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  1. -------
  2. 'You sure about this, Dahlia?'
  3. 'Yeah, I mean, you gotta keep fit somehow. Those muscles aren't gonna grow themselves.'
  4. The dragon reluctantly shifts his encumbering mass off the sofa, landing on the ground with a loud 'thump'. At 2.5m long and balls the size of beanbags, movement is less of something simple and more of a weightlifting challenge. He had tried to weigh his equipment, but they broke all the weighing scales. He estimated it to be about 400kg, a good 3 or 4 times heavier than he was.
  5. Thankfully, Dahlia had prepared a triple reinforced steel trolley to wheel his balls along, greatly smoothening the travelling process. He shoved the extra wide door wide open, rolling his package out.
  6.   It had been some time since he had gotten new clothes, and his clothes weren't going to hold up for much longer.
  7.  Using a ramp, the dragon shoved his balls and dick up into a large van, modified to fit his large endowments and have comfortable sitting space for him too.
  8.   The ride there was uneventful, aside from a couple of potholes and bumps which led to bucketfuls of cum spilling out. This was drained nicely by the drainage system, though it did leave a trail of cum on the way to the hyper accomodating store.
  9. After some time, they reached the store. It had extra large reinforced doors, to allow the larger hypers to fit in through them. In addition, the floors were slightly sloped, designed to funnel off hyper pre into the drainage system.
  10.  Dahlia laid out the ramp, letting the dragon roll out onto the pavements gracefully, or as gracefully you could have a 2.5m dick anyway. The dragon was covered with a large makeshift tarp, easily mistaken for a small car perhaps from a distance. However, at his size and with his tattered clothing, he simply had no other alternative.
  11.  Rolling into the shop, a petite and polite shop attendant greeted them, ushering them to a section appropriate for his sizes.
  12.   Here contained extremely stretchable pants, with strap-on buckles to secure the hyper equipment into place without exposing it to the elements, while making it also easier to wear.
  13.  Large sling sets also were arranged in neat rows, advertising their maximum size and their ability to hold up a maximum of 500kg of balls in comfort, using highly resilient silk with high tensile strength. Also on offer were some gigantic socks, to clothe one's endowments comfortably from the cold or any weather, while preserving dignity.
  14.  The hyper dragon proceeded to the rack with hyper pants, with Dahlia tagging along to the hyper friendly changing rooms. These changing rooms had special features built it, like a built it adjustable size milker, run off floors, shower heads to clean off pre, shampoo and body lotion to wash away cum, and
  15.  benches and slings to rest one's balls or dick on. The dragon put one befitting his size, trying it on. Ready by his side, the lithe fox brought out an extra long measuring tape to take his measurements. '18 feet circumference... diameter of 2.1m... that should do it, this strap would go here... And done!' Though the bulge was still painfully obvious and large, it was now decently clothed in some nice fitting garments. '0.6m diameter... ' the fox trailed off, attempting to measure the pole length dick. As she looped around the sensitive slab of meat with the measuring tape, it twitched in response, spurting pre over the room and growing.
  16.   In response, the fox shoved the dense heavy pole, shoving its brutal girth into the milker, before hopping onto the moaning lusty dragon's capricious dong. Perched upon the trunk thick dick, she deftly massaged the rumbling sack of nuts, forcing fat loads of cum into the straining milker, ramping up its suction.
  17.  The dragon grunted, attempting to hump the air hard with his massive endowment, shaking the milker up hard in the process and sending the poor fox flying up and down on the trembling blue boner. Already watermelon sized lumps of cum had begun to emerge on the meaty pole, which the fox pushed and massaged with her body as much as possible, garnering an eager and horny response from the tantalised dragon, on the edge of release.
  18.  The milker rumbled with more intensity as the lumps on the dick grew larger to the size of medicinal balls, testing the shaking machine's limits. The dragon began humping at an accelerated pace, groaning and moan as his ever inching orgasm came closer to  Finally it came, deluging tankfuls of cum into the poor sodden machine, overloading it with ridiculous quantities of virile dragon seed. The machine finally gave up, erupting to the side with white alabaster seed, covering the room with dense musky cum. Her job done, the fox turned on the massive showerhead and cleaned the place up, the torrents of cum and water intermixing as they flowed down the sewer sized drains.
  19. She petted the exhausted dragon on his still aching balls, leaving the pants on his thighs and resting on his gentle nuts. 'Take a break, my friend. You've earned it.' She smiled sweetly, before covering her body with his pants, drifting off to sleep together with the gentle giant.
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