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DartCraft Beta 0.2.12 Changelog

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Nov 8th, 2013
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  1. Beta 0.2.12
  2. - Bugfix: Attempted to fix a potential NEI crash when looking up usage for items.
  3. - Bugfix: Fixed a typo in Chateau Notch's description.
  4. - Bugfix: The Zelda HUD will no longer dim in the darkness, or when NEI 3D overlays are rendering.
  5. - Bugfix: Recovery Hearts and Magic Jars will now only drop from hostile mobs that have been attacked by players (or simulated players) at some point.
  6. - Added config options to prevent hostile entities that are killed by players from dropping Recovery Hearts or Magic Jars.
  7. - The Magic Meter can now be permanently hidden with a client-side config setting. Changing this setting does not affect mechanics.
  8. - Added a config option for Free Magic, which will prevent DartCraft implements from requiring and using Magic. This option is under the "insane" category and is disabled by default.
  9. - The Magic Meter will no longer move aside when a player is holding a Thaumcraft wand if Thaumcraft's config is set to display the Wand Gui at the bottom of the screen instead of at the top.
  10. - The ability to Force Wrench vanilla Mob Spawners can now be disabled in the config under the "hardcore" category. (Don't do it!)
  11. - Added a "Mooch Mode" under the "insane" category in the config file. When enabled players will be able to "mooch" off of others and use their Force Infusers. (if their access is not set to "closed") This feature, unfortunately, also disables Infuser experience use across the board.
  12. - DartChievements can no longer be triggered, and will no longer trigger until a proper way to save/load them is found.
  13. - "Support" has been added for the new version of Soul Shards, Soul Shards 2. Do note however that the mod has been simplified to such a degree that "Soul Stealing" is no longer an enchant and therefore no longer an upgrade. Also note that since there is now no data difference between normal mobs and mobs spawned with Soul Shards 2 that preventing them from dropping Spoils Bags is no longer possible.
  14. - Soul Shards 2 spawners have been blacklisted for Force Wrenching as the effect is the same as breaking them.
  15. - The Soul upgrade is now present even if Soul Shards is not installed, and no longer imbues one level of Soul Stealing (which no longer exists) onto Force Swords. Instead, the Soul upgrade is now responsible for encouraging Mob Chunks to drop, and does not stack.
  16. - The Grinding upgrade no longer allows Mob Chunks to drop, and simply grinds whatever items are dropped.
  17. - Freezing and Soul are now valid upgrades for Upgrade Cores, which can now be socketed into Power Saws.
  18. - Soul is now a Tier 6 upgrade. (Down from 7)
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