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  1. >have trouble sleeping
  2. >stay awake for hours, staring up into the ceiling
  3. >starting to affect work and social life
  4. >eventually decide to go see a doctor
  5. >he prescribes Lunesta, some kind of insomniac medicine
  6. >eh, whatever helps you sleep at night
  7. >take the recommended dosage and crawl into bed
  8. >still dont feel tired or sleepy
  9. >all of a sudden see a green light shine into the room
  10. >what the fuck?
  11. >luna moth girl glides into room, landing on one foot elegantly
  12. >her massive green wings take up most of the room and send florescent dust everywhere
  13. >"If you wake up restless in the middle of the night, don't worry, Lunesta is here"
  14. >she goes on
  15. >"Lunesta helps you fall asleep and stay asleep so you can wake up feeling rested."
  16. >she starts crawling up atop the bed, tugging down your boxers
  17. >Your about to protest but she suddenly takes you into her mouth
  18. >you can feel her tongue wrap around and play with your shaft
  19. >the pleasure soon becomes too much and you come inside her
  20. >She swallows eagerly, maintaining eye contact as she pushes you softly down and begins to straddle you
  21. >"Warning. When taking Lunesta, symptoms can include, fatigue, dizziness, and soreness."
  22. >she slowly guides you into her, wincing as you penetrate her
  23. >you notice her antenna twitch and her lips quiver as she takes in all of you and begins to grind herself against you
  24. >she slowly begins to pick up speed, her arms wrapped around your neck in a tight embrace
  25. >you can feel her every fold conform around your dick as she begins to go faster, her breath tickling your ear
  26. >grabbing her hips, you match her every thrust
  27. >the sound of your flesh colliding soon begins to fill the room along with the scent of sex
  28. >a loud gasp escapes from her lips as you feel her walls contract also sending you over the edge
  29. >she collapses atop you, shaking, as your fluids fill her
  30. >she looks at you proudly as she nuzzles up against you
  31. >"Sleep well, on the wings of Lunesta"
  32. >sleep like a baby for the rest of the night
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