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  1. Medical researchers have been carrying out experiments to determine the cause of the disease.
  2. A team of detectives is trying to find out what exactly happened the night her husband disappeared.
  3. For the French exchange trip I’m sorting out the train tickets and deciding which student goes with which family.
  4. I checked the fridge and I see we’ve run out of butter. Could you go and buy some?
  5. The family shoe-making business was set up by my great great grandfather in 1875.
  6. She lives in New York now but she grew up in the small town east of Chicago where she was born.
  7. Who smashed the window? If no one owns up to breaking it, I will cancel the class trip to the mountains.
  8. I’m not sure which one to buy; I can’t make up my mind. I’m terrible at making decisions.
  9. I’m fairly certain that my parents felt I had let them down when I failed my exams – they’d paid for a good education for me.
  10. It’s not fair! Mark hit me and my mum told me off for shouting at him. She always favours him.
  12. 2.
  13.     1. grow up
  14.     2. set up
  15.     3. own up to - confess something you did
  16.     4. make up
  17.     5. let down
  18.     6. tell off
  19.     7. find out
  20.     8. sort out
  21.     9. carry out
  22.     10. run out
  24. 1. carry out the teacher's instructions exactly
  25. 2. took up tennis at
  26. 3. was set up by
  27. 4. was put off by
  28. 5. we turn up,
  29. 6. didn't make up her
  30. 7. looking forward to hear
  31. 8. didn't run out of
  32. 9. to put up with
  33. 10. carry on
  34. 11. would look into
  35. 12. able to come up with
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