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  1. [Intro]
  2. Oh yeah
  3. Yes, yes, yes
  4. A yeah, yes, yes
  6. [Pre Chorus]
  7. Dig, dig, dig
  8. Craft, craft, craft
  9. Dig, dig, dig
  10. Craft, craft, craft
  11. Build, build, build
  12. Slay, slay, slay
  13. Build, build, build
  14. Slay, slay, slay
  16. [Chorus]
  17. Minecraft, Minecraft
  18. Minecraft, Minecraft
  19. Mine, mine, Minecraft
  20. Minecraft, Minecraft
  21. Minecraft, Minecraft
  22. Mine, mine, Minecraft
  23. Minecraft
  25. [Verse 1]
  26. I clicked the button now there's all them blocks
  27. Go up to a tree and get in the knocks
  28. Craft some wooden tools then go get some stone
  29. Always watch out 'cause you're never alone
  30. Now to make a house, what block should I choose
  31. Most likely wood, so much I can't refuse
  32. Mabey I'll run to the nearest village
  33. Long as I don't drown in lava spillage
  34. In or top a mountain to be crazy
  35. You can't quit halfway through to be lazy
  36. Run for food and water to start my farm
  37. I'll need animals for animal farms
  38. Once that's done I will find me some iron
  39. Having that and falling would be so dire
  40. Craft a pickaxe then find and shout diamonds
  41. Obsidian to portal, I'm flyin' (Yeah)
  43. [Pre Chorus]
  44. Dig, dig, dig
  45. Craft, craft, craft
  46. Dig, dig, dig
  47. Craft, craft, craft
  48. Build, build, build
  49. Slay, slay, slay
  50. Build, build, build
  51. Slay, slay, slay
  53. [Chorus]
  54. Minecraft, Minecraft
  55. Minecraft, Minecraft
  56. Mine, mine, Minecraft
  57. Minecraft, Minecraft
  58. Minecraft, Minecraft
  59. Mine, mine, Minecraft
  60. Minecraft
  62. [Verse 2]
  63. Could make a list of things to do down to the floor
  64. An hour a night ain't enough, be cool to have more
  65. Monster spawner in sky, fall to death, no more roars
  66. Get that floating sky base built behind my house core
  67. Carve into the mountain to expand my basement
  68. Find lots new places, I'll go Nether and bring flint
  69. Build underwater base 'cause most things I haven't
  70. Trade for underwater temple map, they'll get the hint
  71. Same for mansion and maybe burn it down like Dan
  72. Finish the cloud reaching tower whenev I can
  73. Keep getting infinite minerals, diamond man
  74. Turn the Nether to the Overworld with its land
  76. [Pre Chorus]
  77. Dig, dig, dig
  78. Craft, craft, craft
  79. Dig, dig, dig
  80. Craft, craft, craft
  81. Build, build, build
  82. Slay, slay, slay
  83. Build, build, build
  84. Slay, slay, slay
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