Looking tight (RDxAnon, short, lewd, 'just friends')

Sep 1st, 2017
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  1. "Dude, Dash, we can see everything,"
  2. >You tell her, doing your best to avert your eyes away from her crotch as you point it with an open palm
  3. >"What? Oh... that. Who cares?"
  4. "I care! And why--aren't you supposed to wear panties under spats?!"
  5. >"I forgot my spares,"
  6. >You groan, bringing a hand to wipe the exasperation from her matter-of-fact tone off of your face
  7. "Then just put your skirt back on!"
  8. >"Bro, I can't play football with a skirt on!"
  9. "Then let's just take a break while you go back to your house to grab a pair panties."
  10. >"Oh come on, stop being a pussy, it's just us! If you don't want to see it, just don't look,"
  11. >You can't stop yourself from peeking down as she brings a hand to her hips to emphasize her smug expression
  12. "I-I can't not look at it, it's right there!"
  13. >You know you don't have to tell her that, she obviously knows what she's doing
  14. >"I don't mind,"
  15. "Fucks sake, Dash, you're a girl, try and act like it for once--"
  16. >"Why? Afraid to lose because of the raging boner you're popping right now?"
  17. "That's not--"
  18. >"You chicken?"
  19. "Don't fucking call me that--"
  20. >"CHICKEN!"
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