Learning for Fun Framework

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  1. # Learning for Fun Framework
  3. - Watch out for a tendency to use the following heavily
  4.   - Se (learning how to draw, exercise, make music, code, dance, whatever)
  5.   - Si (memorization of e.g. foreign language words)
  6.   - These will tend toward 'no amount is good enough' for INTJ.
  7.   - These will also increase your anxiety simply because they are lower down the stack
  8.   - If you have to "recover" from fun learning, your anxiety was too high.
  9.   - Think about Ne: Keep it broad and shallow as you like.
  10. - Fun learning should be
  11.   - Kept within a domain(s) you are really, really good at already
  12.   - Brief with a firm stopping point
  13.   - Less of an effort than normal Learning
  14. - Example Activities:
  15.   - Knowledge surveys: Get the gist of a new topic
  16.     - Youtube videos: Conferences, panels, tutorials, reviews, histories
  17.   - Complete a certificate in something you're already really good at, or have talent for
  18.     - Will require additional learning but it's gap-filling usually
  19.     - Again watch out for too much effort required: Si and Se will sneak in there.
  20.   - Read a bit about a topic and write a brief report
  21.   - Teach a topic to someone else; for example, write an article about it on your blog
  22.   - Do an experiment
  23.     - Go somewhere you haven't gone before
  24.     - Try something you haven't tried before
  25.     - Decide how methodical it will be
  26.     - Try something that models another thing you will have to do later.
  27.       - For example, if you'll be camping for a week, go on an overnight campout.
  28.   - Integrate a new game or a favorite game
  29.     - Take a Flightgear flight to your basecamp for each learning session
  30. - Meta-framework
  31.   - Consider combining several learning activities into a larger activity.
  32.   - Design a mission patch for this activity
  33.   - Pick a theme song for this activity
  34.   - Develop a theme for the activity: e.g. "Too much work makes things boring" and then
  35.     translate that into latin
  36.   - Pin this moment in your history
  37.     - Take a photo of yourself.
  38.     - Document your progress.
  39.     - Track your fun levels. When do they go up? Down?
  40.   - Take the bundle of generated data and put it into e.g. a web page
  41. - Future Ideas
  42.   - Integrate others and their psychological preferences
  43.   - Research others' methods of making learning fun
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