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  1. Ocbd guide
  3. Top gud
  4. Mercer and Sons (Best OCBD, get it tailored if you don't want to wear a tent)
  5. Ratio -( custom so money, but really great)
  6. Kumakara (limited range of colours/patterns, be warned, with a tie, the roll looks like it's giving birth ) Limited selection. Vintage ivy range is really nice.
  7. Drakes - (expensive )
  8. Spier and Mackay - (custom)
  9. Luxire - (custom, send a shirt that already fits)
  10. J.Press - (noice)
  12. Medium gud
  13. Gitman Vintage (good quality made in the USA, inconsistent fit, wide variety of funky prints)
  14. Brooks Brothers (ubiquitous but quality has declined over the years. lots of non-iron bullocks. Go for must iron original polos, worth thrifting for)
  15. Ralph polo ( annoying logo, often made in Shithole countries <- only relevant if you care about this kind of thing)
  16. Boggi Milano - great budget option. Very slimfit
  18. not gud
  19. LL bean. Lands End (small collars, for Lands end get the Hyde Park must-iron)
  20. GAP - (like uniqlo, bit boxier, lots of stretch fabric bullocks)
  21. Uniqlo (small collars, skele-fit,)
  22. Eton (way too expensive for what it is, ties have problems staying in place due to curse)
  23. Charles Tywritt/T.M Lewin (small collars, very stiff cheap fabrics. Best of a bad bunch if you're in a budget.
  24. J.Crew - (small collars, thin, cheap fabric, short hems
  26. Not worth commenting on tier
  27. >High street/mall tier brands
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