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Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session 15 Part 6

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  1. [13:07:37]      <Kkat>  Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Fifteen: Darkness Falls (Part Six) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PPtEHWDca8&feature=youtu.be
  2. [13:07:43]      Expedition.
  3. [13:07:48]      <Kkat>  Our brave caravaners prepare as best they can to venture into the unknown. A long journey stretches out before them, starting with a frigid trek through the frozen wastes of the north. From there, the alien lands of zebras and dragons await them.
  4. [13:07:55]      For now, they make their final preparations and look towards getting some rest.
  5. [13:08:04]      --- Session Begins ---
  6. [13:13:40]      * Mitzi goes about changing out the depleted cell in her magical energy rifle for one of the fresh ones.
  7. [13:14:11]      * Cerberus      (get lost) is making a list and checking it twice "do we have enough food? i hope we will find something along the way but i'd like to have some backup plan in case everything we find is spoiled"
  8. [13:17:01]      * Kid   stares at her winter barding, a faded blue and rather poofy affair, set up in a heap on the floor of the inn. "Ah hate the cold." With some hesitance, she managed to pry her eyes from the... Necessary evil. "I got us enough food fer three days. Guessin' yall have more."
  9. [13:17:37]      * Noble_Heart   stood tall, looking down at the two griffins. "And so you can see Our problem. We require a message sent to one particular pony. But We also require it to be most swift and safe. Moreso, We believe you have been used in a most unseemly manner by Our sibling, and would offer you a chance to redeem yourselves." The stern look on her face continuing as she watched the griffin's
  10.         * Noble_Heart   reactions.
  11. [13:17:39]      * Mitzi looks to Kid; "Eef we need more fud, Uh can hunt eet."
  12. [13:17:59]      * Mitzi points to her trio of dogs; "Und dey cun help."
  13. [13:19:26]      * Shatara       puts away his newly aquired parts and ammuntion and starts towards the door, when he notices the bullet holes in his armor next to the pouches. He turns back towards the counter. "Oh, err...and do you have some armor repair kits of some kind?"
  14. [13:19:37]      * Bookwright    smiles gleefully. "Okay y'all. I have some plans I need to finish drawin' up, and as soon as they're done I'm gonna need some help from Ol' Ironfeathers Shatara buildin' it."
  15. [13:19:40]      <Kkat>  The griffin looks to Noble_Heart curiously. "Redeem myself?"
  16. [13:20:44]      * Mitzi looks to Get_Lost; "Can yu fix armour?" She gestures to the scraps that she's currently wearing. Hardly better than what raiders would wear. "Uh need someting bettur in Ur size."
  17. [13:22:00]      <Kid>   &
  18. [13:22:15]      <Cerberus>      /me "yes i think i can work on it, no problem... do you have the parts?"
  19. [13:22:56]      * Noble_Heart   continues to look down sternly. "Yes. You have sought to slay one of Equestria's citizens. For that you would normally be punished. But We believe that We know why you were hired, and would offer you a chance for a simpler term than prison or execution. You might also find employment of a more permanent variety as well, in New Canterlot."
  20. [13:25:21]      * Mitzi looks around for Bookwright; "Uh think smart ponee has other armour yu cun use."
  21. [13:25:47]      * Bookwright    looks up from his notes. "Hm?"
  22. [13:26:06]      * Mitzi points to her shoddy armour; "Yu have better armour we can make fit me?"
  23. [13:26:20]      * CopyCat       smiles at Noble_Heart, who seemed to be busy with the griffins. "I should leave you to it. If we're going on an adventure then I have some things to pack. And I'll have to thank Mr and Mrs Pear for letting me stay with them." She flaps her wings gently to lift herself off the ground. "I'll meet you at the Lightbringer Inn in the morning. Um, g-goodnight."
  24. [13:26:36]      <Kkat>  The shop pony nods to Shatara. "Definitely. Hold on a moment, and I'll scrounge one up."
  25. [13:26:41]      * Kid   rolls her
  26. [13:26:58]      * Bookwright    "Oh! right. I have... uh. Some kinda armor... ah..." He digs around in his packs a bit, before pulling out a set of leather armor modified to fit a pegasus. "Here it is."
  27. [13:29:20]      =-=     Primer is now known as DotA
  28. [13:30:38]      <Kid>   Eye, averting her eye fo
  29. [13:30:44]      * Mitzi points to the pegasus armour and her own scraps; "Yu can make bettur armour wit dese?"
  30. [13:35:31]      * Get_Lost      "very well, i think that's enough for trying something... let me try"
  31. [13:40:56]      * Mitzi takes off her armour, apparently not having and problem with being naked in public. Not that ponies really could distinguish anythign significant about Hellhound anatomy anyways. She hads the scraps to Get_Lost
  32. [13:42:03]      * Get_Lost      gets the ramors and trots away, going in a place better suited for the patching job
  33. [13:43:13]      * Shatara       nods and waits at the counter, letting his eyes wander at the stock and other patrons.
  34. [13:52:32]      <Kkat>  The shop keeper returns. "That will be 30 bottle caps, sir." After haggling with Kid, he offers, "All right, 25 caps."
  35. [13:54:28]      The griffin contemplates Noble_Heart. "I took a job. I don't consider myself in need of redemption for anything but failing. And, honestly, I don't feel much need in that arena either considering the force I came up against. I'll deliver your message, but I hardly expect doing so will result in a shower of employment."
  36. [13:55:29]      * Shatara       hmms and nods, handing over the caps.
  37. [13:57:37]      * Noble_Heart   smiles just a bit and levitates two hundred caps from her bag, dropping them at the Griffin's claws. "Perhaps you will change your mind when you meet those in the city." A moment of effort with a sheet of paper and a quill and she had her message written, before folding it carefully. A moment of effort to release the two griffins from their bindings and she offered the
  38. [13:57:38]      * Noble_Heart   letter. Leaning in close to make her directions clear. A moment to straighten up. "We must go and tend to Our travels. We hope your journey is easy."
  39. [13:58:19]      * Get_Lost      finds a queit place and starts working on the armor, taking her time and trying to make a pretty new armor for the hellhound
  40. [13:59:24]      <CopyCat>       cover it with spots like a big dalmatian puppy!
  41. [14:06:50]      <Kkat>  Back at the Pear's Residence, Mr. and Mrs. Pear smile but look concerned. "Where are you going, dearie?" "How long will you be gone?" "Would you like a pear pie for the trip?"
  42. [14:08:38]      * Get_Lost      spots? why not? soon mitzi's armor is covered with spots... get always loved those spotted dogs, they were a lot cuter than hellhounds anyway
  43. [14:11:17]      <Kkat>  The griffin accepts the letter Noble_Heart prepares with a nod. And a grimace. "I don't suppose I'll be paid for this?" He shakes his head. "Thank you. You've been more reasonable than most captures would have been. It's rare a Black Talon lives through such a defeat."
  44. [14:11:20]      * CopyCat       smiles at the Pear family, they had always been so friendly! "I met the strangest group of ponies and a griffin and a hellhound. And another unicorn-pegasus like me! They want me to go with them on an adventure to help the ghoulies." She smells the latest pie and salivates slightly... "I'd love a slice of pie please!"
  45. [14:12:03]      <Kkat>  The griffin blinks at the caps. "Or... were those for me?"
  46. [14:12:14]      * Kid   looks at Shatara with some semblance of defeat after he had made his purchase. "Um. Shatara?" Oh, great, here she is with her tail between her hind legs. Swallow your pride already, you're an adult! Kind of. "Uh. Could you, um. Put these things on m' armor? I ain't too good with none'a that fixin' stuff."
  47. [14:14:25]      * Mitzi watches Get_Lost work on the armour; "Spots? Hehe, luks like Spot, one of Ur bruthers."
  48. [14:14:29]      * Shatara       packs away his new kit and starts towards the door again, suddenly finding himself before Kid. He blinks, tilting his head a bit at the odd behavior. "Oh, uh...sure! Of course! It's the least I could do, what with you browbeatin' the shopkeep and all..."
  49. [14:15:04]      <Kkat>  The Pears give CopyCat a slice of the pie. Then insist on wrapping up the rest of the slices and putting them in a little box for her to take with her. Mrs. Pie also pulls out a quilt and drapes it over the alicorn. "It's cold out there, dearie. I don't want you getting the sniffles."
  50. [14:15:25]      * Get_Lost      smiles "i was sure you'd like it!" the mare hands the armor to her friend "i'm always happy to help"
  51. [14:17:09]      * Noble_Heart   nods her head to the Griffin. "They are not much. But it is what We can offer. And this job should be simplistic and direct. Perhaps you will be compensated further upon arrival. We cannot say for certain." She gives a little bit of a smile again. "Do make haste. Many lives may depend upon it."
  52. [14:19:09]      * CopyCat       hugs Mrs. Pear tight. "Aww, you guys are the best! I'll be sure to share this with all my friends."
  53. [14:20:19]      * Kid   smiles lightly, then coughs into her hoof. The trick of it was to yell at them in just the right way before they decide that it is worth it just to get rid of you without getting kicked out of the shop. "Uh. Heh. Yeah." She starts to wiggle out of her armor and then presents the patchwork rabbit-hide to the griffon. "Uh. Yeah. So, um." Curiosity got the best of the filly. He seemed to know,...
  54. [14:20:21]      * Kid   ...so, you know. Maybe he'd tell if confronted with it. "So, a sub really ain't a sandwich, right? What's it mean?"
  55. [14:20:36]      <Kkat>  The griffin nods and smiles. "I think I like working for you a lot better already."
  56. [14:21:00]      Mrs. Pear hug back and Mr. Pear joins in.
  57. [14:23:09]      * Noble_Heart   gives a brief bow to the griffin. "We do Our best to show nobility and purpose to those whom We meet. Now We must go, and so must you." she turned to begin moving back towards the Lightbringer Inn.
  58. [14:25:18]      <Kkat>  The griffin swiftly disappears into the crowd.
  59. [14:27:11]      * Mitzi takes the armour and slips it on. "Gud Fit. Und firmer now den just scraps.`
  60. [14:27:15]      <Mitzi> "
  61. [14:32:41]      * Get_Lost      decides to trot back to the group, to see at what point they are
  62. [14:37:55]      * Noble_Heart   spreads her wings and takes to the air, moving across the town back to the Lightbringer Inn. Something was still bothering her, but right now she couldn't afford to differ from their course too much. Perhaps the delivery caravan would be somewhere along their path.
  63. [14:44:44]      * Shatara       blushes slightly as the small mare wriggles out of her armor, looking away and taking the opportunity to look around for a workbench, accepting the rabbithide while trying his best not to look directly at her and draping it across a wing. Kid's question catches him completely off guard, his eyes growing wide as his blush brightens beneath his feathers. "Wha..!? Well, uhm...
  64. [14:44:45]      * Shatara       no, it's not...well it is, but it's also, well...errr... You know..." He cringes a little, obviously she doesn't.
  65. [14:51:19]      * Mitzi stays with the group, admiring her new duds and showing them off to her dogs
  66. [14:52:30]      * CopyCat       breaks the hug reluctantly but she remembered her new friends worrying about food for their journey so she gathers up a knapsack of food from the Pear's store, making sure to put caps in the till as she took each item.
  67. [14:53:17]      * Kid   folds her legs and begins to speak in a rather cross tone. "Aw, c'mon! I'm sixteen! Ah know all them adult words! It's jus, um. I dun' know this one!" It was a lie, and an apparent one, not that she had the self-perception to see that.
  68. [14:53:33]      <Kkat>  The party of adventurers soon begin to congregate back at the Lightbringer Inn. Shatara and Kid arriving last as Shatara searches for the best way to answer Kid's question.
  69. [14:56:52]      * Bookwright    commandeers a flat surface and spreads out his half-completed plans. "Alright, let's get down to business..."
  70. [14:58:45]      * Mitzi gives her spare Magical energy parts to Bookwright as she had offered
  71. [14:58:46]      * Noble_Heart   had arrived back at the inn only shortly before Shatara and Kid. Having already emptied most of her caps and with little intent to buy much more. The alicorn was pacing steadily in one of the two rooms, seemingly lost in thought.
  72. [14:59:48]      * Mitzi if she hadn't done so already
  73. [14:59:50]      * Shatara       sighs. "Well, er... sometimes ponies, and griffons, and stuff... when doing that kinda... thing.... like to, ah...have things...done 'to' them..."
  74. [15:00:58]      * Kid   taps her hoof impatiently while struggling her armor back on. "What th' fuck's that got t' do with sammiches?"
  75. [15:04:32]      * Mitzi looks at Kid, wondering why that discussion was still going on. She shrugs and scratches herself some more
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  77. [15:07:10]      * Get_Lost      decides that listening to the plan is a good idea, sits down and behaves
  78. [15:08:14]      * Noble_Heart   plods back and forth, finally stopping in place as Shatara and Kid enter. Her ear twitching slightly at the ongoing conversation. "We trust that your attempts at trade went well? It is in Our best interests to insure Our friends are well prepared for what is to come. There is sure to be much danger and many problems on Our road."
  79. [15:08:41]      * Mitzi shows off her new armour to Noble_Heart; "Got dis und some more magic laser ammo."
  80. [15:10:49]      * Shatara       applies talon to face and sighs. "It doesn't...well sometimes It does, but THATSNOTIMPORTANTRIGHTNOW. It's a different term... short for something else..." He turns towards Noble_Heart, chuckling nervously. "Ohyesohyes, got parts and kits and ammo and everything."
  81. [15:12:15]      * Get_Lost      nods to Noble_Heart "yeah, i got som healing potions and refilled the doctor bag, i think i'll be okay..."
  82. [15:12:52]      * Noble_Heart   tilts her head to one side at Mitzi's new armor. "It is... Stylish?" The spots didn't really seem to suit the hellhound very much, but even the alicorn knew better than to insult Mitzi directly. The words from others made her more confident as she nodded. "Excellent. We have attended to Our necessities as well. For the moment."
  83. [15:15:05]      * Kid   sighs out of stubborn resignation as she became shockingly aware that she was in the company of everypony again. With a sharp frown, she did a little eye-to-eye motion with her hoof and mouthed out something along the lines of talking again later. She looked at the rest of the group, saving a smile for Mitzi and a glare for Noble before hoofing over a little something to Get. "Here. Yer int'...
  84. [15:15:06]      * Kid   ...this science stuff, so ah found this flipbook fer' y'. Be sure not t' spoil th' crossword or nothin'."
  85. [15:17:18]      * Mitzi smiles; "Reminds me of Ur brother, Spot." She notes regardign the armour
  86. [15:18:21]      * Get_Lost      takes a look at the science book, at firs she's a bit confused, then her frown becomes a smile "hey, i never read this one! i'd lvelovelove to check it out as soon as possible!"
  87. [15:19:10]      * Noble_Heart   looks down at Kid when she receives that glare with a sortof condescending smile. "It is most good of you to think of your fellows. We are most proud of you, indeed." The words of Mitzi brought a sense of sorrow and dread to the alicorn which was obvious. "We trust that your brother is well? We know many do not regard Hellhounds well, but We have seen your kind upon fields
  88. [15:19:11]      * Noble_Heart   of battle in darker days and We know them to be both grand and honorable, when given reason."
  89. [15:19:45]      * Shatara       sighs with a bit of relief as he begins to set up the other table as an impromteu workbench, setting out his tools, kits, rifle, his and Kid's armor. He knew the young mare wasn't done with him, but at least now he had time to consider how to expain such...things.
  90. [15:20:29]      * Mitzi nods; "Spot eez Gud. Ur bruthurs Pongo und Rex eez gud too. Und sister Fifi also."
  91. [15:20:45]      * CopyCat       hugs the Pears goodbye before setting off for the Inn. She had said she'd meet them in the morning but she was sure they wouldn't mind her being early... especially since she had fresh pie to share.
  92. [15:21:27]      * Kid   blinks. "Dun suppose ya'll got a cousin called Fido, do ya'll?"
  93. [15:22:32]      * Mitzi raises an eyebrow; "Yu know Fido?"
  94. [15:23:26]      * Noble_Heart   nods her head to Mitzi. "That is always good news." She gave a momentary yawn, hiding it behind a forehoof. "We apologize. Today's events have been most exciting and though We are far from easily tired, We have done much with magic and words this day."
  95. [15:26:17]      * Mitzi looks at kid curiously; "How yu know Fido?"
  96. [15:27:51]      * Kid   smacks her lips. "Lucky guess." She looks around the room, rolling a thought around her mouth, looking around the room. It was a nice room. There was one problem. "Question."
  97. [15:28:07]      * Mitzi raises an eyebrow; "Gud guess."
  98. [15:30:07]      * Bookwright    scribbles furiously, then swears mildly as his feather pen breaks. "Shatara! Can I borrow a feather?"
  99. [15:31:43]      * Noble_Heart   raises an eyebrow, looking down to Kid curiously. "What do you wish to ask, my little pony?"
  100. [15:33:13]      * Kid   looks around once again, doing a mental check. "M' eye ain't that good, I'll admit. Don' really have that- whatchacall- depth perception. But, um. How many beds we got?"
  101. [15:33:26]      =-=     Karina is now known as Kar-House_Inspection
  102. [15:33:47]      * CopyCat       flutters down to land on the balcony outside their room and taps on the window.
  103. [15:34:13]      <Kkat>  <tap> <tap> <tap>
  104. [15:35:06]      * Get_Lost      finds a quiet place and starts reading her brand new book, muttering a song to herself "but the band played waltzing matilda, as they carried us down the gangway... but nopony cheered, they just stood and stared..."
  105. [15:35:14]      * Bookwright    distractedly throws open the window for CopyCat. "Close that when you're in, there's a draft..."
  106. [15:36:56]      * Shatara       first starts working on Kid's armor, reinforcing the various hides, looking up as the unicorn calls to him from the other room. "Uhh...sure I guess...?" He spreads a wing, checking if a feather is particularly loose.
  107. [15:37:16]      * Noble_Heart   looks up at the tapping, surprised and happy to see CopyCat here, moving towards her fellow Alicorn to escort her inside with a wing around the other's back. "Ah. Welcome back, sister. We are most glad you have come back so quickly. We trust that your leaving was not a problem with those you were staying with?"
  108. [15:38:11]      * CopyCat       trots in, giving everyone inside a big smile before closing the window behind her. "Hello again everyone! My friends Mr. and Mrs. Pear gave me a fresh pie to share with you all."
  109. [15:38:21]      * Get_Lost      decides that reading in bed is a better idea, so finds a couch, lays on it and goes back skimming the book, not leaving the room, in case she is needed
  110. [15:39:54]      * Bookwright    snags a loose feather. Apparently it wasn't as loose as it looked. "Thanks!"
  111. [15:40:52]      * Shatara       squawks embarasingly as a feather is suddenly tuged free by the unicorn's magic, shooting a glare through the door connecting the two rooms before getting back to work.
  112. [15:41:47]      * Noble_Heart   blinks a moment at the mention of pie. "... Yes... We would be... Most happy to have some." She gives CopyCat a smile. "We are certain all of Our friends would enjoy sharing in what you have brought. You are indeed a credit to Our family."
  113. [15:42:28]      * CopyCat       unties her bindle and lifts out a small box. Inside is a creation of pear and pastry with a pony-lifting aroma. She opens the box and offers to everyone nearby.
  114. [15:43:19]      * Mitzi sniffs the air; "Wut's dat smell?" Upon hearing Copycat, she follows up with; "Wut's pie?"
  115. [15:44:30]      * Bookwright    loses concentration as the smell of pears pervades his proximity. "I... I... May I have some pie?"
  116. [15:44:55]      * Kid   looks around once more, taking a cursory look at Copycat. "One, two, three..." Eight ponies. Two rooms. Four ponies per room. If she saw right, there was only one bed per room. This got immediately sidetracked when she smelled competition. And pears. Mostly competition. "Aw, this can't be too good! Heck, they prolly fergot th' cinnomin 'r somethin'." And yet, it beckoned. "... Gimme some."
  117. [15:45:17]      <Kkat>  The smell that comes up from the pies is *divine*
  118.         * Get_Lost      goes on muttering her song while skimming the magazine "and the young ponies ask what they are marching for... and i ask myself the same question... and the band plays waltzing matilda, and the old men still answer the call... but year after year, the number gets fewer..."
  119. [15:45:54]      * Get_Lost      turns her head towards the pie smell "mh-mh! is dinner ready?"
  120. [15:46:23]      * CopyCat       levitates out a slice for Mitzi. "It's fresh fruit baked inside a pastry shell. Please try some." And soon has to float out more slices for everyone else.
  121. [15:46:48]      * Mitzi drools a little; "Dis pie smells good." She gobbles down the slice and smiles broadly, showing perhaps a few too many teeth; "Dat's really gud!"
  122. [15:48:25]      * Get_Lost      leaves the couch and the magazine for a moment, looking for some pie... "ah... can i have a slice too, please?"
  123. [15:50:27]      * Shatara       accepts pie, and noms it down. Delicious.
  124. [15:50:55]      =-=     Kar-House_Inspection is now known as Karina
  125. [15:51:11]      * Kid   sniffs it, then gives her particular slice cautious bite, making sure to taste all the aspects of the pear pie. The more she tasted it, the more distraught she seemed to be. She finally finished her pie, sat down hard, and just looked like she was having a migraine.
  126. [15:51:47]      * Noble_Heart   takes one of the slices, staring at it with a distant look in her eye before shaking her head and taking a slow bite. Enjoying the taste and the chance to eat a confection which she might never get to see again. At least never quite so good.
  127. [15:52:50]      * CopyCat       nods to Get_Lost and floats a slice over for her too.
  128. [15:53:13]      * Kid   pinched the bridge of her muzzle and gave a sharp puff from her nose. "... Celestia damn it, it's perfect."
  129. [15:53:44]      * Get_Lost      takes the cake and put it down on some flat surface, nomming it the earth pony way... that is, soarin style
  130. [15:54:04]      * Shatara       blinks and glances sidelong at Kid as he munches his pie. Thats...a rather odd reaction to delicious pie.
  131. [15:55:35]      * Bookwright    takes a plate and fork, and munches pie hungrily.
  132. [15:56:12]      * Get_Lost      has a fork, but no horn to use it properly, so her feast is pretty messy
  133. [15:58:42]      * Kid   grumbles slightly and wipes her mouth. Well, she had similar table manners to Get_Lost, but at least she was done quicker. "... How th'... It's in a... How is this pie better'n mine?"
  134. [16:00:10]      * CopyCat       looks over at Kid worriedly. "Oh dear, was there something wrong with your pie? Mrs. Pear usually makes them so well and... I thought it was very nice, so I wanted to share."
  135. [16:01:17]      * Noble_Heart   finishes off her pie quietly, not even bothering to insult or rebut Kid's frustration about her lack of cooking skill. She smiled to CopyCat. "It was a most generous thing for you to do. We thank you."
  136. [16:01:51]      * Get_Lost      takes a look at kid "hey if you don't want your pie i can eat it!... ah, wait, a filly that doesn't want her pie is not normal.." the mare taps her chin "oh my, are you feeling fine, kid?"
  137. [16:03:26]      * Kid   pulls out a little bag of dried fruit and studies it carefully. "Yeah, there's somethin' wrong with it, CopyCat! It's perfect! I can't put a single bad thing t' it!" For someone who took pride in her cooking ability, this was a rather heart-sinking realization. This pie is better, so more ponies will eat this pie over hers!
  138. [16:07:05]      * Noble_Heart   tilts her head to one side and looks down to Kid. "Perhaps We might suggest you ask the Pears about their recipe in the morning? If you are very polite, they might be willing to share." A chance for a shot at the kid and she didn't even take it.
  139. [16:09:10]      * CopyCat       shakes her head. "I'm sure lots of ponies would love to eat your pie. I know I would."
  140. [16:09:50]      * Get_Lost      happy with the pie she got, decides to trot back reading and goes back humming her song again "waltzing atilda, waltzing matilda, who'll come a-waltzing matilda with me... and the ghost may be heard..."
  141. [16:12:26]      * Shatara       makes a bizzare sound that seems to be a cross between a squawk, a groan, and a whimper.
  142. [16:13:15]      * Kid   brushes her chin. "Naw. Naw, I ate it." She understood what to do with a good pie! "Jus... I dunno. Kinda jus'..." She huffed slightly. "... So, about that bed sityeation. Who's gettin' what bed?"
  143. [16:15:38]      * Get_Lost      shrugs while reading "actually, i already had a bad ecperience with that bed, so i'm leaving it to you... ah... you should want to change the cheets, though..."
  144. [16:19:48]      * CopyCat       looks relieved. "Does the bed need new sheets? I know where the fresh linen is kept, I'll just go fetch some."
  145. [16:19:52]      * Get_Lost      yawns and goes on reading
  146. [16:20:08]      * Noble_Heart   frowns. "We shall take the floor. We do not mind." She steps forwards to reach a forehoof out to comfort Kid briefly. "We are sorry that you are upset. You are certainly a skilled cook in ways which We could not match. We are certain everything you make on Our journey will be wonderful."
  147. [16:20:59]      * Get_Lost      "good idea, copy... i guess i'll sleep just standing on... being in heat and everything else doesn't help keeping couches clean"
  148. [16:21:58]      * Kid   blinks. What'd she do on that bed? "Uh. Sure." For some reason, that reminded her to talk to Shatara. She narrowed her vision at Noble_Heart. No, screw you pony. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, you aren't going to fool me twice. "Don't patronize me. An' if yer gonna sleep on th' floor, I ain't gonna sleep on a bed neither."
  149. [16:23:34]      * Shatara       squirms uncomfortably at his worktable, mumbling softly as he burries his beak in his work.
  150. [16:24:28]      * Noble_Heart   blinks in surprise and snorts a moment later, straightening up. "Then We shall not offer you a place to rest at Our side." she moved off to one side to settle down in a not-used section of flooring. "CopyCat? Would you like to join Us for a comforting night's sleep?"
  151. [16:25:39]      * Mitzi notes; "Uh cun sleep outside wit dogs."
  152. [16:27:54]      * CopyCat       nods, halfway through changing the bed sheets. "I'd love to Noble_Heart. This will just take me a minute."
  153. [16:32:38]      * Get_Lost      gets back her magazine and goes on reading a bit, while waiting for the first yawns; for a moment looks at the other ponies doing various things and sighs, a hint of sadness in her eyes, but it's quickly gone when the mare goes back reading
  154. [16:35:42]      * CopyCat       for whatever reason makes the bed the earth pony way, without her using magic at all.
  155. [16:37:55]      <Kkat>  As Mitzi says that, she notes that since Darkness Falls is inside a cavern, the "outside" is as protected from the elements as indoors. And the exterior balcony includes a bench with a couple throw pillows.
  156. [16:38:08]      * Noble_Heart   yawns a few moments and cricks her neck, shuffling in place briefly as she watches CopyCat make the bed. Slowly moving from awake to asleep once the other alicorn joined her.
  157. [16:40:22]      * Mitzi takes the bench, while her dogs sleep curled up by the foot of it. She's just a wee bit too big though, and has to throw her legs over the side
  158. [16:40:59]      * Kid   finds a little corner and wraps up into a tight ball and lowered her straw hat over her eyes. As she began to fall asleep, her mind began to wander. CopyCat wasn't a bad pony, or at least she didn't seem like one. Honestly, she was under a very particular belief that she's kept ever since she's lived with her father. If somepony acts weird, or like a jerk, then you can at least trust them to...
  159. [16:41:00]      * Kid   ...be that. But the ponies that are kind, courteous, and gentle, and always says hi to their neighbors, and always wears clean clothes? Those are the ponies to look out for. They're the ponies that have done things even their own mothers can't forgive.
  160. [16:41:33]      * Get_Lost      falls asleep a little later, resting her head on a corner of the bed and snoring a bit, whispering in her sleep
  161. [16:42:15]      * CopyCat       settles down beside Noble and lays the Pear's quilt over them both before sleeping herself. She had promised to stay warm after all!
  162. [16:44:46]      * Shatara       looks around the room at the mares getting snuggly and going to sleep, yawning a bit himself. He finishes up his work, stretches a bit and hops up on one of the beds. Most of the corners were occupied by mares anyway. Stupid sexy mares.
  163. [16:47:21]      * Bookwright    mumbles "I don't care what you all get up to, just... keep it down, okay? I'm workin' over here."
  164. [16:48:44]      * Get_Lost      yawns at bookie's words and asks "ah... need help?"
  165. [16:50:49]      <Kkat>  --- End of Session ---
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