Teal Drop

Dec 28th, 2016
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  1. Race: Breezie
  2. Class: Sapper
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Name: Teal Drop
  7. Racial skills:
  9. Tiny: passive; Breezies are tiny, never getting much bigger than the size of a bug. This size helps to go unnoticed, giving them a DC-1 to hiding, sneaking, and other general out-of-sight rolls.
  11. Breezie Flight: passive; Breezies can float on the air with their large gossamer wings. Hovering or moving through the air can be done without any effort whatsoever, however they are powerless to air currents and need to roll to fly correctly if moving against any breeze.
  13. • Cradle: Recharge 2; Breezies have protective magic to transport food and supplies back to their hovels. This magic can be extended to make a protective shield around a small object, protecting it from all damage. This effect lasts until dismissed or the object is a sizeable distance away from the caster.
  16. Class skills:
  18. Stealth: Fade from sight. Enemies cannot attack you until you reveal yourself. An attack used in stealth Autocrits
  20. Sabotage: Recharge 3; Ensures something will go horribly, horribly wrong when it needs to. Takes one turn to rig the target or object. Once rigged, the Smith can automatically call the sabotage once the rigged target/object acts, subtracting the Sabotage roll from their roll. Aware, alert, complex and large targets are hard to rig. Doesn't break stealth on success. No more than one "untriggered" sabotage may be on a target at once.
  22. Engineering: Can attempt to figure out any mechanical or manmade mechanism, device, construct or other creation. Once successfully and sufficiently studied and figured out, the Smith can then utilize it as he wishes, such as opening specific types of locks with a mere nudge in the right part, or operating a specific machine with no further need for instruction or guidance.
  25. Special Talent:
  27. Access to Tinker
  29. Tinker: Can repair broken objects, restore negative quality weapons to +0, fix up worn down loot to make it more valuable or get a poorly working mechanism back into shape.
  32. Trained Talent:
  34. - 1 DC to stealth stuff (instead of the more powerful +1 to rolls) and - 1 to cleave critfail range, but only when used from stealth.
  37. Equipment:
  39. Single weapon - a simple energy blade. While cutting about as well as tools made from solid substance, it is Teal's weapon of choice, among other reasons, because of how quiet it is. It is powered by a generator mounted in her suit.
  41. Great weapon - a mode of the above. In case reach is crucial, the energy blade can extend to a flexible, whip-like structure, at the cost of being less wieldy. Another reason for using energy weapons being that a proportionate amount of matter would take too much space.
  43. Some Florins, currently a part of the party share - stored in a bank account. Accessed via a card instead of being carried around personally, mostly because of being so small.
  45. Stealth-friendly suit - includes a detachable cover for wings, as well as a number of small compartments, allowing for easy access.
  47. Elastic binding for wings - restricts flight in favor of decreasing wind resistance for when braving the air vents comes into question (fluff only, potentially saving up in-character for suction pads/hoof-mounted magnets to actually give a mechanical bonus for that)
  49. Small, head-mounted light - used mostly for tinkering, especially when working inside of the constructs in question.
  51. Selection of engineering tools
  53. Provisions
  57. VR persona:
  60. Race: Saddle Arabian
  61. Class: Thaumaturge
  62. Gender: Female
  63. Name: Jalila
  66. Racial skills:
  68. Arabian Endurance: automatic instant/passive; once per combat; Saddle Arabians are known for their tenacity and endurance in harsh conditions. Once per combat if you are rendered helpless you may use this racial skill to immediately recover on your turn. You are immune to any adverse effects typical for a desert, and you suffer no penalties for fighting in desert environs.
  70. Arabian Alchemy: You may prepare a spell as a potion. To do so, roll for the spell as you would do normally. If the result is unsuccessful, you fail(and it explodes in your face on a critfail). If it is a success, note down the result. Consuming a potion in your inventory is an instant action(the noted result is used to determine any variable effects). Throwing a potion is a ranged attack roll. Anyone drinking or soaked by the contents of the vial is considered the target of the spell. Any spells centered on the caster are centered on the area of impact/drinking individual. Potions are unaffected by recharges.
  73. Class skills:
  75. Healing Bonds: recharge 3, spell, ranged; Chain of energy that heals up to 3 allies to full hits and restores 1 wound on each one of them.
  77. Master Caster: passive; +1 to all spellcasting
  79. Homing Magic: Spell, Recharge 2 after effect ends; On success, summons a magical projectile, plus an additional one for every point you pass the roll by, to a maximum of 5 on a critical. The projectiles follow you around, and any number of them can be launched as a single instant action, rolling separately for each.
  82. Special Talent:
  84. May re-roll a single perception check, once per VR simulation.
  87. Trained Talent:
  89. +1 to all spellcasting
  92. Equipment:
  94. Shield - fluffed per case, depending on the VR theme, alongside the rest of the attire.
  98. VR Persona #2
  100. Race: Pegasus
  101. Class: Illusionist
  102. Gender: Female
  103. Name: Skysoar Blossom
  106. Racial skills:
  108. Pegasus Flight: Pegasi can fly, and get a +1 bonus to actively evade and dodge midair. Flight is about as taxing as running at full speed.
  110. Dogfighting: recharge 3, requires target to be airborne, weapon (need ranged weapon if used from the ground); The warlike pegasi have long understood the benefits of air superiority. The target is sent plummeting to the ground, knocked helpless and their flight ability gains recharge 2. If you are airborne, this ability gains the Pegasus Flight’s bonus. At the DM’s discretion, the fall damage may increase depending on altitude.
  113. Class skills:
  115. Improvise: automatic instant, recharge 3; Tossing a solution together can be better than stopping to make a plan. Your next roll succeeds on a 4+ but cannot crit.
  117. Doppelganger: instant, recharge 3, spell; Summon 3 duplicate minions with 3/1 health each that can hold physical objects and deal damage if they pick up weapons. These 3 minions only take up one minion slot.
  119. Hat Magic: You can pull off amazing tricks with your hat. You conjure anything small enough to fit through the hat out of it, regardless of length. DC6 to pull out a generic object (e.g. a bouquet of flowers), DC8 to pull out a specific object (e.g. the key to this door), DC10 to pull out an object wider than the hat. Rolling too soon for the same object after failing will cause failure regardless of roll because the universe catches wise to your tricks. Enchanted items can’t be pulled out.
  122. Special Talent:
  123. Vivid imagination
  124. Out of combat, recharge on improvise reduced from 3 to 1
  127. Trained Talent:
  128. Rocket-propelled pegasus
  129. +2 to Pegasus Flight bonus
  132. Equipment:
  133. Light air superiority armor (shield)
  137. Backstory:
  139. Teal is one curious Breezie! If the history of her actions and accomplishment could be written down under a single aspect, it would most probably be wishing to have many, varying perspectives on life.
  141. Although born in an Ark capable of recreating the natural environment of the original Breezie pocket dimensions, she was quick to abandon the coziness of that place and explore the world beyond. Already during her relative youth did she travel as much as she could. The places to be visited were mostly suited for ponies bigger than her, but that seemed to just add to how impressive they looked! Not to mention, the fact that she were little and escaped attention easily meant she could see all the more. Prying into places where she wasn't expected or even didn't belong in, as bad a habit as it seemed to be, was what actually developed later on into the aptitude for her most recent job. Not garnering too much attention was as much a matter of skill, as it was one of attitude.
  143. It was the very same curiosity that got her the first one too. Her intent of seeing how things are was not limited to a tourist streak, oh no. She just had to pry into every mechanism she could lay her hooves on. Including actually getting inside of them - at least those that were able to fit her. Knowing thoroughly how they tick required disassembling and getting them back in shape again. First a hobby, later the first source of low, yet steady income - with how much technology Ark citizens were making use of nowadays, there was always someone in need of fixing their beloved gadgets. With how much repairing and crafting it took, it was only a matter of time before Teal began wondering how would the matters be the other way around.
  145. It was during one of her outdoors assignments that she first personally visited an Astral Arena. One of the projectors was malfunctioning and the pony responsible for maintenance was down with a sickness. After taking care of her obligations, she stayed for a while, acting the way she usually did. In just a few weeks, the visit bore fruit, as the Breezie decided to partake. The shift was twofold in that case. Obviously, what happened in the virtual reality was totally unlike the regular pace of life. Teal began seeing things from a different perspective as well, because she decided to go against what she represented with herself so far. Instead of hiding, she tried to be seen - and that included not only competing valiantly, but also developing a VR persona, represented by a Saddle Arabian mare. Now she was the taller pony!
  147. It was Teal's diligence and passion, shown in the VR simulations, that turned towards her some vigilant eyes. Unbeknown to all but a handful, authorities had the stadium perform yet another function: recruitment centre. Personal data was being leaked for the purpose of finding a select few. Though surprised to find the candidate a Breezie, the group of mercenaries decided to give it a chance anyway. Upon knocking on her door, they encountered Teal returning from a workout session with some dangerous equipment involved that she created herself. With how physically fit, technologically adept and eager they found the Breezie, a conclusion was reached - she was given a chance.
  149. It wasn't an instant transition, of course. No one jumps from being a civilian to a mercenary overnight. Rigorous training, alongside the polishing of the already familar skills - stealth and mechanics - took place. Having passed that stage, Teal underwent one more major shift of perspective. That is, becoming a part of the mercenary crew proper. From that position, up until today, she has been called repeatedly to carry out various assignment on a multitude of worlds. It was a job that offered her seeing the vast expanse of the galaxy and confronting many challenges along the way, each different from the other.
  151. Teal felt that she found her place in the world.
  154. Appearance:
  156. (You'll most probably wish to zoom in on the following pair of pictures)
  158. Imagine this pony as a full-blown Breezie:
  163. VR persona appearance:
  165. Now, imagine this mare without horn and wings:
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