tremor Sense
  46.         Fire + Earth = Molten Rock
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