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  1. The date of Zackry's death should be changed from the last night of July to the last night of September.
  3. The reason for this change is that around the end of July, I would start to see people posting and even messaging me about 365 and Zackry's death. I loved seeing this because it meant people enjoyed the story I had written.
  5. I no longer enjoyed it when fate socked me over the head and a very young, very weak kitten I was caring for passed away in a very horrific way on that exact night. It is an event that caused me to develop very real trauma to the point where I am much more sensitive around anything involving cats in even slight discomfort.
  7. I have no issues with the posts people make as they approach the night of Zackry's death. I simply cannot handle seeing a rise in talk about sick innocent beings dying young on the anniversary of my kitten's death. That is the only reason.
  9. In honor of the reason behind this retcon, the new date of Zackry's death is the last night of September, keeping the original story intact while granting him just over a full year of life. I couldn't give it to Pookah but I can give it to Zackry.
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