Chapter 55 of Shieldbro, Tanuki, and Firo

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  1. 5 Chapters in 10 hours..... not bad I guess.
  2. Chapter 55
  4. Departure
  6. "I demand Decapitatiooooooooooon!"
  8. As expected of trash.  My answer is equivalent to your crown.
  10. "Opps, it looks like you think your guillotine can hurt me"
  12. With a clang, the knights of the trash take out their swords and surround me.
  14. "Did you guys forget during the wave the I am the one who defeated the opponent those other heroes got trashed by?"
  16. I equip my shield and answer.
  17. As for the knights, none of them dare to move.
  18. An appearance befitting a hero. These are people that know of what happened during the wave, so they do not attack.
  19. Even if it was a half bluff.
  21. "What are you doing! kill this impudent bastard already!"
  22. "Hey......"
  24. I glare at the trash king and repeat.
  26. "Do you not understand? The present me can enter the castle from the entrance, murder you, and walk out just like that......"
  27. "Grrr......"
  29. At last, this trash seems to finally know his position. His face is mortified.
  31. "Do you believe I can actually do it?"
  33. I learnt that in this world threats and bluffs during negotiations are necessary. Therefore, against this trash I'll use it to the maximum.
  35. "If you're going to request a hero to do it, do you think they can win against me?"
  36. "Grrrrr......."
  38. The trash is grinding his teeth with frustration.
  40. "Being able to say such a thing--"
  41. "If you harm my subordinates? I'll kill you."
  43. Before I lose the possibility I will take the first move.
  44. Since I have no clarification, I don't know whether or not the Iron Maiden skill can kill this trash.
  45. But, I'm quite sure it will work.
  46. If I also include the flames from the Self-Curse Burning.
  47. The trash's expression turns blue when he understands his position.
  49. "Do not bother me trash. I will co-operate during a wave, but once it is over do not disturb me."
  51. This is my only threat but I cannot reveal my trump card easily. I'd prefer that to be my last resort.
  52. Even if I kill him here nothing will be solved. This trash's successor will just appear and put me on the wanted list.
  53. Even if I fight the other Heroes it is doubtful that I can win.
  54. Besides, if all three of them team up on me I will lose.
  56. "See ya"
  58. I turn my heal and walk out of the throne room.
  60. "Unforgivable! I won't forgive you Shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeld!"
  62. The trash's scream resounds throughout the throne room.
  64. "That's my lineeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
  66. I pointed at the trash before leaving.
  67. After leaving the throne room I pss by a noble woman-like person.
  68. Concealing her lips with a fan and an expensive looking dress.
  69. The face is too well concealed to be able to tell her age.
  70. Perhaps late 20s......?
  71. Her hair is purple......Quite a rare colour......
  73. "thank you for participating degojaru
  75. Was whispered to me as we passed each other.
  76. Gojaru?
  77. Dangerous, I almost turned around.
  78. Hm?
  79. A girl just like Raphtalia when she was small and Firo's humanoid form is behind the woman.
  80. Her hair colour is bluish. Also something you don't see much.
  81. She is dressed well, is she her child?
  82. However, they don't really resemble each other......
  83. Though she her looks rivals that of Firo's human form. Is this little girl also a bird?
  84. Hm......
  85. I cannot remember who she looks like.
  86. Oh well, that person is probably unpleasant. Remembering is just a waste of time.
  88. So, at that time, we just crossed paths unintentionally.
  89. I had no idea this kid would become an important figure in a future uproar.
  91. By the way, Raphtalia and Firo were waiting for me in another room.
  92. And the fact that they predicted I would cause trouble and was even ready for escape was icing on the cake.
  93. Anyway, we left there in a hurry.
  95. The next day.
  96. I show up at the equipment store, to check on the requested carriage.
  98. "Oh it's the lad. The carriage you asked for is done."
  99. "Pretty quick.  However old man, can you make anything as long as it's metal based?"
  100. "I had my acquaintance help out, so I didn't make all of it."
  102. Is this common for metal workers?
  104. "Well, he's just one of those guys that can do anything as long as you have money."
  105. "Lad, don't be sad just because you found out I can't do everything. I'm not versatile like you."
  106. "I'm not omnipotent either......"
  108. What does the old man think of me?
  110. "Well it's parked in the back."
  111. "Ah then let's check it out. By the way, Raphtalia-"
  113. Raphtalia grasps my hand before I finish.
  115. "What's wrong?"
  116. "This sword is still fine. Let's conserve money for now."
  117. "Well..... If Raphtalia says so......
  119. Though Firo is now our main attacker.
  120. It shouldn't be necessary for Raphtalia to act unless it's urgent, the same goes for me.
  121. This sounds bad, but there may be weapons somewhere else that are better than the ones in the old man's shop.
  122. We went around the equipment store to check out the metal wagon.
  123. The hood is metallic, and the whole carriage feels like an enlarged Christmas ornament that my parents bought.
  125. "Wow~......"
  127. Firo's eyes are shining with unprecedented brightness. She heads towards the front and grabs the handle.
  129. "Firo is going to pull this right!?"
  130. "Yeah"
  131. "Yaay~!"
  133. Firo is quite happy, both her feet and wings are flapping, as if wanting to bolt off at any moment.
  134. She has such a face.
  136. "For the time being let's carry in your luggage."
  137. "Okay"
  138. "Okay~!"
  140. We transfer the baggage from our carriage that we used in between waves to the new one.
  141. It took quite some time to carry the materials, merchandise, and tools.
  143. "How is it lad?"
  145. The old man from shows up when he has free time. And I answer with a thumbs up.
  147. "yeah, it's as great as I expected."
  148. "I see, but it seems to be very heavy, will the little missy be fine......?"
  149. "Yup!"
  150. "This fellow here ran around the country with a carriage that had 3 carts attached."
  151. "That's amazing"
  152. "Rather, it's lighter than I expected so I'm a little disappointed."
  153. "You know, stop being so stubborn!"
  155. What are the standards for Philo Rial anyway? Why do they feel great when they pull carriages?
  157. "Hahaha, do your best. So what'll you do from now on?"
  158. "What will I do?"
  159. "I heard about the commotion at the castle."
  161. The old man says to me with a somewhat troubled face.
  163. "That sure travelled quick"
  164. "Rumours keep the town lively."
  165. "Oh well. I did is so that trash would understand his position."
  166. "......Though it's only a matter of time before you get falsely accused again."
  167. "That's what I expected."
  168. "If possible I don't want to know."
  169. "I believe I asked this some time ago...... Are you going to go to Silt Welt or ShirudoFuriden to Class up?
  170. (Tl note: Still need some help for names of countries.  シルトヴェルト (Silt Welt) シルドフリーデン (Shirudo Furiden)
  172. A few things come to mind when, and what I should have done when threatening trash is also get permission to use the Hourglass of the Dragon's era. But if the class up is controlled by the trash I will also fear for Raphtalia and Firo.
  173. I would rather not have that unnecessary anxiety haunting me.
  174. It would be best to get a free pass for Class up in any of these two countries.
  176. "Well, I expected you to go to be forced to leave this country someday."
  177. "What?"
  179. It seems the old man is nodding his head as if agreeing with himself.
  180. What does he mean?
  182. "I would recommend you going to ShiruFuriden. Silt Welt is in turmoil......"
  183. "Is that so?"
  184. "Yeah, humans there are treated just like the demi-humans in this country."
  186. No wonder...... It would be unsuitable for me who is a human.
  188. "But--"
  189. "Thanks for the help. I'll be going to ShirudoFuriden"
  191. We finished loading and got into the carriage.
  193. "Well then, I expect you to visit a great number of shops."
  194. "Thanks, Oh right. Do you know of any weapons that have a soul attribute, or can damage ghosts?"
  195. "I see, so you've gotten to the point where you need to prepare for such enemies."
  196. "I can make something cheaply from certain materials."
  197. "I cannot match you any more. If possible don't come back for a while. I'll tell you where you can get materials."
  198. "I understand. Thanks for all the help. Then, let's go."
  199. "Okay~"
  200. "See ya. old man."
  201. "Later"
  203. Firo pulls the rattling carriage.
  204. Our present goal is a Class up. It seems to be quite far into the future.
  205. With Firo's running speed we should arrive in two weeks.
  207. "Thats!"
  209. I hear a loud voice outside.
  210. Before leaving the castle town a something hits the metal carriage.
  212. "I found you!"
  213. "......What?"
  215. After making Firo stop, a little girl looks into the carriage and points at me.
  216. Behind the girl is a knight-like guy.
  217. These guys seems to have followed us for a while.
  219. "You did something terrible to father!"
  220. "Hmm?"
  222. What? The girl with blue hair that I am not familiar with gets closer.
  224. "What's with you."
  225. "Don't play dumb! I know that you can't hide it! You are an accomplished villain! The atrocious Hero of the Shield!"
  227. This goddamn noisy kid. Is she some aristocrat?
  228. That reminds me, I sold some cheap accessory to a noble before.
  229. Though it wasn't just once or twice. I can't remember how many times any more.
  231. "I see, your father just can't tell quality. I am just smarter."
  232. "What did you say!?"
  234. But, Hero of the Shield = Evil person..... That's quite unpleasant.
  235. Oh well, it's too late now.
  237. "Tell you father. To polish his aesthetic sense next time."
  238. "Boo,Boo...... I'll never admit it, mother is wrong, the Hero of the Shield is a bad person! I'll punish you!"
  240. The subordinate knights step forward according to the girl's order.
  242. "Hm. can you keep them company Firo?"
  243. "what~?"
  244. "Just go."
  245. "Okay"
  246. "Ah......"
  248. Firo stares at the goddamn kid and seems preoccupied.
  250. "Holy Bird?"
  251. "Eh?"
  253. Firo inclines her neck and looks at the goddamn kid puzzled.
  255. "Hurry up and go!"
  256. "Okay~"
  258. Firo nods, and the carriage suddenly takes off.
  260. "AH Wait---------------! Don'r run awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"
  262. The voice of the goddamn kid fades into the distance.
  263. The castle town sucks as expected. Other than coming for shopping I would rather stay away.
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