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  1. Player: Nopony
  2. Name: Graey Matter
  3. Gender: Elderly stallionwith large beard
  4. Race: Unicorn
  5. Class: Senile old wizard
  6. Skills: Hex (MC) Beard Magic (2) Return to Earth (1) Climate Control (1)
  7. Special Talent: Beard Magic +2
  8. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  9. Weapon and/or Catalyst: Oak staff / Horn  
  10. Character Traits: As senile as it comes.
  12. Player: BDN
  13. Name: Lizzie Lark
  14. Gender: Female
  15. Race: Unicorn
  16. Class: Cleric
  17. Skills: Heal (1) +2, Mend (1), Mind Reader (2), Inure (1), Bolster (1)
  18. Special Talent: Heal +2
  19. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  20. Weapon: A bigger knife (single), metal wand (catalyst)
  21. Travel cloak over light robes
  22. Book on pone anatomy, bottles of interesting samples, surgical tools, money
  23. A healer by trade, but really has more interest in making new, better, stronger ponies. Has a small knack for gathering information.
  25. Player: AndeliaGreen
  26. Name: Palicore
  27. Race: Unicorn
  28. Gender: Male
  29. Class: Cultist\Necromancer
  30. Talent: +2 raise dead
  31. Skills: raise dead, gift of change, unreal being, demon host, nightmare.
  32. Weapon: dark wood bow (range)
  33. catalyst: horn
  34. other: Fell into an incomplete brew of souls during a meeting, now has fragemented connections to other worlds, giving him nighmares and a strange twisting mark that grows and shrinks as it wills on his left shoulder. He wears a long hooded robe to cover this up.
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