Navkar Surgical Hospital – Best Piles Hospital in Ahmedabad

Feb 26th, 2020
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  1. The treatment of piles, Known as hemorrhoids. It may range from conventional home-based or hospital surgery, minimally invasive approach to the highly invasive treatment regimen.
  3.  As the choice of treatment of piles would heavily rely on a visual examination, a human visual observation may suffice for diagnosing external or prolapsed hemorrhoids.
  5. To rule out a concomitant disease or underlying cause of piles, a rectal exam may be done to assess for polyps, tumors, and abscesses. Inspection of internal hemorrhoids meanwhile, may be done via anoscopy or proctoscopy.
  7. This includes the addition of a light contained at the end of a round tube, allowing a visual of internal hemorrhoids and possible rectal polyps.
  9. Find the best piles hospital in your near by area of Ahmedabad; like Usmanpura, Naranpura, Shastri Nagar, Ellis Bridge, Paldi, Ashram Road. Call: 090673 47371 Website:
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