Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 27.5, Disturbed Chaos

Sep 22nd, 2019 (edited)
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  1. >"Uuuugh, can we do anything else other than stalking everypony? It's been weeks and I'm bored. Besides, what's the point in looking into their private lives when you don't act and do something?"
  2. >Chrysalis was falling from her position on the sofa as boredom hit her while Discord was slurping a milkshake to the ground.
  3. >The floor was also made of chocolate milk.
  4. >"Weeks? Pfft, relax, Chrysi. It's not like it's been 273 days since we've been doing nothing but watching other creatures lives! But who's counting anyway?" Discord says as he keeps drinking from the floor with the help of his long straw.
  5. >With a tone of annoyance and throwing her own milkshake to the floor, Chrysalis grunts. "I have had enough! I demand you to release me from here! You told me I would be babysitting- not that I'm complaining because I never actually did -but WHAT is it that you need me here for?"
  6. >"I'm just lonely, that's all. What's with my brilliant idea of sending my only son to another alternative Equestria to test him... I should check on him soon." Discord puts his claw inside the sofa he was sitting on and looked for something, after a few seconds, he finds a cookie inside. "Finally, I wanted to change the channel without getting up." He then pressed the cookie with his talon, turning the TV that was across the throne room on. "Being a father is so difficult these days." He says while changing the channel to channel from the TV.
  7. >"I still don't believe what you showed me... different Equestrias, It doesn't make any sense. I do like the Equestria that ends poorly and with me as the ruler, though. But what do you win by showing me this? Confusing me? Because you're achieving that."
  8. >"Yeah, yeah, different timelines, give your thanks to some pink unicorn with overpowered lessons in magic for all of that... huh." Discord moved from the sofa to the TV and started trying to move a figure of himself holding an antenna that was on top of the TV. "I can't get a good visual on my son, which is odd... I knew I should have sent him to that Equestria with the nuclear waste, at least he could have earned himself a new hoof or something rad. Oh well! I will check later. Or not! Who I am to worry about him I’m just his father."
  9. >Chrysalis looks at Discord with annoyance on her eyes. "Can I go now?"
  10. >"Well I never said you could stay, as a matter of fact, you can leave anytime you want."
  11. >"Wh-What?! I could leave any moment I wanted? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME? I'VE BEEN CRAZY HERE WITH THE KING OF CLOWNS!"
  12. >Discord shrugged. "You never asked."
  13. >Chrysalis takes a few breaths while holding a hoof on her forehead.
  14. >"Alright, I'm leaving."
  15. >"Oh, you want me to teleport you back to the empire? Or wanna go for a ride and see how the world is messed up? You would LOVE to see what the dragons have done with the lands around their home! Lovely, lovely, chaos! Hahaha!"
  16. >"The dragons are acting up? Huh, never saw that one coming. I thought they were just territorial and loved hoarding gold and goods in their caverns." Chrysalis gets up from her seat and stretches her wings and legs. "So much for being lazy without achieving anything... I need to go back to my subjects and prepare for a war against those dragons if they come anywhere near our territory."
  17. >"Oh don't worry, they will eventually reach the Crystal Empire! And I will be there."
  18. >Discord snaps his fingers, and makes a camera and director’s outfit appear for himself.
  19. >"To watch and record it too! Can't miss any little details! Not like I missed recording that little filly fighting against the princess of the dragons! Now that was a fight!"
  20. >"...The what now?"
  21. >"Oh nothing much, you were sleeping while I was watching how this filly... ugh, forgot her name, Sweat something was it... well, the point is that she pretty much won a fight with shadows and trickeries! Sombra sure trained that filly to be combat effective. Ah, child labor, just like those TV programs of kids singing for their parents. If only Alberto could sing properly, he would make a goldmine."
  22. >"Okay just... tell me what happened." Chrysalis asks, ignoring the randomness of Discord
  23. >"What, that fight? The filly won, knocked herself out from using too much dark magic and returned to her shadow. Most likely she returned to the Empire safe and sound." Discord takes a bite of the cookie he had still holding with his magic. "Ohm, right, there was this changeling in armor that didn't make it out, poor soul his face won't look the same, I mean, haha! Even the helmet was nearly torn apart!" Discord hides a smug smile to himself as Chrysalis catches a chill going down her changeling back. "Poor fate, right?"
  24. >Without replying, Chrysalis starts to fly and goes towards the direction she thinks is the quickest to the Empire.
  25. >"Going so soon? Shame, I didn't get to tell her about the Windigos... oh well, I won't tell spoilers to anyone today it seems."
  26. >Discord snaps his talons, the throne room going back to 'normal' and a script appearing on his talons.
  27. >"Right, now let's see where I left off-" He flips through the pages on the script until noticing something new. "Wait, this is wrong. Why I am in a chapter? This isn't right."
  28. DISCORD starts to read through his lines, paying attention to the next lines that were written before him.
  29. >"no, i don't think i will. don't think using capital letters will catch any of my attention. besides, i got better things to do, like playing hide and seek with celestia and annoying Fluttershy’s little speedrun or whatever she calls it."
  30. However, discord didn't poof away the script.
  31. Enough of the script, discord decided to close it and take a sigh.
  32. Looking forward he made appear some crayons, with a smirk he thought to scratch the whole chapter that was about himself and the queen of the changelings.
  33. Pleading to forget about it, he just ignored that there was a chapter of himself and chrysalis since it wasn't that long or interesting anyway.
  34. Maybe he was just surprised that the script he found the first day of his rule finally started to type about his own figure and not his son.
  35. Even so...
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