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  1. #waagh
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  3.     =-= Topic for #waagh is “Charity, Turius, Von_Malik, Vermain, Divya, Zyr”
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  11.     EvilBob With that battle at dawn out of the way, it is now roughly 12 noon, as the jet circles over head over the city of Szabina, leaving the group ample time before night fall to deal with their numerous acquisitions from last week. What shall the covenant do today?
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  13.     Vermian is currently looking into when they needed to meet up with the Khorne boys to ambush the Slaaneshi shipment of spook.
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  15.     EvilBob Vermian would discover, that the shipment was slated to be moved around 2 to three hours after sunset. As for whom and what were moving the product, had yet to be seen.
  16.     EvilBob And from the crew cabins could be heard a great roar of anger, and pain.
  17.     Vermian "Argh! Damn it! I thought you were supposed to be skilled at this Divya!?"
  18.     Vermian would storm out of his room a few minutes later, back in his armour, and holding his chest, wearing his helmet to hide his pain. "Is everyone onboard for tonight? Any objections or other plans?"
  19.     Turius  "Nope."
  20.     Vermian "Is that nope to the first part or the second?"
  21.     Hrunting_of_The_Red re-adjusts his great-chainsword's leather grip for the n-th time during the flight. He pays Vermain no mind.
  22.     =-= Hrunting_of_The_Red is now known as Hrunting
  23.     Vermian grunts, still holding a hand on his chest.
  24.     Turius  "No, the plan is fine."
  25.     =-= Pixel_Kitty is now known as Charity
  26.     Charity "Are you alright, Vermian?"
  27.     Vermian "I am fantastic."
  28.     Divya   bows her head "My sincerest apologies," she would following Vermian as he left "I am flawed still, I assure you such a thing was not intentional."
  29.     Divya   "I. I do suppose that this is a bad time to ask for a small detour, Lord? I've recently come into the possession of a few choice items..."
  30.     Vermian looks to Divya a moment, staring at her, as if there was a moment of doubt about that, before he walked up to the pilot's cabin. "Head to the pick up spot for those items we discussed. After that we're heading to meet that Khorne gang to steal the shipment."
  31.     Vermian "Yes, we'll go pick up a few things before we go. Wake me when we get there."
  32.     Divya   "I assure you that I might make up for my failure to you when you seek to exact such punishment, Lord."
  33.     Vermian walks back into his room, letting out another tired grunt. "We'll see about that."
  34.     Divya   would watch the man walk back before she too would return to her own quarters to work upon his field generator.
  35.     Charity sips a fine amasec, "Interesting, So, what will our esteemed company do while we wait for the deal to go down?
  36.     Hrunting    says simply, "Wait. What's it to you?"
  37.     Turius  inspects his smaller chainsword but says nothing
  38.     Hrunting    's voice drips with sarcasm, "Well, what do you want us to do? We're here to fight and get bloody and rich. We don't exactly do much but fight and leave the brain-work to you shmucks."
  39.     -->|    Von_Malik ( has joined #waagh
  40.     EvilBob Gruk goes and sits by Greed in the cargo common area.
  41.     EvilBob An hour later, the jet lands, with a few crates being moved on board, before the jet takes off again. It is roughly 3 o'clock.
  42.     Hrunting    undoes the wraps on the handle of this swords and re-binds them once again after re-fueling his jetpack.
  43.     EvilBob Fast forward to two hours before the truck was set to move in through the city, the jet landing just outside the barracks of the Khorne boys.
  44.     Vermian walks off the plane once they arrive, finally standing tall, looking like the rest during the flying around had done him well. He had a couple of frags on his belt, alongside a new pistol.
  45.     Vermian "Gruk, bring that large box with us as we go."
  46.     Hrunting    exits the plane once they arrive, lugging his missile launcher along side him. His great-chain sword slung behind his back, over-top his jump-pack.
  47.     EvilBob Gruk lifts up the big box for Vermian, leaving Divya on the plane as she went to try and do her things.
  48.     Charity walks out as well, Usha on her shoulder, and a wicked smile on her face
  49.     Zyr emerges from his room with his long-las slung over his shoulder. He descends the ramp to join the others.
  50.     Vermian looks around, seeming to be waiting for the usual Khorne peeps to show up, or come out to meet them.
  51.     Hrunting    "So, what's the plan here? Specifics? Who do we find and what do we kill or are we here to just faff about and talk?"
  52.     Turius  walks off, still holding his chainsword, observing the area
  53.     EvilBob A number of guards could be seen standing outside of the front door of the compound. One of them raises their rifle to their sights, taking a moment to peek at the group as they came in. He lowers his weapon, before consulting a dataslate.
  54.     Vermian looks to Hrunting, waiting a moment before speaking. "We're getting the Khorne warriors ready to go. Then we are intercepting a shipment of drugs."
  55.     Vermian "We're going to steal some of it. Then deliver the rest, to get in good with the faction who wants it."
  56.     EvilBob The man puts the dataslate away, before motioning the group closer. He pulls out a vox, and talks into it.
  57.     Hrunting    says monotonously, "Alright then. Do we have the location of the drugs?"
  58.     Vermian taps his helmet. "Yes. So long as what I learned from the men who's minds I consumed is true."
  59.     Vermian begins walking to the man with the vox.
  60.     Zyr brings up the rear
  61.     Hrunting    follows along with the group, keeping aware of possible sniper nests.
  62.     EvilBob He puts his vox down. His face seemed to be bone white, or at first glance appeared to be so, it covered with a bone white mask that only let his nose through. He motions to the other guard to start moving the gate with him. The man yells out, "Clear to go through. Commander Batarn cleared it herself."
  63.     EvilBob There were indeed four or so guard towers on all four sides of the ramshackle compound, looking like the whole thing was made in a hurry with whatever was around and available at the time. A few skulls were placed on top of the aluminium posts that made up the chainlink fence around the compound, which had three structures total.
  64.     Vermian heads on in, whenever the gate was open, looking to find the leader lady.
  65.     EvilBob One looking as if it were some kind of command post, sitting on a number of stilts off the ground about a half meter. One seemed to be sleeping quarters, having had a good section of it removed by much violence recently.
  66.     EvilBob A third looked as if it was once a garage in recent times. Soldiers were doing calisthenics in between the two latter buildings.
  67.     Hrunting    snorts derisively underneath his helmet at the soldiers, "What the shit are they doing dancing about like idiots there?"
  68.     EvilBob A few moments later, the command post's door is opened, the tallish blonde woman stepping out of it, flanked on either side by a pair of even larger soldiers, and followed by a much smaller and shorter soldier in behind her.
  69.     Vermian "We've got a couple of hours, before the shipment starts moving to where they planned to hit it. If you're still onboard."
  70.     EvilBob She nods. "Of course. James, if you would be so kind as to direct these men to their reward in the storage bunker, I would speak with their commander."
  71.     Von_Malik   nudges Turius and whispers
  72.     Von_Malik   ~We have a commander?~
  73.     Hrunting    mutters under his breath, "Fucking Commander my fat ass.... We're supposed to be partners."
  74.     Turius  shrugs
  75.     Vermian looks down to his warhound, and either ignoring the whispers and grumbling or not hearing them. "I assume you mean me? I'm just "the brains" as Hrunting put it, lest someone else wishes to find us entertainment."
  76.     EvilBob "Whoever. Terms of endearment."
  77.     Von_Malik   chuckles
  78.     EvilBob "Could be the fucking lord of cookies for all that it fucking matters. Whoever's gonna step up and tell me straight what the fuck we're gonna be doing," The smaller man, with his hands on his laspistol and handaxe, motions for all to follow after him.
  79.     Vermian nods, and moves to follow the woman.
  80.     Zyr moves to follow the smaller man
  81.     Hrunting    would follow whoever James is and asks out-loud. "So? Which one of you fucks is James and where's my loot?"
  82.     EvilBob The smallish man wearing big black framed glasses, and moving with a bit of a sullen pace towards the supply bunker, seemed to be the man to follow. He moves along quietly, shuffling every now and again.
  83.     Charity looks sideways at Hrunting and sighs
  84.     Hrunting    walks up to him and claps his hand across his back, "Is it you? Alright then! Show me where my stuff is, my man!"
  85.     Hrunting    "And step it up!"
  86.     Hrunting    laughs obnoxiously.
  87.     Turius  waits to follow James to see if there is anything of interest
  88.     EvilBob The man looks suddenly at Hrunting, staring at him as if he was burning something into his soul.
  89.     EvilBob THe man continues, sullenly walking, after that little bit of a staring contest. He motions inside, and holds up one finger.
  90.     EvilBob He adjusts his mask carefully.
  91.     Hrunting    pauses for a moment, then follows him again, noteably silent beneath his own helmet.
  92.     EvilBob The man lets the four or so go in and grab what they'd like, before standing and leaning against the outside of the bunker.
  93.     Zyr moves in and attempts to scrounge up some smoke grenades.
  94.     Divya   would eventually return from her room, and rejoin the group, a plasma pistol now on her armor as she would walk up to Vermains side, servo-skull hovering near her
  95.     EvilBob A woman with dyed pink skin, bright blonde hair, and as little clothing as was possible walks in behind Divya, her body covered in black skin vine tattoos, and wearing as little as could possible be worn without totally making the whole outfit worst.
  96.     EvilBob *worthless
  97.     Charity turns from browsing the armoury "I like her style, Divya, what's her name?"
  98.     Hrunting    exits from the tent with another chain-blade at his hip, bringing his sword count to four. He eyes the masked figure known as James for a moment.
  99.     EvilBob There were a few stares of anger as she walked in, soldiers stopping from the activities, (sharpening weapons, unjamming chains, preparing knives and the like) just to give a bit of a suspicious stare. James could be seen with his arms folded against the bunker itself, leaning against it.
  100.     Hrunting    leans over to James and asks him, "So? What's with the bitch? I didn't know you fellas were into whores."
  101.     Vermian would begin heading back to the group after speaking to the Khorne leader. "We should be good to go. They are onboard, and whatever spook we take off the top is ours to keep."
  102.     Divya   looks at Charity "A slave that now serves me, do not bother yourself with her."
  103.     Von_Malik   waits with an eerie level of calmness as the others pick up their nick nacks
  104.     Hrunting    "Wait... that's ours? Aww fuck yes!"
  105.     EvilBob He says nothing, Hrunting likely a half foot taller than he was. The man's arms tighten as he leans against the building.
  106.     Divya   would takke a moment to appraise Hrunting, nodding to herselve. She too would eventually pick out a laspistol that was to the hereteks liking.
  107.     Vermian "Well.. whenever you lot are ready to load up, we can move I think. If you want to go with the ground forces I say stay here.. I don't know how we'll be using the plane to get onto the tanker just yet."
  108.     Vermian "Though I guess Hrunting would find that easy."
  109.     Vermian gestures to his jump pack.
  110.     Vermian looks them all over before he starts walking back to the plane, taking a moment to glance at Divya's follower.
  111.     Zyr heads back out of the armoury with his smoke grenades
  112.     Hrunting    claps James on the shoulder once again and says, "Well, I'm off to kill. Tell Him I said hello. Blood for the Blood God, eh?" before leaving to board the plane. He would casually draw and sheath his swords as he boarded, adjusting their location on his bandolier slightly after each draw.
  113.     EvilBob A pair of trucks were being readied, as Gruk hands off a box to a set of comparitively smaller soldiers, who began to unbox it.
  114.     Von_Malik   Leaves back for the plane to make preparerations of his own
  115.     Charity walks out with a longlas that has a few attachments, "You sure, Divya? If that's how you lean, we might have much to discuss..."
  116.     EvilBob The woman follows after Divya, standing on oddly carved highheels. The plane is reloaded once more with the group if there were no objections to this, of course.
  117.     Divya   "Your attempts in that endeavor shall forever be fruitless, for I am not a sprite one might have resting upon their shoulders."
  118.     Hrunting    addresses Divya with his usual tact and poise, "Hey Medic? Who's the bitch in the high-heels?"
  119.     Charity smiles and pats Usha's head, "This poor girl was one i found in the underhive, so strung out she could only say her name. She's been getting better under my care, though..."
  120.     EvilBob There is a stressed giggle from atop of Charity's shoulders.
  121.     Turius  grabs a regular chainaxe, and tucks it away, stepping out of the armory.
  122.     Von_Malik   ++Turius I'll be in the plane preparing. You know where to find me if I'm required++
  123.     Hrunting    "Mighty muscular fuck... why does everyone seem to have a pet?"
  124.     EvilBob [ALright, who's going on the ground?]
  125.     Divya   "As I have said, Hrunting, she was a slave, now serves me. Of what interest is it to you?"
  126.     Hrunting    shrugs his shoulders and says, "Just curious is all. What she do?"
  127.     Divya   "She distracts those I desire slain."
  128.     Divya   turns her power armored head, red-tinted glass blocking her eyes from view "I would say she does this job admirably."
  129.     Vermian finds a seat and waits.
  130.     Divya   would follow her lord, taking the plane as well
  131.     Charity takes the plane as well, at the very least she'll get some flyby info for targets
  132.     Hrunting    "Ha! The fuck? That's all?"
  133.     Hrunting    laughs again, Gya-ha-ha-ing all the way back into the plane.
  134.     EvilBob SHe bends over and grabs her knees as Hrunting speaks, sticking out her tongue a little.
  135.     Divya   would observe the slave, looking back to Hrunting "Perhaps."
  136.     Von_Malik   Was sitting in the rear of the plane, relaxing and chatting with Greed
  137.     Hrunting    looks at the slave, then back to Divya, then back to the slave. "She does a damn fine job of doing so. Make sure she dosen't get fucked up. I'll need some in-flight entertainment. Gya-hahaha!"
  138.     EvilBob Gruk takes a bit, trying to get himself to enter the comparitively smaller aircraft, before saying, "Big thoughts, big thoughts," he says as he forces himself inside.
  139.     Hrunting    "Sure is cramped..."
  140.     Turius  gets onto the plane as well
  141.     Zyr takes a seat on the jet
  142.     Vermian sits quietly, just waiting for everyone to be loaded up, petting his warhound, looking deep in thought.
  143.     Hrunting    would stay standing near an exit on the plane.
  144.     EvilBob She grins, before sitting in a chair, folding her legs carefully. The warhound barks, before the back door shuts, and the plane takes off.
  145.     Divya   would sit next to Vermian, staying silent so as not to disturb the man.
  146.     EvilBob An hour passes, and then a half hour, before the pilot says over vox, ++Alright, so you want me to bring you over the top of this convoy? I'm already seeing a little action down below, on the augurs.++
  147.     Vermian "Sure, take us down above, and open up the back."
  148.     Vermian "Try to keep it steady. If they have any escort cars, I think we need to take those out first."
  149.     Vermian "Can bring us down over one of those."
  150.     EvilBob ++Bringing her in close, it's going to get hot.++ He says, as the craft veers in close to the ground. The door to the back starts opening up.
  151.     EvilBob Outside, in the dying light of a sun who has set, could be seen three trucks and cars ahead of a larger semi, and three behind it, following swiftly in formation. It looked as if most of the escort vehicles were armed, having a few brightly coloured gangers standing on the backs of each, in the heretek shaped technicals that they were.
  152.     EvilBob Stubber rounds, and lasbolts were already at this point, firing inside the open landing bay door of the plane.
  153.     Von_Malik   puts a hand to the side of his head
  154.     Von_Malik   ++Pilot do we have any rear ballistics on this vehicle?++
  155.     Hrunting    steadies himself and draws his missile launcher. ++Hey! If anyone else can use this better than I can? This should do the trick! Gya-ha-ha-ha!++
  156.     EvilBob ++Nothing of note. All we got is our ground support guns.++
  157.     Charity yawns and grabs up her longlas, and hands Usha her traditional weapon.
  158.     Charity ++Anyone feel like getting on the ground support guns for some support?++
  159.     EvilBob Usha takes up the lasgun, and aims. A stuttered, "b-b-badman!" could be heard.
  160.     Turius  gets up, grabbing his chain greatsword
  161.     Von_Malik   ++Understood. Try and get us just in front and above that vehicle. We need to stop it before we jump out like idiots++
  162.     Hrunting    ++Gya-ha-ha-ha! Fuck it!++
  163.     Charity slaps in a fresh charge pack, flicks it up to high power before stabilising and aiming. ++We'll be aiming for drivers, then.++
  164.     Hrunting    jumps out from the landing bay door of the plane and starts jetting towards the trucks.
  165.     Von_Malik   looks to Charity
  166.     Von_Malik   I'd appreciate if you took out the wheels instead. If they crash the vehicle the cargo could be destroyed
  167.     EvilBob Another 10m closer. Bullets and lasbolts were burning up everything but nothing as they were being fired, filling the back with holes. From opposite sides on this highway, could be seen the two blood red trucks barrelling out of them at high speed.
  168.     Charity "Wheelshots would have the same effect and still leave one of their members combat effective. no."
  169.     Vermian stays sitting, waiting for the warriors to handle most of it. "Really if we could take all of the vehicles intact it might be nice, though I've no idea how to do that."
  170.     Vermian "But here is a fight, as I understand that is all most of you desire."
  171.     Charity "Drugs are nice, Vermian, favor is better. But we have to do some killing to get them."
  172.     Von_Malik   "I feel the need to point out the futility of that comment. I doubt those who are actually leaving the plane are overly concerned with killing one more man
  173.     Hrunting    ++Quit talking and start shooting you idiots!++
  174.     Von_Malik   folds his hands together in his seat, watching the others. He turns to Greed and looks towards the door
  175.     Von_Malik   "Greed please unleash some aggression towards those vehicles outside"
  176.     =-= EvilBob has changed the topic to “Charity, Turius, Divya, Vermain, Zyr, Hrunting.”
  177.     EvilBob Usha yells "Badmen! Badmen!" As she fires a lasbolt at the second vehicle, barely denting it. It's the first lasbolt that seems to do quite a bit, burning a hole into the vehicle's windshield and cracking it, causing the driver to drive a bit erratically.
  178.     EvilBob The second vehicle opens fire on the Charity on her position on the end of the landing bay door.
  179.     EvilBob Heavy stubber fire rains down upon her position like rain on a blistery day, the man in the arms seat having a good day, where it seems Charity will not.
  180.     Von_Malik   stands up, looking to Turius, adjusting his helmet under his robes
  181.     Von_Malik   ++Turius I'd say they are close enough now++
  182.     Turius  jumps onto the closest vehicle from the back of the jet
  183.     EvilBob The third vehicle takes a moment, and then as Turius moves to jump down on the first vehicle, fires with all gusto on the marine as he lands.
  184.     EvilBob Bullets and stubbers could be seen flying and firing respectively as Turius impacts the engine of the first car, smashing up the hood of the thing something fierce.
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  186.     -->|    YOU (Zyr_) have joined #waagh
  187.     =-= Topic for #waagh is “Charity, Turius, Divya, Vermain, Zyr, Hrunting.”
  188.     =-= Topic for #waagh was set by EvilBob! on Thursday, September 22, 2011 12:36:53 PM
  189.     Charity drops to the ground as bullets impact her form
  190.     |<--    Zyr has left (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  191.     =-= YOU are now known as Zyr
  192.     Divya   looks to Charity "Would you wish I do something about her?"
  193.     EvilBob The stubbers on the front of the truck began firing, as well as the autocannon atop the tanker itself, at the marine and the plane.
  194.     EvilBob Vermian may act, as autocannons threaten the large marine, heavy stubber firing impacting the roof of the plane and little else.
  195.     Vermian leans forward, grabbing Charity by the shoulder and firing warpstuff from his free hand. He would hopefully pull her back into the plane a bit further with the rest of his action so they were out of line of fire.
  196.     Turius  manages to dodge the incoming fire while still hanging on
  197.     EvilBob Autocannon rounds impact the ground ahead of the legionnaire as warpstuff starts a flying.
  198.     EvilBob And then warp stuff starts a hitting, as the first car is struck while Turius is aboard it, impacting and burning the thing beneath him with foul energies.
  199.     EvilBob Zyr may act.
  200.     EvilBob Sparks and flames start as the technical's weapon is burned and lit aflame in front of Turius, the car seemingly having little willingness to go on at this point.
  201.     Vermian looks to Divya. "Patch her up if you do not mind? She's yet to do anything to be underserving of some aid."
  202.     Divya   nods "Of course, Lord."
  203.     Divya   would call over her servo-skull and begin working upon the woman with assistance.
  204.     Zyr reaches out with his mind and attempts to push the brake pedal within the truck in hard.
  205.     EvilBob There is an ungodly screech from the semi as its brakes kick in.
  206.     EvilBob A few seconds later, could be heard a bung noise from the far rear of the convoy itself, and then screeches, another bang, and then could be seen the two vehicles left behind as the two were stopped.
  207.     EvilBob The third vehicle drives around the other two's attempts at recreating a terrible derby and drives alongside the tanker.
  208.     EvilBob The furthest two trucks open fire on the convoy.
  209.     Von_Malik   Watches on quietly as the vehicles collide
  210.     Zyr "Well, that worked"
  211.     EvilBob One of the truck's guns seemingly stops firing, as the soldier could be seen from this distance hitting and slapping at the heavy stubber within.
  212.     EvilBob It's the other one, armed with an autocannon, that manages a couple hits on the far truck.
  213.     EvilBob Autocannon shells could be seen impacting the side of the truck.
  214.     Hrunting    's afterburners light up as he accelarates towards the lead truck with his great-chainsword in his hands, his voice drowned out by the burning of his jump pack and the whirring of his sword.
  215.     EvilBob Hrunting lands in the furthest truck, which was currently under fire by a number of khornates, who seemed to have done a good number on the thing.
  216.     EvilBob Scratch that.
  217.     EvilBob Hrunting lands in the truck just ahead of the semi, in good view of the weapons built onto the front of the massive thing.
  218.     EvilBob [...]
  219.     EvilBob Scratch that.
  220.     EvilBob He lands on the semi, in view of the two weapons on top of the tank itself.
  221.     EvilBob Greed opens fire on the second truck in the convoy.
  222.     EvilBob Charity and Usha may go while he rolls.
  223.     EvilBob Stubber rounds fire out the back of the plane as Greed aims his heavy stubber out the back door.
  224.     Charity i'm still unconcious, you decide usha's target for maximum vengance with the supershot
  225.     EvilBob The ganger manning the autocannon is splattered by Hrunting's attack, as the other one near the back takes aim at him.
  226.     EvilBob Usha lands on her knees, as she floats upwards, and starts to bawl. She yells, "BAD MEN!" As she aims for the car that damaged Charity, and which Turius was aboard.
  227.     EvilBob And with that, a one in a thousand shot catches the front of the craft.
  228.     EvilBob There is a bright gout of flame as the promethium inside the craft catches alight with the bolt and explodes.
  229.     EvilBob The legionnaire slams into the second craft down the line as the vehicles plow through it.
  230.     EvilBob Turius may act.
  231.     EvilBob The plane yanks upwards as it manages to dodge the worst of the ordeal.
  232.     Von_Malik   sits back down, sighing through his helm
  233.     Turius  unleashes a furious attack on the driver with his chain greatsword, shouting every curse he knows
  234.     Vermian wobbles as the plane moves about, watching the fight down below, hard to tell how he felt about it all with his helmet on.
  235.     Von_Malik   looks to Divya
  236.     Von_Malik   Do I recall this vehicle having support guns accessible from here?
  237.     Vermian "I think they are forward facing, and a bit high calibur. We might not want to use it on the truck. Or the two down there fighing."
  238.     Divya   "I have not concerned myself with any such things. Why not go down and support him, he looks as if he might be in need of medicae anyway."
  239.     EvilBob The vehicle suddenly veers off to its left, before crashing into a lightpost with Turius still aboard it, smashing the weapons built onto the back briefly.
  240.     EvilBob Divya may act.
  241.     Von_Malik   shrugs
  242.     Von_Malik   "Considering we've already blown up one of the vehicles. I don't imagine much of the cargo is left to salvage"
  243.     Vermian "As long as the main truck stays intact we should have something."
  244.     Divya   "Perhaps most of the cargo remains on the semi."
  245.     EvilBob The remaining autocannon opens up on Hrunting, as the heavy stubber continues to fire upwards at the plane
  246.     EvilBob Heavy stubber fire connects, but probably won't do much. The last truck in front of the semi fires at Turius as it drives past him and the smashed vehicle.
  247.     EvilBob Zyr may act.
  248.     Hrunting    stares at the heavy-stubber gunner and revs his great-sword.
  249.     Zyr aims at one of the gunners before squeezing the trigger.
  250.     EvilBob The nearest gunner is ashed by Zyr, as his body disappears in a sudden gout of localised flame.
  251.     EvilBob The two khorne boys drive up ahead, one attempting to deal with a jammed gun, the other, well, firing on the crashed truck as it passed.
  252.     EvilBob It is then, that the vehicle carrying Turius and his form is consumed by a bright flame as a single of the autocannon shells connect, the vehicle exploding once more.
  253.     Von_Malik   stands up, walking to the open bay of the plane, speaking in a surpringingly calm manner
  254.     Von_Malik   Did our momentary allies just Incinerate our personal Astartes?
  255.     Vermian "I think the car just exploded. No idea if they meant to do that or not. I'd hope not."
  256.     Divya   looks to Malik "...In any case, I do still have the Narthecium you refused."
  257.     Hrunting    ++What the SHIT?++
  258.     Von_Malik   "They shot an immobile vehicle with him on it. In any case I suppose someone should retrieve him before they do"
  259.     Divya   would draw her plasma pistol "Then perhaps we are dealing with more than just the Slaaneshis?"
  260.     Hrunting    ++Are we going to kill everyone then?++
  261.     Von_Malik   Looks to Divya, pulling off his helmet and smiling politely at her
  262.     EvilBob Hrunting may act.
  263.     Von_Malik   "Now madam I am a man of diplomacy, My decision would be to discuss the matter, is fortunate in this case that noone here listens to me"
  264.     Von_Malik   he finishes, refitting the helm
  265.     Divya   quirks her head "What might I have done to offend you?"
  266.     Zyr "We are going to kill the khornates?"
  267.     Hrunting    's jump-pack burns brightly as he jets towards the one who shot him with the autocannon, great-chainsword revving.
  268.     Vermian "Well I don't think they meant to kill him.. I don't see what they have to gain from it."
  269.     Vermian shrugs, looking to Zyr. "Up to you. I don't think Hrunting cares one way or the other."
  270.     Zyr has a perplexed look on his face.
  271.     EvilBob The second autocannon gunner atop the semi-truck is pureed, as Greed moves to throw Von_Malik on his order.
  272.     Von_Malik   "I would ever claim to be offended. Merely alight with a small measure of surprise and interest in your responce. The gentlemen in me disagrees in killing everyone, however my blood bond with the Astartes dwells on some measure of blood thirst"
  273.     Von_Malik   nods to Greed
  274.     Divya   "Ah. Indeed, as they have turned on our most powerful asset, perhaps they soon seek to down this vessel. We may very well seek revenge before they begin attacking the rest of us."
  275.     Von_Malik   "Do try to aim for the top of the vehicle Greed. I'd like to retrieve the cargo in tact"
  276.     Hrunting    +++Look! Can we just deal with this later? Am I to kill them or not?++
  277.     Von_Malik   extends a hand to Divya before being thrown
  278.     Von_Malik   "Mad'am as much as it pains my pride. I will need that device to secure our asset"
  279.     Vermian "+I'd rather you not Hrunting! At least focus on the Slaaneshi's and see if they attack another of us!+"
  280.     Hrunting    ++Alright, now let's stop talking confusing shit and deal with all our opponents. Who else do I have to kill?++
  281.     Divya   "I lack it upon my possession, it would take me some time to retrieve it."
  282.     Vermian "+Kill anyone guarding the truck, leave the Khorne boys till we know they are trying to kill us!+"
  283.     Hrunting    ++Okay, this is how this team is supposed to work now! Never a missed communication!++
  284.     Von_Malik   "Very well. off I go then"
  285.     EvilBob Greed grabs a hold of Von Malik, and then throws him from the plane a the front of the semi.\
  286.     EvilBob At that point, he connects with the front of the semi, rolling onto the hood of the craft, and then smashes into the cab of the thing.
  287.     Divya   nods "Of course, Lord."
  288.     EvilBob Charity and Usha may act.
  289.     Hrunting    ++...what was that?++
  290.     Von_Malik   crashes through the window ++I call that the human bullet sir++
  291.     EvilBob With a crash and a bang, the semi starts swerving violently.
  292.     EvilBob At that point, Hrunting loses his grip and then slips off the top of the tanker as it swerved, throwing him a good three meters off..
  293.     Hrunting    ++Why would you even think that's a good idea?++
  294.     Hrunting    would sound a little bit winded.
  295.     EvilBob Off the side of the truck and then bouncing off the side of the one of the Khorne boys as he lands on the pavement.
  296.     Vermian "..Hmm.."
  297.     Hrunting    groans in pain.
  298.     Divya   "Honestly, Lord, it appears we're doing them a favor."
  299.     Hrunting    ++What. The. Fuck. Please stop doing stupid shit like that!++
  300.     Von_Malik   looks over to the driver, Now sitting inside the remains of his former gunner, adjusting himself in the seat "Now that you've seen how we treat ourselves. I'm going to suggest stopping this vehicle and surrendering. At least you'll get to live and report this"
  301.     EvilBob The man nods, freaked the fuck out, as he hits the brakes.
  302.     Turius  lays on the ground next to the exploded vehicle, out cold from the sheer force. His suit kicks in, working on restoring his consciousness
  303.     Divya   would nod, pointing her weapon at the man that she had selected. With a sigh, she would squeeze the trigger and send two bolts of super-heated gases at her target, Hrunting.
  304.     Divya   then directs the servo-skull to fire with its hell weapon as well.
  305.     EvilBob And then hellbolts and plasmablasts catch Hrunting's prone form on the pavement as treachery rears its ugly head. One of the drivers yanks hard and drives out of the way of the incoming semi-rear.
  306.     EvilBob Vermian may act.
  307.     Vermian looks to Divya as she opens fire on Hrunting and shrugs, holding out his hand and doing the same, but with the energies of the warp, almost half heartedly.
  308.     EvilBob Warp energies strike Hrunting, as the two khorne boys slow down and make a turn.
  309.     EvilBob The autocannon truck takes a while shot at Turius.
  310.     EvilBob Zyr may act, as the truck makes no joy in its sudden spin.
  311.     Zyr tracks the enemy autocannoner and fires again.
  312.     EvilBob The autocannoner took a lasbolt to the back, and held on all the tighter to the controls of his weapon.
  313.     EvilBob Hrunting is currently indisposed. Greed and Von_Malik may act.
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