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  1. pastebin friday - conflictions.
  3. so memorial day is all about honoring THE TROOPS. on the one hand that's a whole lot of malarkey and propaganda but at the same time it is important to honor those who have fought for a cause they believed in (or someone else believed in) and died for it.
  5. so memorial day is already a fun time of year for conflicting emotions. but here's where it gets shitty.
  7. my father was a veteran.
  9. my father was also a scumbag.
  11. so here's where the dillemma is. on the one hand, i'd like to honor his memory and his service for memorial day. that would involve going to waltham where he's buried and like cleaning up his site, at the very least. on the other hand, propaganda.
  13. and in the same vein, there's also the "does an absolute scumbag deserve to be honored like this?" argument, and the counter point of "all people deserve some kind of recognition, especially because he's your father". i don't believe i've ever gone to his grave, and i don't know if i'm ready to do that, but. part of me wants to.
  15. i don't know. i'm all kinds of conflicted.
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