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Jan 27th, 2020
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  1. Okay this is probably either one of the stupidest decisions of my life or it may just be the only redeeming thing I have ever done. So you all know about "Silk Road" (the defunct online drug market that was shut down in oct13). The man sentenced to life for running it (Ross Ulbricht), is not the only guy who ran it. I don't think he was too involved at all. I have since moved and the person I am about to talk about has gone ghost as well so here it goes:
  3. I spent a few months dating this guy (considerably older) who was probably running the website for 80% of the time. He was always online logged in and many times in-front of me not only used the Dread Pirate Roberts account, but also chatted with who I now believe was the Ulbricht boy. My former SO often joked that this "kid" was essentially his robot and worshipped him. I know he had probably over 2,500 bitcoins at one point. I saw other things that he is stupid for flaunting, such as his conversations that he would decrypt and save to USB drives as "insurance" (his words) of him discussing things with police. Either he was an informant or he had them working for him. I think both. I know for a period of about 8 or 9 months that Ulbricht had not logged into the site portal because my ex-SO became paranoid that the guy might have been arrested or killed or turned informant. he pops back up and they start chatting like old buddies, supposedly he was hanging out with family and having personal problems.
  5. I don't know the specifics and have never told a soul. When they arrested this boy, my ex took off. Said he was going to visit his parents and lay low for a bit, and then abruptly vanished. I did see him as "last online X hours ago" on Whatsapp here and there, so thankfully he's not dead or in jail.. I think.
  7. For those who might think I could be getting him in trouble and Im being a bitch/vengeful/rat. No I ain't. He's not a US citizen and is most likely not in the US.
  9. It was kind of surreal and exciting (yet scary), but I suppose he thought I got off on it. At that time in my life I personally just cared that I had all the exotic MJ I could smoke like a kid in a candy store, and I was taken care of financially. I did think it was risky but he said he had plans in case things get dicy. Whats not too rad is someone else was just sentenced to life in the prisons for crimes he ain't done much.
  11. I know about the movie, I don't think it's online anywhere to watch yet. I don't use Google to look things up relating to any of this, but I do use Tor. I am not sure about 3 people using "Dread Pirate Roberts" account, but who knows what kinds of shit these dudes were up to, I would not be surprised. I know they all (including my ex) took it all very seriously and many times we would be stoned as hell, yet he would not laugh or watch the TV or anything, just on his laptop for huge hours at a time. There were others he would chat with about the operation/site/ and refer to them as his workers, but I really avoided actively sitting down and looking at it. Maybe in bed I would look at his screen out of curiosity but usually just do my own thing on my laptop. They were all using GPG encryption and linux stuff. I don't know but I would guess 5 or 6 people were around the clock keeping the thing up and running. It haunts me that I was this close to all of it, and it really has taken a toll on me knowing that I know things about such a famous case. Ulrbicht was not the only Dread Pirate for too much long of a time. The courts did not give him fairness.
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