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Jun 10th, 2018 (edited)
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  1. Hi, here are some encoding formats you can use with my uploader:
  2. You cannot upload encoded images through the UI, this is for use with ShareX only.
  3. On your ShareX custom uploder's settings, add the following to your headers:
  4. 'encodeversion' (no quotes)
  5. and as the value, add one of the following numbers:
  7. Then your uploads will have encoded json!
  8. Finally, to use this encoded JSON you need to change your returned URL!
  9. basically for the img id json you wanna use $json:files[0].encodeString$
  10. You can see all the available JSON by hitting the Test button and pressing "Show last response"
  12. You can also include any prefix/suffix as well as text inside the encoded strings, so long as the encoding format doesn't use those keys to decode.
  13. For example, if you use format 10, which is numbers-only, you could add any characters that aren't numbers to your encoded string!
  14. so you could have your URL be this:
  16. the "owo" and "whats_this" dont interfere with the encoding since they're not numbers, it will still parse the embed correctly.
  17. Remember not to use spaces on the URLs though, since that would break the URL.
  18. You can also add text directly inside the encoded string, just not with ShareX, however.
  19. But if you upload with format 10, with the URL above, you would get something like
  21. you could add text in the middle of the numbers, like so:
  23. And this would embed correctly as long as the numbers are the same, and in the same order.
  24. This applies to all encoding formats, not just format 10.
  26. There is no UI for viewing encoded things anywhere, and an upload can only have a single encoding format.
  29. 1 = Bunch of special chars
  30. 2 = all commas and dot sepperators
  31. 3 = small chars, looks like zalgo
  32. -- Not reliable on discord
  33. 4 = small chars but with invis sepperators [Uses Zero-Width]
  34. 5 = special chars but sepperator is the word 'gay' [Uses Zero-Width]
  35. 6 = all characters are invis but 1 character [Uses Zero-Width]
  36. 7 = all characters are zero-width or invisible [Not 100% reliable on Discord] [Uses Zero-Width]
  37. 8 = all characters are zero-width, sepperators is word 'gay' [Not 100% reliable on Discord] [Uses Zero-Width]
  38. --
  39. 9 = Upgraded e7, all chars are zero-width. [Needs testing] [Uses Zero-Width]
  40. 10 = All numbers, Seperator = 0
  41. 11 = Entirely emojis [Triggers bot antispam]
  42. 12 = arabic big letter [Uses Zero-Width] [Triggers bot antispam]
  43. 13 = kanji mixup
  44. 14 = Entirely ok_hand [Uses Zero-Width] [Triggers bot antispam]
  45. 15 = Entirely :eyes: [Uses Zero-Width] [Triggers bot antispam]
  46. 16 = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯‍ [Uses Zero-Width] [Triggers bot antispam]
  47. 17 = d1nzy's copypasta ‍[Uses Zero-Width] [Triggers bot antispam]
  48. 18 = Entirely red heart emojis [Uses Zero-Width] [Triggers bot antispam]
  49. 19 = Random heart emojis [Triggers bot antispam]
  50. 20 = "Steam is better" meme [Uses Zero-Width]
  51. 21 = "bc it fucking sucks" meme [Uses Zero-Width]
  52. 22 = same as v9 but had a prefix of a space-length invis char, which makes links on discord not include some invis chars (so if you use this the clickable part of your URL on discord will actually point to the URL it should) [Uses Zero-Width]
  53. 23 = ayaya pasta [Uses Zero-Width]
  54. 24 = hiragana A spam [Uses Zero-Width]
  55. 25 = fat ayaya meme LOL [Uses Zero-Width]
  56. 26 = underage okhand meme [Uses Zero-Width]
  57. 27 = d1nzy's oWo meme [Uses Zero-Width]
  58. 28 = Spaghet [Uses Zero-Width]
  59. 29 = new invis encoding template for discord [Uses Zero-Width]
  62. 99 = testing version - will change often (dont use)
  64. Note: Formats that use Zero-Width or invis chars will not work in many places.
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