Alternate Luke #1

Feb 13th, 2015
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  1. Name: Duke Lukem
  2. Gender: M
  3. Race: Unicorn
  4. Class: Movie Star
  5. Age: 24
  6. Era: Alternate timelines
  7. Deity: Celestia/Luna
  8. Alignment: True Neutral
  10. Racials:
  11. --Unicorn Catalyst: passive; a unicorn’s horn counts as a catalyst for spellcasting.
  12. --Unicorn Telekinesis: spell; manipulate objects through sheer force of will. Complex tasks and heavier objects may require more focus.
  13. --Dowsing: spell; Find Alcohol
  15. Skills:
  16. Chaos: Recharge 8 after effect ends; Turns all opponents against one another for 2 turns. Any non-critfail counterattack damage is also applied to a random enemy from their infighting
  17. Barrage: Ranged, Recharge 5; Hits all enemies within range, even if they are behind cover or not directly in your view. Benefits from Trick Ammo.
  18. Cleave: weapon; attack multiple targets within range that are close to each other. Every additional target increases the chance of a critical miss (attacking 2 targets crit fails on 2-; attacking 5 targets crit fails on 5-; etc)
  20. Talent: I'm cooler than you: +1 skill point to be used
  22. Inventory:
  23. (Equipped)
  24. A wife beater undershirt
  25. Camo green cargo pants
  26. Chain necklace with locket (within is a picture of his calico cat)
  27. Ug CORP Time machine wrist watch prototype [maximum load of one pony per use]
  28. Double pistols [dual wield ranged]
  29. The Ug CORP Sun Rise (A super large mechanical club designed like a baseball bat. The toy box it came in advertises it has the power to bat suns. for ages 8 and up) [great weapon]
  30. small army camo backpack
  31. (Within bag)
  32. Carton of cigarettes
  33. Zippo Lighter
  34. Jerky
  35. Cocktail mixer
  36. Miscellanious juices
  37. Miscellanious alcoholic beverages
  38. some comic books
  39. skateboard
  40. Pony Pals playset
  41. 20 bits
  43. Description:
  44. One of the many alternate timeline Lukes, Duke Lukem a hard boiled ultra muscular badass with an affinity for baseball and hot babes has come back from the not so distant future to impress Luke Warm.
  46. Alternates:
  47. There may be more alternate Lukes to come and if so they will have the same mechanics as this albeit with different descriptions
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