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  1. - Start as warrior, unequip everything but pants
  2. - Head to catacombs through the firelink stash to get the homeward bones
  3. - After the bones pick up the soul in the graveyard, pop it at some point before boning back from the catacombs
  4. - Use your shield to block the skeletons / titanite demon, pick up the eyes of death behind the demon
  5. - After getting the sword, level up to 16 STR at Firelink bonfire
  6. - Head to gargoyles through burg > havel's tower
  7. - Pick up the bow in Basin
  8. - Kill the titanite demon in Parish and pick up the titanite, use the souls you got to buy a weapon smithbox from Andre
  9. - Take the bonfire at Parish, kill gargoyles, bone back
  11. - Upgrade your GLS with the demon titanite you got, level up anything with the rest of the souls
  12. - Kill Lautrec on the way down to Quelaag, pick up the ring
  13. - Kill Quelaag, ring the bell, if you don't want to Ceaseless skip you can kill him at this point, otherwise bone back
  14. - Head to Sif, kill Andre with three two handed swipes from GLS, he gets toxiced and will die from the damage so just hit him three times and start running to Sif
  15. - Pick up stone armour after Alvina
  16. - Pick up the Hornet ring before activating the boss fight, kill Sif
  17. - Bone back, level up but save around 14k souls for Crestfallen merchant
  18. - Buy 10 green blossoms, 2 titanite shards and a bunch of large arrows from the merchant, remember to use the blossoms before bossfights
  19. - Use the strong attacks of GLS to stagger the golem, should be 3 hits for stagger
  21. - Level up whatever you want with the souls you have at Anor Londo, save 5k for the GLS upgrade
  22. - Pick up the demon titanite at the bottom of the elevator
  23. - Take the bonfire before O&S, upgrade your GLS
  24. - Beat O&S, kill Gwynevere with the bow, warp back to firelink
  25. - Upgrade your bow and level up some dex so you do a bit more damage with your bow
  27. - Head to New Londo, shoot Ingward with the bow
  28. - Remember to put on the covenant of artorias so you don't die while jumping down to 4 kings
  29. - Kill 4 kings with stone armour, talk to Kaathe and let him carry you to Firelink altar
  30. - Place Lordvessel
  32. - Warp to Anor Londo, duke skip
  33. - Kill Seath
  34. - Head to Nito and kill him with stone armour on
  35. - And finally go through all of Izalith & kill BoC
  37. - Parry the shit out of Gwyn, stone armour can help if you're not 100% confident in your parries, remember hornet ring
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