Who was Car?

DoomVroom Jun 19th, 2015 26 Never
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  1. Doom Vroom was seated on a porch watching the sunset as a car came out of nowhere and hit Doom Vroom, it was an instant-kill. Empyre was on his daily jog and had observed the accident, he called 9-1-1 after he re-adjusted his monocle. Both the police and paramedics arrived at the scene with speed and grace.
  3. A paramedic reached down and felt Doom Vroom for a pulse, there was none. As the paramedic declared Doom Vroom dead, an officer went to the car to find it empty and without driver.
  5. The officer turned to Empyre and asked, "Which way did the driver go?"
  7. Empyre adjusted his monocle in shock and responded, "No one left the car."
  9. The police officer gasped and stated "THEN WHO WAS CAR?"
  11. Doom Vroom's skin dissolved and Doom Vroom turned into a skeleton which stood up and danced off into the sunset as everyone stood speechless.
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