Akibaranger E01 TL Notes

Nov 10th, 2014
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  1. Akibaranger E01 TL Notes
  2. ***Original Over-Time TL Notes are denoted with a dash (-). Additional notes/changes by OZC-Live are denoted with a tilde (~)***
  5. - (1:48) Zukyuun/Z-Cune - "Zukyuun" can be interpreted as an onomatopeia for being shot with ~moe~. It's also how you pronounce the "Z-Cune" in the eponymous Z-Cune Aoi.
  7. ~ (2:12) "Oyobu's Lethal Dash" refers to the title of Maskman Episode 32. More specifically, it refers to Earth Imperial Ninja Oyobu's super-speed technique.
  9. - (6:10) anchi no resu = in the context of a message board, hate replies or hateful responses (i.e: flame posts)
  11. - (6:25) "wwwww" is an acronym for warai, and it's basically the japanese equivalent of LOL. If you're a frequent watcher of niconico douga videos, you might've seen this before.
  13. - (8:43) Akagi is probably disappointed to see the pattern break: while his last name has the character for the word "red" at the beginning of it ("Aka"), and so does Aoyagi Mitsuki ("Ao" meaning blue), Moegi breaks this pattern by having the character for the word "yellow" at the end of her surname (that being the "Gi")
  15. - (10:21) All the characters in Hiroyo's title and name can all be read as 'hakase', which happens to be the japanese word for 'doctor' and 'professor'.
  17. - (12:23) The transformation code for the Akibarangers is "juumosou", taken from the jii from "real-juu" i.e. a person who inhabits the real world (as opposed to a nerd), and "mosou" i.e. a delusion or fantasy. Put together, it can be interpreted as "deluding oneself that one has a life".
  19. - (16:47/17:16) Possibly redundant note ahoy! Most of the sentai references are explained during the episode, but in case you haven't watched Magiranger, the goth girl duo in this episode are cosplaying as Nai and Mere, the two halves of the villain Vancuria. The FX of them merging is in fact taken straight from that show.
  21. - (19:00) Speaking of villains: the big baddies of this show are the Jadan Houjin Sutema Otsu / 邪団法人ステマ乙 or the Blatantly Evil Guerrilla Marketing Firm B. Their name derives from the term "sutema otsu" or stealth marketing; in this particular case, the "otsu" is used in the sense of contract law or business discussion to refer to a party on a contract. Stealth Marketing is in fact a subset of Guerrilla Marketing, which very conveniently has a combat connotation.
  23. - (19:05) Malshina is the purple-haired chief of urban redevelopment. You may have seen her name on some publications rendered as ©NA: maru (circle) + c + NA.
  25. - (19:10) The monster's name, Shibuya Seitakaawadachisouhigenagaaburamushi, translates directly to "Red Goldenrod Aphid", which is the name of a bug. We used the bug's scientific name (Uroleucon nigrotuberculatum) for the translation.
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