Known Techniques- Izumi Yayoi

Oct 11th, 2016
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  1. Izumi Yayoi: Known Skills
  2. Mana Color (Silver/White)
  4. Mana: 8500
  6. Magi-blast:
  7. A charged magical burst of energy. Izumi is capable of 'marking' an opponent, allowing her magi-blasts to have a homing effect. Izumi is not capable of charging her magi-blasts to the extent Miranda can.
  9. Spirit Slash:
  10. An energy slice Izumi creates by slicing the air with her sword. The energy is concentrated to a thin point, allowing for a razor-sharp cutting effect that can slice through buildings at a full charge. While Miranda already had a version of the Magi-wave technique when they met, seeing Izumi's version inspired her to refine it.
  12. Mana Infusion:
  13. Izumi can infuse weapons with her mana. With melee weapons, this basically enhances all traits of the weapon, such as durability, sharpness, impact, etc. With weapons requiring ammunition, when normal ammunition will not suffice, Izumi's encyclopedic knowledge of firearms allows her to infuse the ammunition in the weapon with her own mana, giving it extra penetration, distance, and stopping power, or shape her mana in the form of bullets that the gun can fire if ammunition is dry.
  15. Shape Weapon:
  16. Izumi can create mana-constructs of whatever weapon she can imagine. Depending on the complexity of the weapon, it may cost more mana, and it drains her to maintain them for too long.
  18. Power Boost:
  19. Drastically increases her physical agility and toughness. Generally on at all times unless sleeping.
  21. Hearing Boost:
  22. Drastically increases the range of sounds she can hear clearly, as well as clearly hearing quieter sounds.
  24. Rajomon:
  25. A high magical barrier that can defend against all but the most destructive techniques. Developed independently from Miranda.
  27. Heavenly Aura:
  28. By entering a meditative trance, Izumi can exude a wide aura that speeds up the natural healing process and bestows feelings of good health and energy. More efficient than Miranda's own healing.
  30. Power Sense:
  31. An ability that allows her to 'smell' combat/threat potential, allowing her to roughly gauge the likelyhood of an altercation going well for her. Miranda inspired her to develop the technique herself, but it's not as accurate.
  33. Extreme Tension:
  34. She can focus her mana inwardly and use it to heavily enhance her physical speed to an incredible degree, capable of outrunning a bullet train. This takes a heavy toll on her mana, however, and she can 'burn out' if she attempts to maintain it too long. Generally, she can last for roughly 8 seconds.
  36. Demon's Roar:
  37. A mana-infused, hypersonic shout that can debilitate opponents, tear up concrete, and cause physical injury with enough charge. Izumi is proficient enough in this technique that at full strength, she can literally shout back certain high speed projectiles and shout apart certain techniques or energy constructs.
  39. Palms of Succor:
  40. Izumi infuses her hands with mana, and near solidifies it. She can then swipe the air with to create small, extremely slow moving energy waves that act as point barriers to any incoming attacks. They nonetheless hit with the full force of a blunted magi-wave on impact. The energy around her hands also, of course, augments her hand-to-hand techniques.
  42. Ki Union:
  43. Via harmonizing with the mana flow of someone nearby to identical levels, she can 'share' her mana with them, and under her control, allow for a much more massive power boost to any mana-based attack than any non-specalized mana crystal or mana condenser can supply.
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